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    Eonz PailStone
    A Redstone Extension

    Version: v4.0 (download)

    Permissions: Any

    Do you like this plugin? Help a poor student out, and toss me a few bucks!

    New version control setup coming soon.​

    • :logic IC signs to simplify redstone logic gates and save space.
    • :logged IC detect if a player is in the world.
    • :item IC spawns item drops.
    • :ctime IC signs to check the time.
    • :send and :recv transmit signals wirelessly.
    • :sensor senses players withing a certain area.
    • :spawn IC spawns mobs.
    • :cuboid IC changes up to 100 blocks at a time
    • :bolt IC to spawn lightning
    • :disp IC to send you text from anywhere when redstone power is applied!
    • :announce IC to display messages to everyone in an area.
    • :trigger IC to turn on redstone power from anywhere.
    • :cweather IC to sense the weather conditions.
    And MORE! Full List


    • Major overhaul of all systems.
    • Some significant syntax changes.
    • Added :area
    • Added /ps area
    • Added :arrow
    • Added :teleport
    • Added /ps coord
    • Added pulse
    • Permissions Overhaul

    • Added :click and :count.
    • Added support for PermissionsEx and Bukkit permissions.
    • Made PermissionsEx the default choice for permissions.
    Old Changelog (open)

    • Added :delay, :toggle, :clock, :rand
    • Fixed minor errors in text prompts
    • Added :item, :logged
    • Added config file
    • Added sign wipe protection to combat standing bugs in vanilla minecraft (toggleable in config)
    • Added variable cuboid limit, settable in config.
    • (3.4.1) Fixed error when triggering :trigger signs from console.
    • Fixed bug with a single input not working when extra inputs were wired.
    • Fixed bug where signs with blank lines would not always load.
    • Optimization.
    • Added :cweather
    • Added data values to :cuboid
    • Fixed bug where :send signs fired in rapid succession would not always trigger their :recv signs.
    • Added :disp
    • Added :announce
    • Added :trigger (previously :command)
    • Bugfixes (Thanks, Ollieboy)
    • Total rewrite. New release.
    • Various bug fixes.
    • Signs names, not arguments, are now colored.
    • Updated for 602.
    • Fixed major bug in the :cuboid IC regarding build limits. (Thanks to kenohki for pointing it out)
    • Added :twire IC to detect players in cuboid areas.
    • Started work on IC scripting language. (Unreleased)
    • :spawn IC
    • :cuboid IC
    • Updated to 556 to capitalize on the chunk ghosting glitch fix. The chunk ghosting glitch was causing spontaneous sign unloading.
    • Various bug fixes.
    • Pulled all code onto the main thread to stop concurrency errors.
    • Fixed a major bug that caused signs to sometimes spontaneously unload.
    • Fixed proximity's sensor range bug
    • Temporary bugfix for levers not triggering signs. (This is a craftbukkit problem. I put in a hacky solution)
    • Added config file.
    • Added ability to set data values of blocks with :set (fourth line)
    • Updated for CraftBukkit 531
    • Removed reference to Block.getRawData()
    • Updated for CraftBukkit 527
    • Redid backend entirely.
    • Added : proximity
    • Added :send and :recv
    • Removed (maybe temporarily) : players
    • Major bugfix.
    • Added :command
    • Minor bugfixes to :set.
    • General bug fixes.
    • Added players sign.
    • Major bugfix. (Thanks GagaPeter)
    • Added :rand sign.
    • Modified the :disp sign.
    • Added support for Permissions 2.5+
    • Added :set
    • A few bug fixes.
    • Fixed a bug that broke :ctime signs in some cases.
    • Auto-toggling ICs now fix their output levers if a player flips it.
    • Fixed code that still referred to the plugin by its old name.
    • Added support for automatically toggling signs.
    • Added :ctime and :logged
    • First Public release.
    • Added :logic and :disp
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    Just started to use your plugin, and was trying to find the answer but cant seem to find it...

    anyways I made a :ctime sign, and then I put:

    The lever will not change, the sign says:


    I get the msg "[Pailstone] Test Sign Accepted" but it will not react to any changes in time... If i am being a noob, i am sorry, but it is the end of a long project i have been working on :(

    Also the :weather one wont let me set it to [STORMY] it keeps going back to SUNNY no matter what i try
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    Ah, that needs some explanation. You don't include any of the <'s, >'s, ['s, or ]'s on the sign.
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    Well... that would explain it, it was me being a noob, i assumed from the great site you made that when it says:
    [<type>] then the type would replace the <>, but not the [].

