[MECH/MISC] Seasons - Snow Snow Snow Edition. I can see it ! [1.5.2]

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    Seasons - The Great Weather Plugin
    Version: v2.0.3 (Snow Snow Snow Edition)

    This plugin is now on BukkitDev
    Still want more ?
    Take a look at the SeasonsPlusPlus plugin on BukkitDev
    Metrics Stats (Thanks to you) :​
    Old Thread
    Old Thread

    Add differents seasons to your server.
    Change the duration of Seasons using the in-game time in days
    Each season has its own weather probability and its own duration
    Just put the Jar in yout plugin Folder and let's go !
    Using Spout (optional), you can put only snow on snowSeasons (configurable)

    • Add as many seasons you want with properties
    • Insert special Days that will be anounced
    • Change the duration of each season and of each weather
    • Save your current season when you stop the server or disable the plugin
    • Change season and weather in live with commands
    • Able to stop Snow and Ice Regen
    • Added to Minecraft UpToDate
    • You can set Textures packs for each seasons with Spout (optional)
    Download Links :
    Seasons v1.6.2

    An Explaining Video by Specops343 (Version 1.1) (Outdated):

    Thanks to him for this great Video

    Commands & Permissions :
    Commands & Permissions (open)

    Commands :
    For Players :
    • /season - See the current season and the remaining days
    • /setseason [shortname] - Change the current season (Permissions)
    • /sweather [sun|rain|thunder] - Change the current weather (Permissions)
    For Console :
    • /season [world] - See the current season and the remaining days
    • /setseason [world] [shortname] - Change the current season (Permissions)
    • /sweather [world] [sun|rain|thunder] - Change the current weather (Permissions)
    Permissions :
    • /sweather : seasons.weather
    • /setseason : seasons.change
    • Prevent texture changes : seasons.textures.exempt

    TODO :
    • World Edit Region Optional Limit for a season
    Known Issues :
    • Have NullPointerException on nonSpout clients on snow season
    Version 1.6.2 (04-09-2011)
    • Add a snow config on Seasons to put only snow when raining (Spout)
    • Big code cleaning to avoid NullPointerException errors
    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.6.1 (02-09-2011)
    • Add a permission node seasons.textures.exempt to prevent texture changes
    Version 1.6 - Spout Edition(02-09-2011)
    • Add in-build Permissions system support
    • Fix the NullPointerException when no SpecialDays
    • Add Spout support with a texture pack for each seasons (optional)
    Version 1.5.2(22-08-2011)
    • Add Ice Regen config
    • Fix the problem with restarting from begenning
    • Updated to 1060 (new methods)
    • A bit of code cleaning
    Version 1.5.1(21-07-2011)
    • OutOfBounds Error has been banished to another universe for good
    Version 1.5 - Mighty Yaml(20-07-2011)
    • Properties and Seasons Properties now in ONE .yml config
    • Save of seasons are now in ONE .do-noy-touch file
    • Properties are not loading for Nether worlds (set active to false, color to Aqua and Log to true)
    • Should really fix the load of special Worlds
    • Add of shortnames for each season
    • Change /setseason [number] to /setseason [shortname]
    • Beginning of Version's Name because Edition named are a lot funnier ^^
    Version 1.4.2(03-07-2011)
    • Correcting the OutOfBounds errors with special worlds
    Version 1.4.1(27-06-2011)
    • Fix a scheduler issues when disabling Seasons
    Version 1.4(16-06-2011)
    • Add Snow Regen control
    Version 1.3.5(13-06-2011)
    • Fix the OutOfBounds error (because of blank lines)
    • You can now add blank lines to your .seasons files
    Version 1.3.4(03-06-2011)
    • Fixing the console use command by adding an beautiful message
    • Should Fix the GetDayListener Error on Weather_Change
    Version 1.3.3(02-06-2011)
    • Fix a bug with double numbers
    Version 1.3.2(01-06-2011)
    • Compiled for build 818
    • Fix another bug in /season on special Day (shouldn't be another bug on it ^^)
    Version 1.3.1(27-05-2011)
    • Fix a bug in /season on a special Day
    Version 1.3(26-05-2011)
    • Agin Try to fix the Double displays
    • Add a different SeasonLenght and MeteoLength for each Season
    • Suppression of the SeasonTime and MeteoTime
    • Add a configurable Resolution
    Version 1.2.4(22-05-2011)
    • Fixing the LoadSave Error
    Version 1.2.3(18-05-2011 too)
    • Correct /setseason because it's wasn't doing what it should do ^^
    • Modify /weather -> /sweather because of conflict between plugins
    Version 1.2.2(18-05-2011)
    • /season return one number after the comma
    • No more /rain /thunder /storm --> Now /weather [sun|rain|thunder]
    • Log options in the configs to active a log on Seasons Change and players' commands
    Version 1.2.1(12-05-2011)
    • Fix the Nag Author Error of the build 766
    Version 1.2(07-05-2011)
    • MultiWorld Support with possibility to not active seasons
    • Time Resolution to 0.1
    • Command to change Season (Permissions)
    • Configurable texts to display
    Version 1.1(02-05-2011)
    • Time Support now in-game with days
    • Names for seasons
    • /seasons to see the current seasons and the number of remaining days
    • Permissions support for the two next commands
    • /rain or /storm to force weather to rain
    • /thunder to force rain and lightning
    • Display the Seasons Changes
    Version 1.0(20-04-2011)
    • Release of this awesome plugin with a lot of enjoyable features !

