[MECH] NoHunger v1.3 - Disable Hunger Bar, Heal Directly, and Fully Costumizable! [1240]

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    As in Minecraft Beta 1.8, players can't heal directly from eating food anymore, they have to fill the hunger bar and wait till the health is regenerated. This plugin DISABLES that, which means no more hunger, players can just left click an item and heal directly. It's also fully configurable, server admins can change the heal value in the config file.

    Something you must know before you use this plugin:
    1. Food bar is still there, that's client sided gui, but it does nothing if you have this plugin installed
    2. You need to LEFT_CLICK to eat food and you cannot eat food if you have full health

            description: Allow players to left click food and heal instantly
            default: false
            description: Disable the hunger bar of the player
            default: false
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    Disables hunger
    Cancel health regenerate event
    Heal directly by left clicking a food and get a friendly message

    Version 1.3
    Permission support added:
    nohunger.instantheal: Allow players to left click food and heal instantly
    nohunger.disablehunger: Disable the hunger bar of the player
    Version 1.2
    Added config file, you can config how many hearts you heal now!
    Mushroom Stew now return a empty bowl
    Version 1.1
    Fixed the invisible hearts bug
    Your hunger bar will become full when you move (so basically full all the time)
    Added a user friendly message when your health is full
    Version 1.0
    First Release

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    I have a suggestion. I don't think there's anyone else doing this yet, and I don't know of any other way.

    Would you consider adding a configuration to nerf hunger? Just to severely slow it down instead of completely disabling it. It would also be nice if this had a permissions node associated with it.
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    +1 on that, from the wiki couldn't you add a variable multiplier to the exhaution level increase?
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    If I could also make a request, that is if this mod doesn't actually add this functionality.

    I was thinking, it would be still cool to have hunger, and have an option to leave hunger in tact, but still allowing you to heal yourself when eating at max hunger. That would be amazing.
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    wilk freeman

    Would be really nice if you would give the option to enable regen health.
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    Don't give "nohunger.disablehunger" to players then :)
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    I'm using your plugin with 1185 and Permissions 3.1.6 and it doesn't seem to be working. Left clicking isn't doing anything, health is regenerating when hunger is full, and exhaustion of the food bar is taking place. I have allowed the permissions nodes. Am I missing something? Running 39 other various plugins and there is no error output to the console, just NoHunger 1.3 Enabled/Disabled.
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    Sorry, this plugin doesnt support Permissions plugin, try superperms or permissionsex
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    would it be possible to make this more multiworld friendly as well? such that you can just disable hunger per world and not per group? I ask because i run like 7 worlds on my server, and there is one that i want like pure vanilla MC on hard settings, i negated all the commands for this single world but for some reason adding in -nohunger.disablehunger isn't working.
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    if you want to disable this plugin(nohunger) for 1 world, simply dont give user any permissions from nohunger in that world :)
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    working with 1240 :p
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    How I can turn off "hunger" without using permissions?

    Can you add an option to your config.yml ?
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    very nice plugin since you added permissions =) but i have a suggestion:
    why not using a thread sleep method to create a timer, so you dont have to misuse onPlayerMove() =)
    if you dont know how, just ask me :p
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    I like explore the codes myself :p it's more challenging, thank you anyways :)
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    does it work with 1337?
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    update it to 1337 please.
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    uh...it might just be me, but is there a way to use this with cake and the apples and golden apples? because u dont heal when u hit the cake after placing on the ground(you can only break it...) and same thing with the apples
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    I'd love to see this plugin updated, there are no other plugins that I can find that can disable hunger on MC 1.0

    That fast-food plugin doesn't work, and has too many annoying extra options.
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    What if you don't want it on peaceful? Peaceful takes away mobs.
    So what if ALL YOU WANT....is for the hunger bar to be disabled. Thats it.
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    It seems, you cant eat food if you dont have that amount of hearts available.
    If a bread gives 2 hearts, it wont heal you if only 1 heart is gone.
    It will if you have 2 hearts gone.
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    NoHunger doesn't work, I really need some help. Where do you put "nohunger.disablehunger" ?
    Thank you
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    hey, the db link 404'd, can you set up a new one?
    really want to try this out
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    Download link is broken U_U
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    Please fix it!
    Nice plugin!
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    Download link dosen't work!
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    DL is broken...
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    please put in a new download
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    Can't download
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    I cant download it, " page is not found"

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