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  1. MobSensor - RedstoneChips Circuit:
    Version: v1.2

    Extends eisental's RedstoneChips plugin by adding new specific mob detecting circuits. It is a more advanced version of pirsensor.
    Required: RedstoneChips

    • animals - detects non-hostile animals (chicken, cow, pig, sheep, squid)
    • hostiles - detects hostile creatures (creeper, giant, skeleton, spider, zombie, zombie pig man, ghast, slime)
    • humans - detects any humans (should work on both players and NPCs)
    • nonhumans - detects anything that isn't human
    • notplayers - detects players whose names are not on the sign
    • players - detects specific player names
    Download (source in jar) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22618541/Bukkit/MobSensor.jar

    As for the circuit, all require one clock input pin and one alarm output pin, just like pirsensor.

    For all circuits in this pack, the first line of the sign should contain the name of the circuit.
    The second line can optionally contain a range (radius of a sphere around the interface black; default is 10).
    The playersensor circuit also takes a list of usernames separated by spaces. The playersensor requires a range to be listed first. The full name must fit on a line, you cannot continue on the next line with part of a name.

    For example, to make a playersensor that detects my friend and I only, I would make a sign that says
    Version 1.2
    • Cut all the names shorter because of 15 character limit on signs
    Version 1.1
    • Added notplayersensor
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release

    Known issues:
    • None. :3
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  2. And that's the beauty of shared source.
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    This change is not about Math.sqrt(). The bukkit method I was using before also doesn't use it.
    The main difference is using x*x instead of Math.pow(x,2) which, as was discovered, makes a big difference. It also prevents making new Vector objects every clock tick by not using Vectors at all.
  5. Oh, I guess I didn't fully read that. I can understand it being faster than pow because pow is a loop.
  6. Update notification. All sensor names are shortened to comply with the new 15 character sign line length limit.
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    This seems to doesn't work with latest RB [733] and RedChips 0.9 .. can i build somehow these cute sensors Richard ? :(
  8. I haven't tested this with 733 yet as it only came out 10 hours ago. I'll see if anything is up and get back to you.
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    Thank you. I just love your library. Lot of players on my server are using this at the moment, so i would rather not remove the plugin ;)
  10. Wait, just to be sure, are you using the one I uploaded a day ago? I changed all the names of the sensors because of the sign length restrictions.

    I just tested it with 733 and it works perfectly fine. Why did this get marked as inactive again..?
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    Oh Richard .. my stupid .. you just change playersensor syntax to players LOL :D thx and sorry :X love your plug, all the best ;)
  12. Bump. This is not inactive or unsupported.
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    i cant get the circuits to work, is there something i have to do to make the Redstonechips plugin read this one?
  14. Eisential just updated his code a couple days ago and I haven't finished fixing my two circuit libraries yet. I'll post in the thread once I get these updated. I've been busy at work the last few days but I'll have some time later this week to fix these.
  15. Do you plan to upgrade those libs ? i would love to see this working :)
  16. Haven't had a day off yet to be honest. Sorry about all the delays.
  17. no prob, man, hope you can do this sometimes :)

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