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    Mining TNT v 0.4

    What this plugin does:
    This plugin simply changes TNT to affect only what you want it to. This is so that people can use TNT to mine without the worry of greifing.

    - Causes TNT to destroy only stone by default
    - Other blocks can be added to what can be destroyed by TNT.
    - Allows height restrictions for TNT.
    - All settings can be found in
    - Creeper nerf can now be toggled on and off.
    - Adjustable block yield.
    - TNT can either set off other TNT or destroy it.

    Download MiningTNT (.jar)

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    - Initial release.
    - Added ability to select blocks dropped.
    - Added height restrictions.
    - Fixed creepers acting like TNT.
    - Fixed block destruction system.
    - Indestructible blocks such as Adminium can no longer be destroyed with TNT.
    - Creepers can act like TNT.
    - Updated for beta 1.3
    - No more stupidly long constructor message.
    - Fixed all ore/mineral drops.
    - Fixed a conflict with HigherExplosives.
    - Fixed TNT chaining
    - Added more options to the config
    - Moved config file to plugins/MiningTNT

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    nice, can you make this to destroy gravel,dirt,grass too? well so i can change i in options.
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    I plan on adding options to choose what altitude that the TNT has to be below to effect, and also other blocks it can effect.
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    I've been waiting for this plugin to be ported since 1.2 beta came out and we switched to bukkit. Thank u for your hard work
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    @Firestar Fixed! I thought I had it up to standards already, guess I missed a few things :p

    Also thank you to all that support this!
    --- merged: Feb 8, 2011 12:09 PM ---
    I have a config done and the code is ready for the most part, I had to leave before I got to test it yesterday, so I'll be releasing an update later today.
    --- merged: Feb 8, 2011 8:08 PM ---
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    Can admins bypass the height restriction? admins from the permissions plugin.

    like.. no1 can blow up above 64 besides admins from permisions. and also admins bypass the block restriction to?
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    I'm currently waiting for Bukkit to implement their own permissions before I add any permission based things to this plugin.
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    Tnt still blows up paintings :(
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    It shouldn't, though I didn't test paintings. I'll look into it later when I get home today.
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    How to set height restriction in .properties?
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    While you're at it could add the ability to set:
    -Affect all blocks except those listed in the settings block
    -% for a block to be destroyed instead of dropped.
    -Power of TNT explosion

    Currently, no one on my server really uses explosives for anything since they destroy blocks instead of dropping them. Others think they are a tad too weak to be worth using them.
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    1. I may do that.
    2. Also may do that.
    3. Ehhh... I think TNT is sufficiently strong as is, but if I do add a strength it'll be later on.

    Also @drewaz Did I forget to add it? >.< I'll update real quick if I did.
    --- merged: Feb 9, 2011 10:34 PM ---
    Yeah, I forgot it. My bad. It's in there now.
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    cool thanks ill be trying this out!
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    When I used many tnt blocks at the same time the plugin kicked in on top (was an underground thingy) but in the underground there was still chaos.
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    I can't say I understand what you mean.
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    What I ment was that the plugin was not very efficient in restoring the blocks I had blown up with the tnt.
    Lets say I have a underground house and blow the "roof" by placing tnt inside the house then the roof would be restored but below it wouldn't.
    Maybe it was something with my build but I managed to use another plugin for the same purpose so don't bother fixing this until you see someone else with the same problem :)
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    nice plugin...

    BUT there are (imo) some things that have to be changed:
    • blown up grass/glass drops (not dirt/nothing)
    • explosion-triggered TNT does no damage
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    There is a pretty severe bug with MiningTNT, any thing it allows to be destroyed with TNT also makes it vulnerable to WorldGuard's block damage protection from creepers.

    i.e. Any block you allow TNT to destroy, creepers will be able to as well.

    Considering a priority of the mod is to use TNT safely without messing up construction, introducing a new griefing vulnerability doesn't seem like a good thing.
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    I've overhauled the plugin. To keep mining stone, the ID will need to be added to the list of destroyable blocks. I've revamped block destruction system and fixed creepers doing the same as TNT, they are now toggle-able. Sorry for the long wait, things have been hectic, but it's done and ready so enjoy!
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    Thanks, the new version seems to work. One question though, would you consider having separate settings for creepers and TNT as far as altitude and destroyable blocks goes, rather than just having the option for creepers to mirror TNT?
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    The current option either makes creepers act as normal or just be nerfed completely so that they destroy nothing.
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    Oh, it doesn't make it follow TNT rules? That's pretty disappointing actually.

    We've been needing something akin to hmod's CreeperNerf for quite some time:
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    I could add that as a feature, but that'd come later.
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    Damn, I guess I should downgrade. :(

    Hope to see it in the future!
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    I may do it tomorrow, I'll see what kind of time I have.
    --- merged: Feb 18, 2011 11:25 PM ---
    I take back that statement, I figured out a quick way to do it. It should work. Let me know if it does, I don't have time to test it. New options are in the config.
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    Sorry for the wait, just got finished with dinner. It does not seem to be working. I tested with CreeperNerf false and CreepersActLikeTNT true, and then with both those settings set to true. They just blew the hell up each time.
    --- merged: Feb 18, 2011 11:50 PM ---
    In fact, I just did a test with creepers act like TNT false and CreeperNerf true and it still didn't seem to do anything different with creepers. Let me put this on my test server and see if there are any conflicts with WorldGuard happening.
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 12:10 AM ---
    Alright, it seems to be working on my test server with both the options set to true. Not sure why it wasn't working on my live server. But yeah, it's working.
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 12:15 AM ---
    I figured out what the problem is. There seems to be a conflict with BlockDrops. I'm contacting the author of it right now.
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    Alright, thank you for testing this so thoroughly for me.
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    It's no problem, but it's unfortunate David Diaz seems like he's too busy to update BlockDrops right now, even saying if someone feels they should take over, they should. If you fixed the conflict that'd be awesome but I'm prepared to wait. :p
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    Nice plugin. :)

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