[MECH/MISC] Seasons - Snow Snow Snow Edition. I can see it ! [1.5.2]

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    Seasons - The Great Weather Plugin
    Version: v2.0.3 (Snow Snow Snow Edition)

    This plugin is now on BukkitDev
    Still want more ?
    Take a look at the SeasonsPlusPlus plugin on BukkitDev
    Metrics Stats (Thanks to you) :​
    Old Thread
    Old Thread

    Add differents seasons to your server.
    Change the duration of Seasons using the in-game time in days
    Each season has its own weather probability and its own duration
    Just put the Jar in yout plugin Folder and let's go !
    Using Spout (optional), you can put only snow on snowSeasons (configurable)

    • Add as many seasons you want with properties
    • Insert special Days that will be anounced
    • Change the duration of each season and of each weather
    • Save your current season when you stop the server or disable the plugin
    • Change season and weather in live with commands
    • Able to stop Snow and Ice Regen
    • Added to Minecraft UpToDate
    • You can set Textures packs for each seasons with Spout (optional)
    Download Links :
    Seasons v1.6.2

    An Explaining Video by Specops343 (Version 1.1) (Outdated):

    Thanks to him for this great Video

    Commands & Permissions :
    Commands & Permissions (open)

    Commands :
    For Players :
    • /season - See the current season and the remaining days
    • /setseason [shortname] - Change the current season (Permissions)
    • /sweather [sun|rain|thunder] - Change the current weather (Permissions)
    For Console :
    • /season [world] - See the current season and the remaining days
    • /setseason [world] [shortname] - Change the current season (Permissions)
    • /sweather [world] [sun|rain|thunder] - Change the current weather (Permissions)
    Permissions :
    • /sweather : seasons.weather
    • /setseason : seasons.change
    • Prevent texture changes : seasons.textures.exempt

    TODO :
    • World Edit Region Optional Limit for a season
    Known Issues :
    • Have NullPointerException on nonSpout clients on snow season
    Version 1.6.2 (04-09-2011)
    • Add a snow config on Seasons to put only snow when raining (Spout)
    • Big code cleaning to avoid NullPointerException errors
    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.6.1 (02-09-2011)
    • Add a permission node seasons.textures.exempt to prevent texture changes
    Version 1.6 - Spout Edition(02-09-2011)
    • Add in-build Permissions system support
    • Fix the NullPointerException when no SpecialDays
    • Add Spout support with a texture pack for each seasons (optional)
    Version 1.5.2(22-08-2011)
    • Add Ice Regen config
    • Fix the problem with restarting from begenning
    • Updated to 1060 (new methods)
    • A bit of code cleaning
    Version 1.5.1(21-07-2011)
    • OutOfBounds Error has been banished to another universe for good
    Version 1.5 - Mighty Yaml(20-07-2011)
    • Properties and Seasons Properties now in ONE .yml config
    • Save of seasons are now in ONE .do-noy-touch file
    • Properties are not loading for Nether worlds (set active to false, color to Aqua and Log to true)
    • Should really fix the load of special Worlds
    • Add of shortnames for each season
    • Change /setseason [number] to /setseason [shortname]
    • Beginning of Version's Name because Edition named are a lot funnier ^^
    Version 1.4.2(03-07-2011)
    • Correcting the OutOfBounds errors with special worlds
    Version 1.4.1(27-06-2011)
    • Fix a scheduler issues when disabling Seasons
    Version 1.4(16-06-2011)
    • Add Snow Regen control
    Version 1.3.5(13-06-2011)
    • Fix the OutOfBounds error (because of blank lines)
    • You can now add blank lines to your .seasons files
    Version 1.3.4(03-06-2011)
    • Fixing the console use command by adding an beautiful message
    • Should Fix the GetDayListener Error on Weather_Change
    Version 1.3.3(02-06-2011)
    • Fix a bug with double numbers
    Version 1.3.2(01-06-2011)
    • Compiled for build 818
    • Fix another bug in /season on special Day (shouldn't be another bug on it ^^)
    Version 1.3.1(27-05-2011)
    • Fix a bug in /season on a special Day
    Version 1.3(26-05-2011)
    • Agin Try to fix the Double displays
    • Add a different SeasonLenght and MeteoLength for each Season
    • Suppression of the SeasonTime and MeteoTime
    • Add a configurable Resolution
    Version 1.2.4(22-05-2011)
    • Fixing the LoadSave Error
    Version 1.2.3(18-05-2011 too)
    • Correct /setseason because it's wasn't doing what it should do ^^
    • Modify /weather -> /sweather because of conflict between plugins
    Version 1.2.2(18-05-2011)
    • /season return one number after the comma
    • No more /rain /thunder /storm --> Now /weather [sun|rain|thunder]
    • Log options in the configs to active a log on Seasons Change and players' commands
    Version 1.2.1(12-05-2011)
    • Fix the Nag Author Error of the build 766
    Version 1.2(07-05-2011)
    • MultiWorld Support with possibility to not active seasons
    • Time Resolution to 0.1
    • Command to change Season (Permissions)
    • Configurable texts to display
    Version 1.1(02-05-2011)
    • Time Support now in-game with days
    • Names for seasons
    • /seasons to see the current seasons and the number of remaining days
    • Permissions support for the two next commands
    • /rain or /storm to force weather to rain
    • /thunder to force rain and lightning
    • Display the Seasons Changes
    Version 1.0(20-04-2011)
    • Release of this awesome plugin with a lot of enjoyable features !

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    I'll take a look at this in a while.
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    You need a download link for non-members.
    Also, update to the latest RB, 740
  4. It works on 740.

