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    Small bug report with this plugin and xAuth, that can replicate items.

    The option "Protect Location" on xAuth can be used to swap items that should not be swapped between worlds.
    The blame must be the way xAuth teleports users on login...

    Even with that disabled, I can do the following:

    -On World B I do a /tpa player;
    -I go to World A via gate and do /logout (xAuth command);
    -The player says /tpaccept;
    -I get teleported to World B without a login. All is normal;
    -However, after that I do /login, get teleported to World A and the inventory is as follows:

    World A no items;
    World B got the items from word A;

    I know this must be a xAuth issue but I needed to report this to you, as is a way to replicate items with your plugin.

    Best regards,
  2. I read some of the first posts, but i dont understand, How do i make it so the players inventory stays the same when going from the normal world, to the nether? But i still want it to change when going from the normal world to the Skylands?
  3. In the config.yml file created, on the last line in the file remove the "#" symbol.
    The last line should now be:

    world_nether = world
    world = world_nether
    (I can't remember which)

    That should do what you want.

    I'll look into this...
  4. Haha, i figured it out, thanks alot ;)
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    In the config, have
    worldname, nether

    If i remember correctly
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    i have 4 worlds, my main one, my skylands, and my arena world. I also have my survival world. I can only find ways to chare inventories between two worlds. Can I no do this or something similar:

    1 = world,skylands,arenas
    2 = survival
  7. I am definitely changing this inventory method... it's too confusing at the moment...

    to share those worlds like that you'll want to do this:

    skylands = world
    arenas = world

    and that's it.
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    My world is called Tree Hill.

    Your plugin seems to not like having spaces in world names. I tried surrounding with double quotes but the problem persists, resulting in:

    [MultiInv] Sharing "Tree to Hill_nether" = "Tree Hill" is invalid
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    Celtic Minstrel

    For what it's worth, Multiverse 2 supports worldnames with spaces, so it would be useful if MultiInv did as well.
  10. Working on MultiInv today. Any new release made will be released on bukkitDev.
    It's a relatively big change code wise, but only a small change client side. And anything that changes will auto update.
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    Same bug happen in my server, solution was to disable /tpa in my creative world im using AuthMe instead of xAuth tho.
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    Careful, in my server the /tpa was also disable on the creative.
    But if you do the /tpa before you enter the portal to the Creative world and then be acceped, the bug occurs.
    I had to disable /tpa on all my worlds :(
  13. I've been looking at this... I think the best fix is for xAuth not to allow players to teleport if they're not authenticated. they're not meant to be able to move so I think that is the most logical solution. That being said... if I REALLY have to I could implement a really depressing method of having to check all the auth plugins for if someone is not authenticated and then ignoring them if they are. Which would be easier if they had a plugin api really, but is still doable if xAuth won't modify the plugin.

    would be all they need to add...
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    Thanks for taking your time to validade this issue.
    One of the protection xAuth gives is "Location Protect", that teleports you to a location defined while you don't login.
    If I was in the "creative" map and the Location Protect spot it's outside of that world, the bug also happens...
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    i need help whith this plugin
  16. What?

    As for progress on the update:
    I've finished the new list system for world sharing. Makes much more sense plus you get to name the groups yourself. You'll be happy to know that it converts the old system to the new automatically.

    I'm still trying to work out why the nether portals don't work though. The event emits null even though it shouldn't... I'll need to investigate further into MultiVerse code I think.

    Oh, and xAuth author says he'll see if he can apply the fixes I asked for in his next version. If he does/doesn't can you come back and tell me the results as it's hard to keep track of all the plugins myself.

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    Will do!
  18. Update:
    Hoozah! Found the Multiverse portal problem... unfortunately it's MultiVerse's problem and I'm trying to contact them in order to fix the problem.

    Well, they can fix the problem, but so could potentially bukkit itself. I'm not sure who's in the wrong here.

    Next update of Multiverse-NetherPortals should fix the problem we've been having now. A fix has been made in their code and should solve this problem.

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    i want to tie 2 or 3 worlds to gether
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    If you read the OP you would know what to do and how to do it.
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    This is a great plugin and has really helped my server. Any chance you could have a look at GameMode and it's functions in HumanEntity? It would be nice if along with separate health if this plugin could do separate hunger and game modes. So in a creative world it could set the game mode to creative.
  22. This is defiantly a good idea. It's almost midnight now, but I'll try to work on this tomorrow.

    Hint as to the new "group" system:
    You select a group name, and place all the worlds share an inventory in that group. Then, the inventories will be saved in a folder of that groups name.
    For old versions that auto-convert the group name will be the name of the "major" world so to match the folder names.
    Any worlds not in groups will have their own inventory and will save to a folder of their worlds name
    - SurivalMap1
    - Stupid Death Map
    - Fun map
    - JoyLand
    I'll also have an option for creative maps where you add the group names for all groups that want the mode to be creative:
    - CreativeGroup
    All other groups will be survival groups.

    Finally, I may (or may not) add a config for "auto cleanup" which will remove unused groups and unused saves automatically. This will default off.

    Edit: When auto-converted all groups will be survival.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Definitely. :p
    What does "unused" mean in this case?
  24. When a player first logs in I can assume that all worlds will have been loaded by MultiInv. At this point it will removed the saves from worlds that are currently in another group (and so don't have an individual inventory). And worlds that no longer exist at all.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Ah, I see. That would probably clash with eg /mvunload, so it's a good thing you said it would be an option.
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    i assume your going to wait for a recommended bukkit build before releasing an update right? cant run multiple-worlds without this <3

    I am running your older version on a #1118 gonna do some tests and see how it works with creative =)

    so far creative modes stays on when you switch worlds but the inventory's still seem to be seperated which is good =) hopefully you'll only need to change the gamemode on or off depending on the type of world.
  27. Pretty much. I'm also throwing in a relatively big change code wise to the system. It's to help with the ease of storing hunger values as well as health values and exp values. Because in creative mode you can still earn exp so it needs separating. Obviously that is the least of the problems as exp as currently useless though.

    But gameMode will be settable per "group of worlds". That should be simple and I'll be testing this tomorrow with hopefully a new update.

    Before the next update BACKUP YOUR INVENTORIES. The system is changing, it will auto update and I'm going to test this thoroughly... but there's always the change it won't work for someone or crash and something bad will happen.
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    I also installed a 1.8 test build on my server (I know I shouldn't but the downtime... meh). Everything works fine, also MultiInv. Of course, as you said, it does not change the hunger stuff.
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    I should have probably checked in here first, but as it is, I have made a very lightweight plugin that enforces game mode on a per-world basis based on permissions. I thought this may be of interest to both MultiInv users and others just interested in restricting game modes for their worlds.

    @Pluckerpluck : it sounds like you are intending to set something like this up for MultiInv yourself, which makes perfect sense. Let me know and I'll point to that in my plugin's thread! :)
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