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    I know this error : I put this error to says it have problems because it doesn't find the world

    Is there a SkyWorld folder near your world folder on your server ?
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    In the root dir of my server I have world,world_nether,world_skyworld

    It does not pick up Skyworld, does not create properties for it or anything I manually created them but that does not work.

    Permissions 3x picks up the world ok tho.
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    I'm asking the SkyWorld dev to find where is the problem
    I hope it will be resolved soon
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    Can we put only snow or are we obligated to put snow/rain too ?
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    Added your mod, then set it to dry after I didn't care for the main city suddenly snowing (it only rained there before. ) and since removal of the mod once the server was offline the ice/snow keep regenerating in the areas. Any idea how to fix?

    Also we tried server rollbacks the ice just keeps coming back.
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    Does this plugin prevent ice from freezing over?
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    My plugin never touched to world folder, I assure you.
    Moreover if the snow regen,it's normal if you remove my plugin
    But I assure you my plugin is just listeneing weather.

    No, for the moment only snow can be controled
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    We never had snow or ice near the areas that have it, and now when worldedit regens say a chunk the chunk regens as completely new, nothing is the same..
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    I assure you it's not the fault of my plugin
    It's only a listener plugin it does not touch the world
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    Any news on the skyworld issue ?
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    Now Im Not sure what my issue was but when i was using this plugin before I kept getting spammed hard in console with errors from Season And Thundertower When i was in another world "using multiverse" To generate nether and another normal world for farming items . Ima Retry this again. but last time i used it , basicly spammed so much severe errors that i couldnt even use SSH Terminal and i had to Kill Java And Reboot Ill Post Errors Once i Get back on if it happens again
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    When i try to use commands of this plugins, the server say "You don't have permissions to use that".

    How i fix this error?
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    --- Release of the Version 1.4.1 ---
    See changleog

    Add permissions node in the Permissions's plugin configs
    Nothing for the moment,
    Working on it
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    This is my users.yml in the permissions folder

    But i cant't use the commands... help please.
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    just put in the permissions :
    - seasons.weather
    - seasons.change

    The /sweather and /setseason are only here to explain which command links each node
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    Is this plugin also working with b935?

    Thx for your help!
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    I put the code in all permissions config file!

    This is groups.yml:

    But when i try /sweather the server say "You dont'have the right to do that"...

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    Not tested but it should,
    I test it right now
    editing when it will be done

    Yes it functions

    If you put "*" it means that adminshave all the rights so it's useless to put seasons.weather and seasons.change

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    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2016
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    And why i can't set the season? :(
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    Is this suppossed to be able disable ice regen as well. Snow only regens if its snowing...
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    Just put "*" in the admins nodes and verify you'rz an admin
    Then it should functions
    Or send you permissions configs if it still have problems
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            2011-06-30 22:47:21 [SEVERE]      Could not pass event WEATHER_CHANGE to Seasons
    Already know about error ever since skylands. Unsure if ^ is related to that tho. Happens every 30s-5min I saw it twice in 10s today.
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    Ok I am going to see it
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    I have not updated to the new version tho still on 1.4, waiting for quite moment to do it.
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    So you're still in Seasons v1.4 ?
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    Yes and Yes your sepecial version seemed to have cleared up the issue completely It has ran over night and restarted 4 times. out of past at least 3 hours I have not noticed a single error comming from this.

    Good work!
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    Sorry, dropbox have issues and I cannot put the new Version of Seasons
    Be sure I'll put it in the next days

    Have a nice weekend ^^
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    I notice that dropbox always is having issues.
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    --- Release of the Version 1.4.2 ---
    It's finnaly out, correcting issues with specific worlds
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    is it possible to do a message in the middle of the day :confused:? like

    -0:Dawn of the First Day of The Snow Season
    -0.5:Night of the First Day of The Snow Season
    -1: Dawn of the Second Day of The Snow Season

    just asking ^^
    oh and i really like it seriously xD just epic, good work :p.

    Edit:is there a way to save the season like, when i stop/restart my server is go back the my first season (snow) when i was in summer season :confused: or is it a bug or something :S?

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