    Still, I would've loved to combine this with MineCal, but this is based on real time and that is based on in-game time... so if I want to use /time day one time, it'll fk up stuff.
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    What do you mean ?
    My plugin is based on real time so a /time day will doesn't do anything
    Real time will influenced by what you do in-game
    EDIT :
    I see what you mean but in fact you should not use /time day with your plugin ^^
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    I'll make a vid if you don't want to take the time 2 do that.
    Also, will it work with multiple worlds?
  7. Well, I'm using /time day sometimes to skip the night because we're building mostly.
    Wouldn't it be easier to make it change seasons according to in-game time/days ? :} so it syncs with MineCat.

    Still, is it possible to force snow everywhere ? I'd like to make a real season with rain in the summer and snow in the winter :} ... you could just change temperature or something of all biomes (because when you go from winter to spring the snow should melt naturally).
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    Awesome plugin! Downloading right nao:D.​
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    What commands we can use? :)
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    Ross Gosling

    1. Can you make the ability to name seasons and broadcast them when the season changes?

    2. Can you make these:

    No Weather
    Rain + Thunder
    Snow+ Thunder
    Rain/Snow+ Thunder
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    I too would like if it broadcasted when the Season changes, and maybe announced what season it currently is when someone logs in.

    Also /season to see what season it is would be nice too
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    Plugin sounds great! Would love to see seasons defined as a % chance of certain weather effects - that way you can have a stormy season but still have a small chance of storms in the non-stormy season (and possibly a very low chance of a snowstorm in summer :D).
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    Ross Gosling

    yeah, /season would be great and being able to see what season it is when you log in is an awesome idea

    you can configure all of that in the plugin's file

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    I totally agree! It would be really nice to have "real" seasons, with forced snow on the ground and weather in the winter, transitioning to rain and melted snow in the summer.
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    So with this plugin....will it snow in my forest biome?
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    Cool :) Downloaded and checked out the config files.

    How long do storms last? Can we configure this? I ask because some people don't like storms that go on for ages. Currently I have a very bland weather pattern of 2 minutes rain every 15 minutes - would like to jazz it up (ie. not all the same length) but don't want 20 minute long storms (had this with vanilla weather).

    Perhaps a config option for min/max storm lengths? One season could be infrequent long storms varying in length but capped at 6 minutes long whereas another could be more frequent short (20 to 50 second) storms.
  17. Agree it would then match up with WeatherSync plugin, so I can have legitimate syncing But, hopefully the biome update doesnt change the shape of the land
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    I'll take a look at this...
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    Arg too messages ! ^^
    Some holidays and see what happens

    there is no commands right now but I will add /Seasons to see what is the current season
    I will also name seasons because 0, 1 and 2 is not adapted
    And more important, I will modify everything to make this function in-game time with days replacing minutes in the configuration files

    To answered about biomes and snow
    We cannot actually make snow
    It's just the look of rain in snow biomes, sorry ...

    Thanks for supporting me !
    Have Fun !

    PS : Next release not so far (1 day or 2)
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    Awesome plugin.

    Could you possibly supply some pre-made seasons, be them random or realistic, and we can just paste them into the config?

    The way youve put it, and layed it out and so on, coupled with my uselessness at coding means that i'm asking

    could you supply some seasons with, or allow other people to share some theyve made?


    EDIT: Just had a good idea - pre season warnings! Say you have a season called winter coming up, a message pops up saying "Winter is coming, better buy a wooly coat!" or something like that which is configurable, and also with a set amount of time before the season begins. Say 2 days before the next season the message comes up.

    It may also be worthwhile considering season crossovers, where inbetween seasons it varies from 1 side to the other. Say season 1 = Rain and season 2 = snow, then after season 1, but beffore season 2 there is a 2 mc day mid-period where there is snow+rain. I doubt thatll ever be implemented because of the coding, but can't hurt to ask!
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    It would be nice to see your plugin in the supported plugins-list of CraftBukkitUpToDate :3

    Moreover I'd really love to see snow in non-tundra/taiga biomes when it's winter <3
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    Please put up a download link to off-site, such as Dropbox. Non-registered users cannot download attachments.
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    Ethan Hall

    Excellent plugin! I would really like to see a /season command implemented soon.
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    two things.
    can this be turned on and off per world? (multiworlds)
    and regarding it not actually snowing in non-snow biomes and not actually raining in snow biomes (you said it just looked like it) to fix this couldn't you make it so this plugin changes all the biomes in a world that it is affecting to a player defined biome? so when it snows it will actually cover the ground in snow and when it rains (or converts back to a non-snow biome) the snow will melt?
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    What you says about biome is complicated
    I will see for the version 1.2 for the multiWorld and perhapse biomes
    I'll release 1.1 tomorow because it's ready
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    lol xD
    thanks for looking into it, because i think having seasons where the snow actually sticks would be amazing :D
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    --- Release of the Version 1.1 ---
    A LOT of more features about what you asked
    Just enjoy it and ...
    have fun !
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    @rominos2 Looks great - can't wait to test it! btw: Main download link is still version 1.

    edit: Just a small thing - I would put the list of colours in the config the other way around, eg:
    §0: BLACK
    §1: DARK_BLUE
    etc. easier to read as the numbers line up.
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    Download Link is for the version 1.1, where is the probleme ?
    For the list it's not hard
    It's done but I put it in the 1.2 with the MultiWorld support

    EDIT :
    Release of the verision 1.2.1
    fixing the nag author errors in the for the build 766
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  30. The /season command's output needs some fixin'
    No space between "season name" and "for".
    Also, it would look better as:

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