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    version: 5.4.2

    MobStats makes the strength of mobs change! The further from the closest origin the mob is, the stronger it is. Mobs at an origin are too weak to survive, but get far enough away and they become so strong that they could kill a player in one shot.

    To set up the plugin, download the .jar and place it in your plugins folder. Start your server to create the config file. Open up the config and configure it. Reload your server. Insure that you have Vault in your plugin folder if you want to use the economy features. Run the command replaceall to make sure all mobs are proper and run it again if you encounter vanilla mobs that shouldn't be vanilla.

    • Tells players what level zone they are in.
    • Commands to tell you where you are.
    • Will tell players what zone they are in even after teleporting and respawning.
    • Multi World support.
    • Configure the message for when a player enters a zone.
    • Configure messages sent when a player kills a mob.
    • Players can stop themselves from receiving messages for someone killing a mob.
    • Configure death messages.
    • Choose the origins.
    • Worlds can have more than one origin.
    • Equations to customize the zone size, mob damage, mob health, experience drops, and money.
    • Configure different item drops for different mobs in different zones.
    • Configure a max and min values.
    • Change the arrows that skeletons shoot.
    • Change the equipment that mobs have based on level and a weighted random.
    -zone - Tells the player what zone they are in.
    -ms <on or off> - Turns the messages for when someone kills a mob on and off.
    -replaceall - (for ops and the console only) Checks every entity in the game and replaces them if they aren't the right type to have a level.


    NOTE: The level cap has been changed to being integrated with equations.

    message: This is the message that gets sent to a player when the player changes zones. When ever you type "-level" it will be replaced with the level of the zone. Type "false" or leave the area blank to turn off that message. This goes for all messages. Kill Message, and Death Message can also have -mob for the type of mob and -player for the name or the player and Kill Messages can also have -exp for the experience earned and -money for the money earned.

    origins: Type the name of each world to have origins for under the origins section then place a list of origins for each world by listing them with hyphens before each location. Type the

    location in the form of x,y,z or type spawn to be the world's spawn point.

    equations: There are 5 types of equations, zones which are the change in levels based on distance, damage which is the change in damage based on levels, health which is the change in health based on levels, experience or XP which is the change in experience drops based on levels, and Money is to set the amount of money to provide Players with for killing a mob of a certain level. Type what equation is to be set, then type the type of equation (Quadratic, QWD, QMD, Exponential, EWD, EMD). Type make a max area for a maximum value and a min area for a minimum value in each equation, excluding these will set the value to positive and negative infinity respectively.

    - Quadratic: Values are a, b, c to be filled in the equation ax^2 + bx + c. Setting a to 0 makes a linear equation, c is the value when x is 0.
    - QWD: A Quadratic but the values for a, b, and c can have a d put next to them to multiply that value by the default value of what is being calculated.
    - QMD: A Quadratic that gets multiplied by the default value of what is being calculated after it has been calculated. Setup the same as a regular quadratic.
    - Exponential: Values ar a, b, c, d, f which are to be filled into a(b^(c(x - d))) + f.
    - EWD: The same as a QWD but using an exponential equation instead.
    - EMD: The same as a QMD but using an exponential equation instead.

    If equations make values too high then it can kill a player but instead of respawning, they go to limbo. They can't be damaged or damage other things.

    drops: Type a name for the drop that can be anything in the list under drops. Put a section in with the name of the drop which has a section for Mobs which is a list of mobs, a Start Zone section for the zone where it starts, an End Zone for the zone where it ends, the Odds which is a fraction to place the Odds for if the item is dropped, and Items which is a list of ItemStacks in the form of (item id(#)),(amount). No mobs will set it for all mobs, no Start Zone defaults to 0, no End Zone defaults to endless, and no odds, no denominator for odds or the numerator is larger than the denominator will default to the drop always being dropped. No items will ignore the drop.

    equipment: Equipment is the same as Drops except their names are listed under equipment. Also, when putting in items, a third number may be placed to say what equipment slot it is supposed to be in. With out a number, it i just placed based on its the order in which it is listed. If ArrowPro is used, the abbreviation of an arrow can be used to set it to a skeleton.

    affected mobs: Type a list of all the mobs that are to be affected by listing them one on top of the other with a hyphen before each mob. Leaving it blank will affect all mobs. By default there is a list of all mobs to be used for a reference. Erasing all these values will have no effect on which mobs are affected.

    Download: MobStats.jar
    Source: MobStatsSource
    ArrowPro: Forums, BukkitDev

    - fixed problem where mobs wouldn't spawn from eggs.
    - removed the mandatory use of Vault.
    - added support for build 1.4.6-R0.3

    - fixed problem where Endermen were replaced with Blazes.

    - added custom mob equipment to the plugin.
    - changed the way mob names are displayed.
    - added support for build 1.4.5-R0.2

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    - added maximums and minimums to equations.
    - added ability to customize the arrows that skeletons shoot.
    - removed level cap.
    - added support for build 1.3.2-R2.0

    - added Kill Messages
    - added Death Messages
    - added command to make the plugin check all entities and replace them if it has to.
    - removed delay
    - edited what objects are used for mobs making the game run almost like it's vanilla minecraft with this plugin and increasing compatibility.
    - fixed bug where mobs would disappear before the death animation could finish.
    - added support for build 1.3.2-R0.1

    - added serialization of stats.
    - added level cap
    - added delay between hits
    - fixed bug where mobs disappear when landing hits too quickly.
    - added support for build 1.3.1-R2.0

    - added QWD equations
    - added QMD equations
    - added Exponential equations
    - added EWD equations
    - added EMD equations
    - added support for build 1.2.5-R3.0

    - added support for giving money for killing a mob

    - fixed bug ruining pvp attacks and entity on entity attacks

    - fixed bug where health wasn't changing

    - added custom drops

    - changed config
    - added custom equations
    - added custom exp drops
    - fixed mobs not reacting to being hit
    - added support for build 1.2.5-R2.0

    - fixed config creation bug

    - added the ability to change the origin
    - added the ability to have multiple origins
    - added the ability to configure all messages
    - added the ability to turn off messages
    - changed the way health is handled
    - removed level 0 and made level 1 bigger.
    - removed the ability to send ops and the console messages about players changing zones
    - some minor bug fixes
    - added support for build 1597

    - added configuration file
    - added the configurable ability to message ops when players change zones
    - added the configurable ability to log to the console when a player changes zones.
    - made message configurable
    - made the size of each zone configurable

    - added support for build 1337

    - added support for build 1317

    - added support for build 1240

    - The first release of the plugin.
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    Can you make it compatible with the plugin BloodMoon? There are bad errors that spam the entire console and crash... Though the author did report potential conflicts, would there possibly be a way to get around them in this plugin?

    Also, I can no longer spawn giant zombies. They stopped spawning completely...
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    No they can't support each other. They conflict directly.
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    Vault is no longer needed unless you want to use the economy features. Eggs work again.

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