[MECH] OldSkoolTNT v1.0 - Ignite TNT with punches and start fires, god physics [1337]

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    OldSkoolTNT - Configure the way TNT behaves
    Version: v1.0


    A simple plugin that allows TNT to be ignited when punched. Contains many config options to vary the exact experience including the option (by default) to start a fire upon explosion.

    • Ignite TNT with your mighty fists
    • Destroy using the configurable tool of choice (Defaults to 359 - Shears)
    • Make TNT spread fires upon detonation
    • Enable or disable on a per world basis
    • Uses native Bukkit code
    Download (GitHub)

    Source (GitHub)

    Version 1.1
    • Fix explosion physics for godmode players and fixed creeper explosions
    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release
    TODO (If asked for):
    • More config options
    • Price to destroy TNT
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    Omg... do we really need another one of these?
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    Finally!!! I've been waiting for something like this for SOOO long! Thank you!
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    Thats alright, if you want anything added just let me know.
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    Not sure if this was intentional or not, but after installing this plugin it added the fire effects to the creeper explosions too. Creepers explosions have the same strength as TNT, but with flames! If you do intend to fix that, can you make it configurable so I can keep my flaming creepers. :)
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    I can take another look when I get back from holiday but im pretty sure its a bukkit limitation, if not it will be fixed as soon as i get back.
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    I have also notice my creepers spreading fire but I dont know if it releates this plugin or not
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    Just disable fire spread in the config. It is this plugin.
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    Just wanted to clarify, I was not complaining in the least bit. In fact, it was a very welcome side effect of using this plugin.
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    Cool. Need anything else I will fix.
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    Something that could be looked into:

    TNT physics "push" while using creative mode and/or god mode.

    Since 1.7 using god mode and now creative mode prevents players from being "pushed" by tnt for things like player cannons. Only using survival mode and not having god mode allows players to be pushed, although you can take heavy damage using a large cannon and diamond armour.

    Any way around this to bring back this classic behaviour?
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    No this is an internal thing and cant be acmploshied with a plugin although I might be abke to emulate it

    Actually yes doing it now. Although not for creative mode, god yes. Also fixing creepers.

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