Inactive [MECH/MISC] BlocksOnGlass v0.8 NO 1.3.1!!! - Place blocks on anything! [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by xGhOsTkiLLeRx, Dec 24, 2011.

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    I have to wait, until the mc-dev repo is updated and mcp.
    Then I can start to work on an update.

    I can tag you, if you want!
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    Yes please.
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    I'll look into this bug


    Check first page for PRE 1.2 build

    Now with 1.2 it's Field I in the Material class
    It's de-obfuscated setTranslucent();
    I know for what is stands, but I don't know why it's causing e.g. this issue:

    If set to false, you can't go from a normal block (like glass) to a fence (+0.5 hight). You will be "stuck" in between.
    I found out that it's this field, causing this issue...

    Anyway, I'm trying to modify some blocks, to allow placement of items.
    Look at my source, to see how I do it atm (no gooid CB methods around...)
    It's in the BlockOnGlass class (method modifyBlocks() )
    And on the first page are some bugs, I can't solve
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    Okay thanks! everyone likes the new map alot more than the old one. so i don't have to fix it with MCedit. :D
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    The permissions nodes are really messy :/
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    Why? What exactly isn't working?
    If you believe you can provide a better solution, please do so!
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    You should make the permissions more neat for example. bong.item :p, the first word should all be the same, well at least its a lot easier that way
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    If I set the first word to the same one it would be the same permission for all!
    I could make it like:

    bog.bol.* for example (explained: BlocksOnGlass for the first part, then BlocksOnLeaves for the second part, the third part is the item name)
    But since I forked this plugin I left the permissions the same like they were before and just added them like the old system.
    And it's possible to make something like this:
    Anything on all blocks, but no torch on leaves:
    - bol.torch
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    Oh yeah i forgot that you did that, in that case you did fine :)
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    Finally you can place stuff on chests, workbench etc.
    Sorry for the very long delay. But I was really busy with school/exams and my driver license...

    Official build for 1.2.5 released.

    Version 0.8 BETA
    • Updated for 1.2.5
    • Updated metrics
    • Fixed flower spawn bug
    • Added sugar cane placement
    • Added chests, furnace, workbench, dispenser, brewing stand & cauldron placement
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    Will this plugin make vertical redstone / glowstone impossible if glowstone is set to false? I had the plugin and wasn't sure why my redstone was not working, but after removing the plugin it works fine.
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    Normally it shouldn't affect that. But sometimes redstone is a bit buggy because of the changes of BoG - sorry for that.


    This plugin will NOT work in 1.3. Wait until I release an update JUST for 1.3!
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    Yea I was using this for quite a while, then I noticed that my server, when compared to my testing server, was having issues getting some piston contraptions to work properly. After removing BoG everything was working as it should. I don't recall exactly what the issue was, I think it was some spots were powered beyond where it should have been or the power wasn't going away if it had gotten power once before. I would love to use this again if the redstone worked though! Sorry I can't be more helpful trying to track down where it goes wrong >.>
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    this works for 1.3.1
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    I have a non-Bukkkit 1.3 server and I can't WAIT to get this plugin so I can place redstone on virtually ANYTHING. Thank you for making this plugin. Just can't wait for 1.3 Bukkit to come out!
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    No it doesn't.
    Read the topic...

    I have to wait a little bit until bukkit is ready ;)
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    How soon will that be?
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    Hi. I know you're really good at this type of plugin, so I have a small request. Would you consider making a plugin that lets you put roses on cacti? I want to make desert flower cacti. If you don't want to do it that's okay. Here, free cake for your troubles. :) [cake]

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