Inactive [MECH] oreRespawn 0.7 - Automatic Ore Respawn [1.1-R3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SvenBrnn, Apr 7, 2011.

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    I will look over it later.
    Greeting Sven
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    Errm, why doesn't a config get created?
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    Just a heads up!
    The title says version 0.5
    But in the top of the post the version says 0.4
  5. all it really needs now is the ability to configure the Y max range. do you think you can add that? it would really be awesome!
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    Can you make a version to Bukkit 1000 ?
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    Sry, i had very few time in the last weeks.
    I will try to get this Plugin working again this weekend if i find the time for.

    Greetings Sven
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    Any chance of an update for this plugin. It would be a great one to have, since I only managed to find two plugins of this sort, but this one is a bit out-dated to use. ;-(
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    any plans to update?
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    Yea, i will update it soon.
    Currently i am Programming at Region Support with WorldEdit help at the Current Craftbukkit dev Build (MC 1.0).

    I testet it on a Testserver, didnt try to mine something but it seems that the Plugin will Still work at the Current version without big updates.

    Greetings Sven
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    Updated to 0.6 (Attention could be still buggy, had not many time to test it).
    • Added Region Support.
    • Worked on CB1467 (1.0.0)
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    Hey, great plugin btw, but you should think about getting a bit of world edit in this. You define the region with world edit, then type some commands (like with worldguard) and it will make that regions ore respawn.
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    Its this what the Region Support do. After Selecting a Region with Worldedit you type "/ores region create <name>" and this Region will be Defined for Respawning Ore.
    Maybe i will add that you can Turn on/off any Ores for the Regions later or Respawn an specific region by command in one of my next releases.

    Greeting Sven
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    No, only SQLLite yet. Maybe i will add MySQL later.
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    Maybe you can make blocks created with Spout work with your plugin :D ?
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    I dont understand. Can you discripe what you meen. My english is not the best.

    Greeting Sven
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    how do you use the region selection part as i create the selection however i dont know how to do it after then :/
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    First you need WorldEdit.
    Then you Select a Region with help it and type the command to create a Region.
    Look here for how to Use the Selection of WorldEdit.

    Greetings Sven
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    i know how to use world edit but will this actually regen the ores?
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    If you have the Plugin in Regions Mode it will regen the Ore mined in this Region after the time u set in config for the world this region is in. If you have Disabled the Regions mode the Ore will be respawned outside of regions.

    Greeting Sven
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    Gust van de Wal

    how can i get an older version of this plugin?
    i simply need the outdated version that worked for 1.8.1
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    normaly it should work in 1.8.1
    i didnt change anything in the respawn code
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    Is it possible to make it so that Lets say stone can come back as iron once, then another ore another time? so its randomized? :D
    What settings can i use here? and with other ores?
    coal: //Settings for This ore
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    You have to setup the nodes under coal:
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    The ores aren't respawning! :(

    I selected 2 points with worldEdit and i typed in /ores region create The_Mine
    I then start mining the ores in the region but they aren't respawning.
    Please help!

    *edit* I have also tried making a worldguard region "The_Mine" and then create the ore respawn region "The_Mine", still no success...:(
    *another edit* I even tried mining the ores with a friends account who has next to no permissions... Still no success
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    Do you try to mine "original spawned" ore or are you trying to mine the Ore you have placed befor?
    If you try to mine your own ore it will not work because oreRespawn blacklists ore Placed by players.
    Just remove the sql DB after placing and restart the Server then it should respawn somewhere.

    And dont forget that it will not Respawn at the same position. And it will only respawn if there is a "dark" hole in the region in Stone/Earth.
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    yes, i did place the ore,

    what does "sql DB" mean?
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    SQL Database. In this case it should be the "/plugins/oreRespawn/data.db" File.
    Dont forget to Recreate the region befor mining because its saved in the Database too.
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    I still don't understand...
    When i delete the "SQL" at the start of the data file, i get loads of spam saying:
    SQLITE_NOTADB- file opened is not a database file.
    The ores still won't respawn with that method.

    By deleting the data file and starting the server again it just replaces it with a new i'm back to square 1.
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    Hello. I was wondering if you could add block types beyond ores, or perhaps respawn all blocks in a region. I took a look at the class files and it looks like to put each in individually would be a huge effort. I was thinking about trying to alter it myself for this but I don't know too much about java. So I figured I'd go to the man himself. If you could possibly add a generic respawn all with a config for all under 1 setting, this would really help me out for what I'm trying to do. Seems there are no plugins that actually respawn all with region support that I can find. If you can do this, thank you very much.

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