Inactive [MECH] MultiInv V2.4.1 - Per World Inventories [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Pluckerpluck, Feb 17, 2011.

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    MC handles worlds differently than bukkit did; the spawning stuff is all messed up.
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    it still gives the error when i don't share any worlds, so i think the plugin needs an update.
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    I'm having the same error as the people above. No errors, but people keep the same inventory no matter which world they are in.
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    I'm looking into fixing this now. Preliminary testing has shown that actually it is something broken in Bukkit - the PlayerTeleportEvent is not returning the from and to locations correctly.
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    Thanks for looking into this issue so fast :)
  6. The plugin doesn't work for me :S
    When a player teleports to another world, it keeps the same inventory, no message in the console either.
    Please help!!
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    good thing you read the last few messages in the thread. You'd see everyone has the problem and he's working on a fix.
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  8. S
    Sorry :S
  9. Great mod bro cant wait to see it fixed =D
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    When are you expecting to have it updated because now I can't keep my server running. People will take items from Creative to Survival so..

    Thanks anyway.
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    just run one of the other. That's what I'm doing
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    That's what I want to do.. but I can't, since I want to run the secondary world and every player would miss their inventory, many players had full diamond sett of tools and stuff like that, it would suck to miss all that. Is there a way to see the multiinv inventory, so I can give my players what they had, or some way to transfer the inventory to a world folder to run without multiworld?
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    Wanna update this great plugin for 818?
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    The best idea would be to simply disable the creative world and make survival your primary world. The invs should transfer safely and you can go about your day, but it is iffy and risky.

    Depending on your players I would simply just run the creative. No invs are lost due to it being creative.. who cares, but I dunno exactly what happens.

    Also the multi world invs are (i believe) read from the built in .dat files of every player on your server that are built into each individual map. You could read it from there directly.The issue occurs when Multi-inv can't read it and goes berserk and deletes it.

    No invs should be lost as long as whatever world you are running is set as the default world in your server properties and as long as no players have hopped worlds
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    Wanna be useful?
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    Hope it is fixxed tomorrow cause my users are kinda bored right now. :D
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    Just to clear something up, I'm not the plugin author. A couple of people seem to think I am...

    As I said above, the plugin doesn't need fixing. The PlayerTeleportEvent in Bukkit is broken. Once that is fixed, this plugin will work fine.

    If people are really so desperate they can't wait a day, there is potentially a hackish way you could get around the issue. If you really want me to I could do that.
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    Yes, MultiInv is fixed with CB819.
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    Are you sure? I just tried 819 and the problem seems to persist.
  21. I have CB819, but it still keeps the inventories for me (regular players)
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    Im on CB819, and with existing MultiVerse. Went to one world, change my inventory. Went to another world (inv was the same as first with changes), changed it here, and went back to the first: same inventory as other world. It appears to not be "fixed". Did this another time, and the inventory is always replicated to the other world. :( Bummer.
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    still seems to not be fixed with #819. hopefully the issue will be fixed soon.
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    Works for me :confused:

    EDIT: scrap that, still messing up.
  25. are you using v.1.5.2 or V.2.0.0?
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    Can you please fix this ASAP, I will be pleased to help if help is needed.
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    No worries, will keep an eye on the page for updates
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    Try and be patient, a new RB will be ready soon and may possibly fix most bugs found in most of the plugins that haven't been updated. I'm sure the author/substitute knows and is probably working on a fix.
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    I am patient, but I hope he is working on it because MultiInv is a very important plugin and my users can't play ATM.
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    Your users can play. Downgrade to 1.5.
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