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    NaturalGiants - Make giants spawn naturally
    Version: v1.30

    As per the title, this plugin makes it so giants will spawn naturally along with other mobs.
    Giants are set to be more rare, and by default will only spawn 5% of the time compared to other mobs. This option, along with other options, can be changed within the configuration file. Giants additionally will only spawn in the dark / at night.

    Download: (1.30)

    Config Information: (Modified within
    spawnrate - By default, set at 5%. This will make 5% of monsters spawned as giants. Maximum value is 100.
    health - How much health a giant has. By default set at 200.
    drop - What item giants drop upon being killed. By default set to drop 64 bones (item #352)
    fireattack - Determines if the giants deal a fire attack upon targeting a player. Set it to "0" to disable the attack.


    Version 1.3
    • Fixed entity tracking issues.
    Version 1.2
    • Private release.
    Version 1.1
    • Added configuration file, with the ability to configure the giants spawn rate, health, what items they drop, and if they deal a fire attack.
    Version 1.0
    • First release.
    Let me know if you have any questions, or find any problems.
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    Looks like some of these issues might be fixed soon. Looking forward to the next recommended build of Craftbukkit.
    Current Dev build 757 changes:

    I have been running Craftbukkit Dev build 759 along with Natural Giants and so far so good. I have seen a few Giants come into the world and I have not yet got the error. One even spawned in my little box with the skeleton spawner in it and not game crashing error..... Yet.
    I'll let you know it I get any problems.

    One thing I notice though is sometimes the Giant doesn't stay spawned for long. It disappears after a short while, even if I am still close to it.

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    Would there be any way to do what this plugin does with the 'monster' (or noob) mob instead?
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    Nope. Like I mentioned in a previous post, "Giant" is an actual mob. It's not a giant zombie
    So we can't make giant versions of mobs.
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    sounds promising, looking forward to 759+ before i implement this again then.
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    Ok. Further update on progress. I left myself logged in overnight while I slept to give it a good 7 hours. I assume there would have been a few giants spawned throughout the day/night cycles in game. No errors or game crashes!!! :):)

    It seems (so far) that craftbukkit 757+ might have fixed the issues this plugin was having. :D
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    Nonono, that's not what I was referring to. Apologies, my phrasing wasn't very clear. I was wondering if it would be possible to have the existing mob, 'monster' or human, be able to spawn in the wild. Nothing about resizing, just allowing them to spawn naturally.
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    Oh sorry. Misunderstood.
    Yeah I would like that too.
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    Can you do the same thing with the "monster". Its basically the default character with the default skin that acts like a zombie except doesn't raise its arms. Like the giant, it is unspawnable without mods or the like.
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    Just said that dude. Yes, it would be nice.
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    Has this mod been fixed yet?
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    nope on 740 bukkit and still getting the
    [WARNING] Failed to handle packet: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Entity is already tracked!
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Entity is already tracked!
    Although as above turning off the fire attack seems to help.

    My question is in the configs, i know its set to drop 64 bones. But i only see the Bone ID, does this mean what ever i might change it to will default to a 64 (full stack of this item) or can i number it to say drop 1 of something.
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    Are you using "managed" spawners in creaturebox? If you could target the spawner and type /cb info, creaturebox's response would tell me a whole lot about what might be going on.
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    In the config file,
    can i set spawnrate= to .5 .3 to make then rare, even at 1-3% they spawn a bit too much (3-5 in single chunk)
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    So basically screw everyone using the current RB (740) and NaturalGiants. Does this mean you're saying NaturalGiants should be good on 757+? I'm already 760.
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    Yes, it is a managed spawner. Period and Count at -1 and requirements of Space and Light. But it's ok. Like I posted above, it has been working without problem since craftbukkit 757+. Looks like it might have been a CB problem rather than a plugin problem.
    Thanks anyway :)
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    It should work perfectly with the latest RB, which is now 766.
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    Was waitin for you to change that 740 to 760+ ;)

    Also, they must have just changed the RB cuz up until last night it still had 740 listed, which is why I said that
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    Should make a video of fighting it and using the Config, etc.
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    Do Giants still have no natural attack and must rely on their ludicrously overpowered fire counterattack? Haven't tested that in a while.
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    If they get close to you when you have fire off, they just hit you like a normal zombie.
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    downloading, me likey!
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    I have a version that does this, would you like it?

    I also have a version that spawns ghasts :).
  26. Sounds nice, whats the name of the plugin?

    Liked the idea of the plugin but I think it might be having problems with either some plugin's I have installed or its buggy, because both times I tried the plugin I recieve internal server errors :/ shame the idea was good too

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    I just edited the code of this plugin and made it spawn human mobs and ghasts.

    If I could get permission from this plugin author, I could release it as a whole different plugin, or he could release it.
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    That's exactly what I'm looking for! only thing missing is multiworld support. I have a zombie survival map with just zombies and would like to add giants to that world but that world only, and the human mob "monster" on my main world.
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    G1R Productions

    Can I set it to drop more than just bones? Lets say i also want to drop gold or something along with bones?

    Edit: The giants dont seem to attack me when the fire attack is set to 0 (havn't tested with other numbers)
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    Oh! Just what i was looking for! can you please PM me it?
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    I'd like this to allow ecoCreature to give the rewards, but for some reason it can't pass the event, if you wouldn't mind looking into that I'd be greatly appreciative :) fun plugins regardless.

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