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    NaturalGiants - Make giants spawn naturally
    Version: v1.30

    As per the title, this plugin makes it so giants will spawn naturally along with other mobs.
    Giants are set to be more rare, and by default will only spawn 5% of the time compared to other mobs. This option, along with other options, can be changed within the configuration file. Giants additionally will only spawn in the dark / at night.

    Download: (1.30)

    Config Information: (Modified within
    spawnrate - By default, set at 5%. This will make 5% of monsters spawned as giants. Maximum value is 100.
    health - How much health a giant has. By default set at 200.
    drop - What item giants drop upon being killed. By default set to drop 64 bones (item #352)
    fireattack - Determines if the giants deal a fire attack upon targeting a player. Set it to "0" to disable the attack.


    Version 1.3
    • Fixed entity tracking issues.
    Version 1.2
    • Private release.
    Version 1.1
    • Added configuration file, with the ability to configure the giants spawn rate, health, what items they drop, and if they deal a fire attack.
    Version 1.0
    • First release.
    Let me know if you have any questions, or find any problems.
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    tha d0ctor

    isnt ecocreature broken currenty?

    great plugin, something needs to be done about where they spawn though, sometiems they'll spawn where they don't have enough room lol, you should maybe do a check for airblocks above and beside them before they spawn?

    also could you make an option so they can burn during the day please?
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    Fluff updated ecoCreature temproarily till Chris returns, it seems to be fine.
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    tha d0ctor

    do you have a link i havent been able to find it ?
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    Having them drop multiple items would be nice.
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    This is a must for me.
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    I love this!
    Is health in HALF-hearts?
    Also, could you add variables to drops? I don't want Giants dropping 10 gold EVERY time someone kills one...
    Thanks in advance;
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    Unless the developer ends up adding this you could modify the drops or have % chance of drops with OtherBlocks. There's also another plugin that lets you modify the loot table, can't remember the name.
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    Hahaha oh my god this is actually working, fantastic.

    EDIT although the "fire attack" is apparently just the giants setting themselves on fire, lolz.

    IDK if that's this plugin or the result of something else i have installed though, I run a bunch of different plugins.
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    I found a bug, I think.
    I have mcMMO installed, and that gives me a 25% change to do fire damage with my arrows. But when I fire arrows at giants, the chance of fire damage seems to be 100%, and instead of setting the giant on fire it sets me on fire.

    In other words, every arrow I shoot at the giant sets myself, and not the giant, on fire.

    I dont know if this is a bug or how it's supposed to be, but I dont think it's all that good. The whole point of arrows is to stay out of harms way.
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    Nope, that's correct if you've got the fire attack enabled. If the giant targets you (which it will if you shoot at it), you get set on fire. Personally, I think that's awesome.
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    any chance you could make the regular attack range bigger? Instead of fire attacks? Because the people on my server have figured out how to kill them, just stand in water and nothing will happen to you :/
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    I agree with this. What about adding the ghast attack instead (without the annoying crying sound please).

    Giants are big sons of #$(*%*s and in many tales throw large rocks.....wait got an idea.

    How about using something like this coding as their attack. You could have it strike a random spot within 10 blocks of the targeted player. Make it leave a 2x2 block of cobblestone in the crater.

    If you did this then I'd be sold.
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    The Ghast attack is a nice idea :D But I already have ghasts enabled :p It would kinda make them useless ;D
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    I just got an idea and I think its worth posting. Could it be possible to have multiple items droping from the giants.
    You know for something like a bow and arrows... I'd apreciate if you could look into that^^
    And maybe a way to make random drops?

    By the way I think this mod is pretty cool.
    And the giant mobs spawning underground and there is only their heads popping up off the ground
    while you're careless! Priceless!
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    Would it be possible to make visable Ghast Fireballs Shoot from the Giants instead of setting ya ablaze from forever away? configurable maybe :)

    It is apparently conflicting with more than just eco-creatures, events don't pass with MobLoot either

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    Same on my server -- ppl just stand in water, I set ecco creature up to drop diamond tools on kill
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    Personally I would love this plug-in except that the lack of a surrounding area check means it will cause issues with peoples mob spawners and cause weird side effects if they appear underground.
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    If you're feeling really froggy, how about forking this so we can program any mob to spawn in any world, even the nether. Per world config, with editable health, damage and drops for each mob.
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    Suppose I have the fire attack set to true.

    If it shoots me and I dodge it, and its fire attack hits wood or trees or anything, will that start a fire?
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    Sorry if this has been asked before, I don't want to read all 8 pages of this thread.

    Can you make the giants drop more that 1 type of item? Let's say I want the giants to drop bones and gold. Is that possible?
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    Multiworld support for this would be nice.
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    In the spawn config, is it possible to use a smaller percentage than 1%? Like 0.5 or 0.2?
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    Is the last version compatible with bukkit 818?
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    Cognito guy

    Is it possible to set a maximum to the number off giants that are allowed?
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    Not possible.
    Not presently.
    In all honesty, not sure if it'll work. It might. I haven't tested.
    Should be. There's no reason it shouldn't work.
    That's what the spawnrate configuration option is for.
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    Cognito guy

    No but I mean like there are only 5 giants allowed to exist on the same time. (something like that)
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    How to disable loot ? I want to make Giants drop more loots and with a percent chance, so i want to use DropBonus but it doesn't work. (I mean only Giants don't drop anything, but when i disable your plugin this works well)

    Please make something to fix that, just make an option to "disable" loot and allow others plugins to change Giant's loots.
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    I'm curious if the current version of this fixed the internal server errors it used to cause periodically. When I had it on my server about 2 months ago or maybe it was only a month ago, the players would get a internal server error every so often and have to rejoin. But since you didn't disconnect half the time you had a bad login and would need to wait a minute or so.
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    I'm using the curent version and no one on my server got this error, but my server is on for few hours, so i'm not really sure.

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