Inactive [MECH] NightLand v0.3.1 - Sunless Worlds for tough survival [1.3.2]

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    Ever wanted to run around in a never ending night with great storms over your head? Well I guess this is the plugin for you then.

    Last released version: v0.3.1
    Previous version: v0.2.1

    • Support multi-world so only selected worlds will be night lands, so If you use other plugins you could have night and day worlds..
    • Optionally a much more configurable and aggressive weather (or really nice weather)
    • Optionally make it impossible to place beds in the night lands.
    Configuration Example
    Example of the currently quite simple config file:
    # Affected worlds
    - badday
    # More storms? or only standard ones?
    extraStorms: true
    # Duration in ticks
    stormDurationMin: 2500
    stormDurationMax: 10000
    # Time between extra storms
    niceWeatherMin: 500
    niceWeatherMax: 5000
    # Is it impossible to place beds? (but this is rather buggy, so sleep
    # prevention is more recommended.)
    prohibitBedPlacing: true
    # Message to display if a player tries to place a bed
    bedPlacingMessage: One can not place beds in the dark of the ethernal night
    # Clock Times for fine tuning (new in 0.3.0)
    dayStart: 13672
    dayEnd: 21000
    Known issues/stuff to improve
    • Make it possible to set the time boundaries. done
    • Make bed placement impossible somehow. done
    • Maybe we should increase the likelihood of storms? done

    Version 0.3.1
    • Just a new buid and a minor version bump.
    Version 0.3.0
    • Ported to the new API (1.2) and some code clean up.
    • Made it posible to configure the time bounderies.
    Version 0.2.1
    • Modified the code so it no longer use a newly deprecated function (0.2 still works in build 1000 but maybe not in later builds), so yes only a minor code clean up.
    Version 0.2
    • Imposible to place beds (configurable)
    • Added extra stormy weather (configurable)
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    Fixed, nothing needed to be updated so just tested it a bit more to be sure.
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  5. Definitely increase the likelihood of storms. :)
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    Lunarius: Will do :)

    The git version got configurable weather now. Thunderstorm and "nice" weather time limits, and yes it's possible to disable it.

    Been thinking about how to deal with beds, should they just popup when someone tries to place one or should something more sinister happen? (could be a setting).
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    I've seen a different plugin exactly like this. It'd be better if you could make only a certain area always night
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    Which one?
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    sekol: yea, I used that on one of my servers before, it is really nice if people don't want any beds at all on their servers. But I for one want to be able to use them in some of the other worlds. :)

    I had to work around what I think is a bug but I have made it impossible to place beds now in NightLand worlds.

    Also I will release a new version today with (optional) extra stormy weather and the impossibility to place beds. Version 0.2 released :)
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    Wormhole Xtreme Worlds It has configurable in game option to make a world alsways night/day
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    But that isn't the only goal with this plugin, and they seem to aim for a far more ambitious feature set then I do with this plugin.
    But each to his own etc, use what ever you like.

    Back to your original post "It'd be better if you could make only a certain area always night"; I have not seen any way to to that, but I guess that would be interesting if possible.
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    Just I want a haunted house that when you step into the area its always night.
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    That sounds like a quite fun idea; One idea could be to have an area that gets copied from an night world and that night world copies the blocks around that area, to give the illusion that they are one and the same. so when a player enter or exists the area it is moved to the right world. I guess that would also give an interesting idea of players that enters the hunted house disappear.

    Alternative two, that I don't know if it is possible might be to simply lie for the clients who are inside a hunted house and say "hey it's night and a thunder storm". But that wouldn't be more fun than some thunder etc.

    I don't promise anything but I will give it a look, and if I succeed in this it will be yet another plugin :)
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    I've already got it set up
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    Would you mind updating your title, the category is wrong, it should be MECH not MEC.
    I don't know why your thread got approved, but the category MEC does not exists.
    Thank you.
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    I guess people miss things like that, but it is fixed now.
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    :).. It's more for the applications and automated system that depends on the categories. Your application was not seen as Mechanics in the Plugins List.-So it's not for the people, they can easily distinguish that it is a mistake. But automated system can not because we base those off the known categories that is supplied to us in the Guidelines for plugin submission. So thank you :)...

    @blambi One more thing I just noticed, could you put a dash "-" in between the version number and short description in the thread title. All other plugin threads does this.

    [MECH] NightLand v0.2.1 - Sunless Worlds for tough survival [1000]
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    @cyberdude: sure why not :)
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    work with cb 1185 ?
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    Nothing in my config. file.
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    Okey, could you maybe elaborate on that a bit?
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    My bad, I did not get on the server for the world to load in the config. But I got on the world and it showed up.
    Great plugin! Works great!
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    The link to get the latest released version doesnt work.

    Has anyone else had this problem, because this is the exact plugin i need, but i cant download it...

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    Sorry about that, download link fixed.
    Will take a look if there is anything that needs to be fixed in the coming days, please give a shout if you get any warnings etc.
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    com. BOY

    Can you also make a plugin 'DayLand'? ;)
    (I mean, endless day instead of endless night)
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    I guess that would just be some kind of inversion flag for this one, but yes will look into that also.
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    has the latest version updated for 1.2?
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    Yes 2034 was one of the betas.
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