    but thank you sooooo much for the quick reply
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    Yeah, typically when you're reading arguments, [ ... ] denotes something that's optional. I've added a "What Does This Mean" link to every sign example explaining the whole thing.
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    Thank you, sorry for making ya have to dumb down your instructions, but I am soooo glad that it works now, I now have a bridge and gate (other plugins) that operate with the time or is it is raining, and with an override button on a delay timer. So much redstone for a simple thing lol
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    Nah, its no problem. Its really just an excuse to try to code one of those page-dimming popups.
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    Yes, it's all PailStone signs.
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    Then I would suggest disabling the plugins you have that affect signs one by one until it starts working.
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    Love your plugin haven't seen anything with as many features for redstone. I have one problem though not sure if its a bug or not. Ive been trying to make an announceIC sign for about two hours now. It works and everything when im in the designated area however when anybody else is in the area it doesnt display the message. also, even if the other person is alone in the area it still doesnt display for anyone. please help cuz i really want this feature. heres what i typed on the sign
    -8 17 59
    -112 91 87
    I also tried with glowstone dust designating and also smaller regions but its the same thing every time.
    Thanks for your time.

    and also heres the list of plugins i have. thought it could be a conflict with them. although the only one that really affects signs is essentials.
    palestone (obviously)

    sorry for the long posts

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    Can you add in the ability to block certain items with the cuboid command? My players are spawning lava and TNT.

    Thanks :)
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    wow, i just read about the whole activating on change of day, and i think for community based server's having a doors open when it's light out and close when it's dark automaticily would be a pretty sick thing.
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    tested extensively on build #1000; still working great.

    EDIT: i haven't checked for sure, but i'm also experiencing the issue mentioned above with the :announce signs....whenever i'm in the area it works fine, but whenever anyone else is....nothing.
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    @Hafnium Until the bug gets fixed with Bukkit, could you issue out a temporary "fix" that if a blank sign is present where a pailstone sign is stored, to replace the data with what it's supposed to be?
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    You know what, fine. Expect an update later today with new signs, bugfixes, and THIS.

    PailStone 3.4.0 is OUT!

    I've added one old sign back in, and added an entirely new one as well. I've also implemented a protection against the sign wiping bug for now. If you do not want this protection, set wipe-protection to 'false' in the new config file. (/plugins/pail/stone/config.txt)

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    Just installed, thanks for fixing bug of vanilla code ^^
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    Thank you very much. (The reason I asked was this was breaking so many circuits and some of my players were getting furious.)
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    I didn't fix the bug, your chests and furnaces and non-pailstone signs will still be wiped. I just made PailStone signs immune.
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    I know, but thanks for clarifying anyways. :p
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    It was more of a reply to Shell64. Your feature request described how my fix works exactly, so I knew you'd be able to figure it out. :p
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    Oh, I completely missed his post. *facepalm*. XD
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    I also know, for me the most important is being able to protect my circuits. :p
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    Me no speakie...
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    Hey Hafnium,
    first I want to say thanks for the Update! But unfortunately I next I have to bother you again with my "sending trigger commands through the console"-request. When I create a trigger sign and trigger it trough the game it works perfect, but when I try it through the console I get the following error:

    Im using Windows and tried it with Java 64bit and Java 32bit. I tried it with my normal Server and with a new Setup with only Pailstone as a Plugin running. I hope its not too hard for you to solve this problem. Thanks for you help and (as said above, but not often enough ;-) ) GREAT PLUGIN, keep up the good Work!

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    Mini-update with the trigger bug fixed.

    Rapid fire releases part three, bringing you FOUR new ICs:

    delay, clock, rand, and toggle!

    If you guys are enjoying the plugin, don't be afraid to give my donate link some love, or failing that, drop a line here! Its your enjoyment that motivates us plugin devs.

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    More to follow!
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    So i saw something about maybe an item like a slimeball to hit the signs that could be reloaded, example the 24 :ctime signs that are in my new clock tower that was working till i updated or something, not sure what stopped it from working, but I would just love a configurable item and works for the correct signs and displays an error like "this sign can not be reloaded, remake it blah blah" <-if you use that for the error that would be awesome

    Just a thought, not in a hurry to make the tower work right away so maybe it is doable, if not then I will get on it later in the week.

    Thanks again for an awesome plugin and the growth that it has been getting, allows for so many ideas
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    Can u add a counter sign? Have like

    Where # is the amount of times (out of 10) that the sign has received a pulse from a redstone, 10 is the amount of times it takes for it to pulse and West is the direction it pulses... This would really help in lessening logic. ^^
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    I will do a counter, but not like that.
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    Just another thought.... could the :clock have the option on the last line for "SP" to be selfpowered... I was going to use pailstone to replace another plugin called clocksign, but atm clock sign is more compact for the things that i made already :(

    adding to the thought... the :clock is not starting back up after a restart
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    Both of those were intentional decisions to address lag. I would advise against running clocks non-stop. Most of the time, hooking a :sensor to it will ensure it only runs when it needs to.

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