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    So... download the MultiInv.jar per ftp and run md5/sha1 on your pc? :confused:
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    >.> oh so i dont need to run it on their systems XD wait how does THAT WORK it gets the bug way before i can connect
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    huh? what bug are you talking about now?
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    same one it crashes and turns off at start up and the servers not run off my computers o how will me running a exe and the server disabling the plugin due to bugs before i connect get any info? XD
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    You download the plugin, run the hash (md5) program and post the hash here, we then compare that hash to ours, if they are different then you don't have a valid copy of the plugin
    If the hash DOES match ours then you do have a valid copy and the problem can't be put down to a corrupted download
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    Just to be clear, are there any show stopper inventory bugs in the current version?
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    Yes, but as a toggleable feature with a permission for auto applying on logon. I guess it might not be directly related to this plugin but I don't think there's such a plugin already (at least I haven't seen it), it would be useful to have.

    Edit: Just got this report from an admin: "I was in creative and when I came back my inventory was gone", that's on CB b677. Seems to work fine 99% of the time then empty someone's inventory. Turned on logging now, if I get more reports I'll have logs.
    Also I get a lot of debug messages from people moving from creative to creative, survival to survival etc, meaning the same world, maybe another plugin is causing that but it seems it might as well ignore such events.
  8. Hm... probably best to get another plugin to save items on death...

    But these random problems are really annoying me but I haven't had the time yet to finish the latest version.

    But what the latest version will have:
    1) Massive internal upgrade
    2) Ability for admins to only have 1 inventory (or command to get another worlds inventory/stop inventory changes)
    3) Fix of that teleporting from world to same world in the logging...
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    I am undergoing a large rehaul of my two minecraft servers - one is pvp one is build. I'm trying to join them under one server using multiverse and your plugin, multi-inv. The new setup will have an atrium world which has portals to the 4 other worlds (build, pvp, nether, survival). The build, nether, survival and atrium worlds all share inventories, and the PVP has a unique inventory.
    I am importing the current build server map onto the new server, however we are having a new PVP map. My VIPs want to keep their inventories from PVP and have them put on the new PVP map. I also need to import the build server inventories into the build. At the moment i can't see how this would work - if i place a pvp inventory in the new pvp map directory, then run the server, it sets it as the atrium/build inventory, not the pvp inventory. Is there anyway to do what i am trying to do?
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    Change the default world to the pvp world/warp everyone to the pvp world before you import the inventories to it, they will then be converted to when people log in. However inventory data from worlds not set as that player's active world will be lost.
    Luckily no one played on the creative world on my server a while ago when I set up this plugin so everyone was in the survival world when I installed it, therefore no loss of data, not that it really matters when they have the /more command in creative.
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    Any chance there will be some compatibility with backpack? It seems that backpack disables this.
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    A player on my server reported that they are able to dupe items under MultiInv using this procedure:

    1) fill you inventory with what you want duplicated
    2) Relog
    3) bank items in chest/friend
    4) type /kill

    Oddly, it only appears to work on one of the MultiInv-protected worlds, and not the other.
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    What would happen if I were to remove multiinv for my 2 worlds, and split them into 2 separate servers? If the plugin is shutoff, what becomes of the inventories?
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    Any way that when semeone die in a world and you tp back in that world you don't get your equipment back?
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    Your current inventory remains you current inventory and your alternative inventory is lost until MultiInv is reactivated
  16. That would be very difficult... I'm trying to see how backpack can store the inventories in one player.dat file...

    Damn... does that still happen... you're not meant to... I guess that means you also lose the equipment from the world you respawn in...

    Only fix atm it so make sure you spawn in the same world you die in

    Edit: I'm actually on "vacation" atm... = reason for lack of updates
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    Another feature request:
    A Cleaner-like function that can preview inventories/search for items, only it uses the file, allowing to search offline users easily.
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    How about an exempt feature? multiinv.exempt could be a useful permissions node to keep admins from having to respawn items.

    Also, I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to use the plus sign in your build in the title since you will not be able to tell that it works with builds that don't even exist yet.

    Use the MultiVerse plugin to set per-world spawns; I figure that would solve the problem.

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  19. Sorry about this massive delay. Not sure about elsewhere in the world but this week and the last have been Easter break and I have been VERY busy. After this I should have the time to sit and stare at code again. So if you wanted features you may want to say them again... just in case I've forgotten.
    Permission for exemptness can be added quite easily... not sure whether to save their inventory though or just completely ignore them... (If I ignore them other inventory plugins will more likely work with them)

    And valid point about the plus sign... I had intended to continually check for updates but I haven't yet been able to properly test recently... anyone currently know which builds this works on. The greatest risk of problem from the change logs is ANY build that supports 1.5.02... just before that build was an inventory edit...may or may not affect this.
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    I've done basic testing on #709 and it seams to work (TPed through 3 worlds and inv changed) set a share file and didn't get errors in console. only thing i didn't do is tp between shared worlds to test that.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I would like the ability to have overlapping worlds; I have two normal worlds with separate inventories, plus a nether world, and I'd like to make it so that when you enter the nether, you keep the inventory of whichever world you came from.
  22. I don't see why I can't add this... especially with the new inventory storage system it should be easier... but I would warn you that you shouldn't use this if you're trying to segregate inventories as two players could pass goods between worlds this way.

    Also, what would happen if you enter the nether from a non-shared world?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I dunno really... in this particular situation there is no other world, so I didn't really give that any thought. :/
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    Don't use a plus sign in the version tag. If you really need to use more versions, use [X-Y] or [X,Y].
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    Any thought of adding health to this plugin? I know it's rather unrelated, but the function is similar! I don't want people getting hurt in one world and going back to another just to heal! :p
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    Running 733 with the most recent MultiInv, I see this error in the console at times. I've also noticed that sometimes you can go from one world to another a few times to jumble the inventories, but later on they revert back when going to the previous world again.. essentially giving players more items they may have already used. Could this be because of MultiVerse?
    15:13:13 [WARNING] Task of 'MultiInv' generated an exception
    java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access field from class
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
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    Can you make a tool that imports/exports InvEdit's .inv files to/from player inventories in certain worlds? I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out your data file format so I can import a world that used to be on a vanilla server.
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    I was hoping something like this also as once we go multiworld our main world will be a secondary loaded world but still the main one in terms of what is done on all worlds.

    As it is if your world your using is the main one you just copy the dat files to that worlds folder and start up with a fresh multinv file and it'll bring in all locations and inventories.

    If another world is your main world and the one with the player files is a secondary world like say a entry world or something and you want a either a separate or combined inventory unfortunately you cant import the inventory data which I have asked about already as we have 250+ player files from a world which is going to be the non default bukki world from the start as we are going to have a small portal hub world with 6 or so portals linking all the proper worlds together.
  30. That may seem easy enough but it has some problems I'm discussing on the thread.

    I can try and make one.... may not be successful... I'd have to make a tool outside bukkit which I've never done before. It will be command prompt/terminal but should have nice instructions..
    (New plan for inventory storage though)

    Partially same as above...

    On that note what do you think of this new inventory saving method? In the "MultiInv" folder is a "Worlds" folder. In the "Worlds" folder is a folder of each world and in each world file is either:
    • a file containing the inventories (and possible health in the new version) of all players.
    • a file for each player.
    Or just an inventories folder that contains player data files that store all the inventories for that player across worlds. (Potentially with an "Overwrite" folder in which all file are imported into current files and overlapping worlds are overridden <-- my fav idea atm)
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