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    TriggerCmds- 'Automation, automation, automation'
    Version: v1.2
    Download :(V1.0) (V1.1) V1.2

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    This was a popular request that made me excited :p

    With tcmds you can link any type of craftbukkit or plugin commands to buttons/levers/plates
    It's simple too use and it has persistence so you can reboot your server without loosing anything =)

    Make a trigger:
    1. /tcmds edit TriggerName - Opens/creates the trigger edit
    2. /tcmds cmd $me:/tp $ply $me - Makes you teleport the player that presses the button to you
    3. Left Click on the switch - Regs the switch and closes the edit
    Delete a trigger:
    1. /tcmds edit TriggerName - Opens/creates the trigger edit
    2. /tcmds del - Deletes the trigger from the db
    Delete a Link:
    1. /tcmds edit TriggerName - Opens/creates the trigger edit
    2. Right Click on the switch - Deletes the switch and closes the edit
    • $me: - The cmd will be executed by the trigger maker (only if is online)
    • $ply: - The cmd will be executed by the player that pressed the trigger
    • $me & $ply - Used inside the command you want to declare
    • Simple way to link cmds to triggers
    • Works (in theory) with almost any command
    • Uses persistence to save all the triggers
    • Has permissions
        aliases: [triggercmds]
        description: TriggerCmds management
        usage: |
            /<command> list - List of your triggers.
            /<command> edit [name] - Starts trigger edit.
            /<command> cmd [cmd] - Command registration/modification.
            /<command> del - Deletes the trigger.
            /<command> help - TriggerCmds Help Page.
    To do:
    • Scripts (multi-commands)
    • onBreak deletes link
    • User groups (I might put it... still not sure) (tks @QuackzMcDuck )
    • Add a fakePlayer to overwrite permissions (tks @QuackzMcDuck )
    • Link the triggers with redstone (I have to find a cool way)
    • Timed commands (maybe!! I guess ^^)
    • Button Cooldown
    • One Time per player buttons (maybe on 1.4/1.5)

    Version 1.2
    • Added the variables $me and $ply
    • Recoded some parts of the reg
    • Removed redundant cmds
      • /tcmds stop is now automatic when Left Click or Right Click
    • Added pressure plates
    • Reg Trigger Link - Left Click
    • Del Trigger Link - Right Click
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed yml error (sorry about that)
    • Added delete function (never rush a release)
    Version 1.0

    • First release
    !!! Lets give tks to @Cybird and @Jonathan Thorpe for the idea !!!​
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    Update to #1251 pls !!
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    how i can set permission to join for group with permissionex ???

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