[Mech] No Leaves Decay [Completed] [no need to look]

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    No Decay

    Category: Mech

    Description: A stand alone plugin that stops any leaves from decaying.

    /Decay off
    /Decay on
    /Decay help

    Commands Description:
    /Decay off >Turns off leaf decay in the server
    /Decay on >Turns on leaf decay in the server
    /Decay help >Shows this in chat> "The plugin stops leaves form decaying from your server you can do /Decay off to turn off decay on your server and /Decay on to turn on decay on your server."


    Other Info:
    Been searching on the search bar, Bukkit Dev, Get Plugins, Google, Yahoo and Bing cant seem to find a stand alone plugin for this under the multiple tags "Decay, Leaves, Tree" ect. Cant seem to find a stand alone plugin that is like this, I do lots of terraforming on my server via voxel sniper, and it suck to see a tree with no leaves. =_=
    I am still learning Java, and its slow. :)

    Terms: Must be public, so others can use the plugin. So when it is created it will go to the Bukkit Dev.

    Deadline: Really? I dont mind to wait.
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    You can just use Worldguard. Type:

    /region flag _global_ leaf-decay deny
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    I'm on it :D
    EDIT: or what super said o-o
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    Well since Worldguard isn't a standalone plugin, you should still make it anyway.
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    Superboop , I do not have World guard on my server. even if I do install it the only use for it is to stop leaves form decaying Pretty useless when I am only going to use one function of the plugin when if offers alot more that what I need.
    (like those cereal toys, You dont really want to eat the crappy cereal you just want the toy.)
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    Wow I was submitting it :[ Wasted a bit of time :/
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    Derp. dont worry, Ill give you a heads up when I have another Idea. ^_^

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