[MECH/MISC] SuperWheat v0.9 - Plants auto re-grow after harvesting! Carrot, Potato [1.5.1-R0.2]

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    Nice plugin, my only "complaint" is that my wheat yield seems to almost double occasionally(bit odd to be "complaining" about something like that isn't it:p ), usually when I am doing large crops. Currently I utilize a 9x9 wheat farm with the center block being water, this water block flows down a couple blocks and towards a collection point. I have a "room" which is, in total, 13x13 (the outer 13th perimeter, or "wall" is half steps to prevent water flowing the other way) then there is a layer between this "wall" and my crops so that the water doesn't fall directly on to the crops and can flow into it. It seems to double the wheat as they stack onto each other(as was changed in 1.3.1). I'm wondering if there is any way to change this, if anyone else has had this experience, or if it is a possible bug. Thanks all, and thanks for the nice plugin.
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    Added in 0.5
    Download is updated (only dropbox and github)

    Thanks for the feedback!
    It's right that more wheat is harvested than planted - I kept the vanilla drop rate and added +1, since you get no seeds without the permission
    (Means: 1-3 wheat per harvested wheat plant)


    BREAKING! Please delete the config file once!

    Version 0.5
    • Added cocoa plants and nether wart (request)
    • Added trampling toggle for wheat
    • New permissions -> BREAKING change
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  3. does the plugin consume a seed / wart etc. from players inventory when re-planted?
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    I could add only support for it when a player breaks it - still not sure if this would work
    -> Do you want this feature or not? :p
  5. ya.
    I would really want it. Like when player destroyes / harvests the wheat , plugin wont autoplant unless the player has seeds in his/her inventory. Same with other farming stuffs
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    Deleted user

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    I have not been able to give any non mod players the ability the pick up seeds after they harvest the wheat. I've manually gave them permissions with superwheat.* and combining the exasperated regrow and seed commands as well as doing both in my bpermissions but I can't seem to make it properly work.
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    I tested the permissions.
    Make sure you write it exactly like mentioned here.
    NOT superwheat.*, its SuperWheat.*
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    Really cool plugin! This will be handy for my adventure-mode server. There's just 1 problem that I've noticed, and that's that mobs can trample the wheat and when they do the wheat doesn't grow back. This isn't too much of a problem as long as I can keep the animals, NPCs and monsters out though.
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    Maybe added a small fix in it.
    Before the wheat is re-planted, it's changed to soil (farmland) before.



    Version 0.6
    • Added permissions (.noseeds)
    • Added option that the plant is only re-planted if there are seeds in the player inv (only block break!)

    As always, BukkitDev takes a moment longer, dropbox and github are already up to date with 0.6
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  11. awesome! thanks man im definitely going to use this now :))
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    new version incoming, yo!
    1.4.2 required!
    Version 0.7
    • Added Carrots & Potatoes (fully working)
    • Added config option to disable the message
    • Added SugarCane -> no check if the plant is fully grown is performed
    • Tweaked code a little bit

    As a small reminder guys:
    I'm doing this in my free time - a thanks in form of a donation is really appreciated and keeps me motivated to develop this plugin!
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    Im having problems with this plugin, when i get rid of the source of the water the plants are trampled by the water :(. Can somebody please help me to fix this
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    Could you explain it a bit more detailed please?
    (A screenshot is also very helpful!)
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    Your plugin works perfectly on my server when I was trying it out. I started testing out the features and so I placed down a block next to a farm in an NPC village. the water did not destroy the crop at all nomatter what I do which is good but whenever I place a block where the water is flowing from the water falls down onto the crop thus making it come out of the ground. (srry i dont have a picture, ill be posting a video and giving you the url soon so i can show you my problem if you dont understand this description).
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    A video would make it much easier for me - sorry for not understanding your description. Could be my fault, too!)
    Thanks in advance for the vid!

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    this is the video:

    i was in a rush to make it so the sound quality is terrible
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    Here is a thought, add a world guard flag in which crops will auto regen, but make it to where crops in the wg region won't drop seeds
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    I'm having a few problems with this plugin. Whenever I break crops (wheat, carrots and potatoes), they replant themselves as expected, but the hydrated farmland becomes dehydrated again (farmland turns light brown when previously dark brown) every time a crop is replaced. Another thing is that when I set premature to 'false', it still won't allow me to break crops in premature stages, even as an operator, making permanent crop removal impossible when I want to move out and discontinue the use of that specific farm. Aside from these two things, this plugin works just fine for me.
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    thanks for your reply, I'll re-test the mentioned things and fix it if necessary (as far as I remember I set the block to de-hydrated farmland, so will fix this)



    Will push out an update for the farmland issue.
    For the permature issue:
    -> The flag is only for water and pistons.
    To allow a destroying give yourself the permission:
    Default is OP.

    Merry Christmas,

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    Hello, multiworld support is here :D

    Version 0.9
    • Added multiworld support
    • Added /superwheat reload command
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    HELP!! my permissions wont work
    i am using essentials groupmanager and group bridge
    when i do my permissions file it wont work
    im using SuperWheat.wheat.regrowing but it wont work can you help me fix this please!
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    You don't need to double post, I'm no bot and normally reply w/in 24 hrs

    Also provide more information.
    What exactly isn't working? Regrowing? Preventing from destroying via water?
    Do you have more SuperWheat permission granted or just this one?

    Are the "things" (since I don't know what "doesn't work" mean) enabled in the config?
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    would you like me to post the permissions im granting
    Edit: i will post my config too if you wish
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    hello! i have some problem! default dropd from break wheat only 1 wheat but when i enable you plugin( it's awesome plug, great) dropped 1 or 2 or 3 where i change only one wheat because it's so bad from my economy on server, help please, thx!

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