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    Can there be some kind of check that checks to see if a user actually placed the block, because my friend brought up a good point: The iron, gold and anything received with the Silk Touch enchantment can just be made into a farm. It really isn't fair
  2. It should be that if the player mines ore away -> NO MESSAGE.
    After the ore is mined away, the block turns into bedrock.
    When the player HITS the bedrock block there, it shows the time when it spawns back. Instead of each time u break the ore pops out the message.



    When using this plugin, mcMMO plugin wont give experience.
    I tried mining 1x diamond block,gold block and iron block, my mcMMO stat MINING stay in 0 xp.. Can you make this work together with mcmmo?

    Jobs plugin same proplem. Jobs in my server wont get exp / money (iConomy)

    can you please make the plugin work with Jobs and mcMMO?

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    First of all, I apologize for the inactivity this past week. I've been very busy and didn't have the opportunity to access my computer much.

    I'm glad you enjoy it! I'm working on making it so you don't have to have the messages so that feature should be available in the next update.

    That seems to be more of a server administration thing rather than a plugin feature as it adds an interesting twist to mining and makes silk touch even more valuable. I will look into it for you though as I can see that it would be quite difficult to moderate. Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it! :)

    This is an interesting idea and I've considered it. The only downside to showing how long until the ore spawns is that ninja's could find an ore you've been waiting for and steal it from you since they would be able to know how long until it respawns. Where as if it only tells you how long until it respawns when you initially mine it then only the player who first mines it will know when it will respawn. I do appreciate the feedback though and I will look into some alternative messaging schemes for the plugin to allow for this. :)

    I'll work on that! There are a handful of issues with MineralVein conflicting or not acting properly with a few other plugins so I'll try to get in touch with their developers and see if I can't get them all to work together peacefully. :)

  4. i hope u make the mcmmo and jobs work with this :3
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    Version 1.2 should be out later this evening with the following improvements!
    • Added support for current remaining time on a block cooldown.
    • Added block cooldown preservation when the server goes offline.
    • Blocks now act properly when mined with silk touch. (e.g. no more duplication)
    • Potentially fixed compatibility issues with mcMMO and Jobs. (Currently testing)
    • Improved efficiency of the plugin.
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  7. Paradox
    the proplem is, my new map started already. Got to test it in next 1 later, thank you for notification. Appreciate it! :)
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    You can implement it wheneeeever you want! :) I'm sure everyone on your server would like it. :p
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    A few things. The link you've provided in your above post and on the front page don't match up with what we're downloading. Your link says 1.2 but when I download I'm getting the 1.1 version. The version on bukkitdev is 1.2.

    Secondly, and more importantly, the config file on the front page and the config file you've provided don't match up. "mineoriginalonly" and "usepermissions" just aren't there.
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    I apologize for that. I updated the forum post and dev bukkit before the file was approved. Also thank you very much for pointing out that the download was directing you to version 1.1, the latest version is 1.2.5!

    They should all be fixed now, thanks! :)
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    suggestion: can you make a player mine the ore once so he dosent get unlimited coal or something?
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    Do you mean the plugin acts as normal but each unique player can only mine each block once? If so, that's a very interesting idea! :) That would allow for servers to stop singular players from accruing too many resources without limiting how much new players can obtain. I'll look into it! Maybe it will be a feature in a future update. :)
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    It'll be great if you would hook this plugin with WorldGuard, in cause of anyone can break ore even if it's protected by the region or not.
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    Version 1.3 has been released!

    New Features

    • Added region support.
    • Added active block protection (no more errors if the server crashes).
    • Added general block support (you should be able to manage any type of block now).
    • Added config.yml feedback (should tell you if something is wrong in the config file).
    • Fixed a bug where when reloading blocks from file they could have a negative cool-down.
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    I have no idea why anyone would want to INCREASE veins. Minecraft is ridiculously easy as is. What I'm wondering is there any way to DECREASE veins with this plugin? Like make it spawn 1/5 times as often? or even less?
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    This plugin doesn't edit the world so it wouldn't make them spawn less sadly. :( However, it would be possible to make it so that when you mine an ore there is a chance that you won't get anything from it! I think that sort of thing has been done in a few other plugin's but if it hasn't or there is enough demand for it I wouldn't be opposed to implementing it in mine. :)

    Thanks for the idea! Sorry it doesn't offer what you need.
  18. It is a nice idea. I would like it to set how many times it may not drop an ore. But does iron drop iron ore, or bars? And same with gold.
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    nice plugin dude cant wait to add it to my server
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    Thanks! I hope you like it! Just let me know if there are any features you'd like or any problems you have with it.
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    This plugin looks most excellent and I plan on adding it to my server if you could clarify/add one option.

    You added the feature that you can specify the block that the veins change to when mined. If they're changed to a breakable block, and if that block is broken, will the ore reappear? I'm hoping no, or at least that you would be kind enough to add an option. It'd suck if you're building your secret underground base and have ore clusters chilling in the middle of your rooms because you can't get rid of them permanently. The degrades feature isn't ideal for this either, because then you either have all the ores disappearing after just a few cycles or it'll take forever to get rid of them.

    The way I'd do it is, just before the code changes the "empty" vein block to the ore block, it checks the currently present block and, if it's not the specified "empty" vein it just stops and removes that ore from its database. But that's just me and I haven't seen your code so I don't know if that's absolutely antithetical to your design.

    Keep up the awesome work!
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    How it works is that when a block that is managed by this plugin is mined, it turns into the placeholder block. Then, after the cooldown the location of the placeholder is set to the original block. So if you break the placeholder, it will be replaced by air, but eventually that air will be replaced why the original block that was mined.

    If this works for you then great! Although I think you want something a little different, right?

    I think what you want if I'm understanding you correctly, is that if the placeholder block is broken then the original ore will never re-spawn correct?

    I hope you end up using this plugin! I'm updating it and adding features that are requested on a regular basis so even if it doesn't have the exact functionality you want now, it probably will soon!
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    Yeah, it's great that you can make breakable blocks so you can get through veins to the mineral-y goodness in the center, but I feel that there should be an easy way to just kill the vein if its in the way of something you want to build.
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    Receiving a "SEVERE java.util.ConcurrentModificationException" error. I don't know how reports are usually made, but here you go

    The plug-ins that are installed are: anti-logger, battlenight, borderguard, buycraft, essentials, chestshop, dailybonus, factions, gold2economy, lagmeter, orebfuscator, PEX, spout, iconomy, wheresmybones, mcmmo
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    Paradox Hi Paradox,

    First, thank you for this awesome plugin, I really needed it for my public mines :p

    I installed it and configurated it, then I went to my public mine and putted one stone inthere.

    But when I broke the stone, I have no message, and it don't respawn... Have I missed a step ?

    Command to type maybe ? :p

    Thanks :)
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    Are you getting any sorts of errors when you run the plugin. Try submitting a ticket on BukkitDev and I can look into your issue in more detail! Thanks! :)
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    DONE ! Waiting for you to help me, I really need your plugin :)
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    Rofl Disney

    I need help.

    I placed down ores, and I cannot find a tutorial anywhere so that they regen. Can you please give me step by step instructions for this? I've been wanting this plugin for awhile, I'd love to donate. =)
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    MineralVein now called MineralManager has had a huge overhaul and can now be downloaded on the DevBukkit http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mineralvein/

    With a huge amount of updates, bug fixes, and performance increases you need to try MineralManager if you hadn't in the past!

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