Inactive [MECH] Minecart_SpeedPlus v1.6 - Make your minecarts go lot faster [1.2.5]

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  1. Minecart_SpeedPlus - Make your minecarts go lot faster
    Version: v1.6

    Have you ever felt that, your minecart transport system takes too much time for you to get from place a to place b? Have you wanted to do something funny with minecarts?

    If you answered yes, this plugin is the answer.


    • Set minecart speed with a simple command
    • Makes your minecart to change speed as you go past a sign
    • Makes you minecarts fly! (They glide through the air!)
    NOTE: This plugin does NOT make minecarts move on their own (atleast yet), it only set maximum speed. To get to that speed, you need booster tracks or something.

    Permissions/OP: BukkitPerms are supported

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    It is a Nice Plugin it is real cool because it better than the gold blocks in Minecart Mania
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    errr.. the link is broken..
  4. Sorry.. I messed that up... Should work now
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    Great plugin man! ;)
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    I don't know whats wrong but im on cb 1060 and nothing happens i tried msp/signs.
    The command gives me an answer but nothing happens when I use a cart ? help :p

    Gliding does work
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    I'm probably an idiot but what do i write on signs excatly to "fly"? Is "fly" supposed to be on the same line as the multiplier ? Also, is there a way to have different multipliers on different tracks? High multipliers doesn't seem to work well on 2x2 spaced track, keep stopping/getting stuck. It doesnt take turns well either.
    50x multipliers sends me into void on an open, straight forward track.
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    Same problem here. Both the command and the signs don't affect speed at all. Running 1060.
  9. I have to investigate when I get home... You have to write "fly" where you would normaly put the multiplier.(You cant change speed AND fly in the same sign)

    You have to "brake" before corners. Also on high speeds and long tracks it takes time for the chunks to load. I think there was a plugin somewhere, that prevents unloading of chunks with minecart stuff in them

    Have you tried it? Did you try it?

    Trying to find why it doesnt work on some people. ..

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    I think your plugin have low priority and big plugins like CraftBook Vehicles will override your small plugin. :) If your plugin have low priority, make it normal. If that doesn't work, think about a similar plugins, that can override yours. ( Like CraftBook) And yes, i tryed it.
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    This looks really useful. Is there any chance we can limit using the command to OPs (or via permissions). Same with signs, really.
  12. You people who are having issues, do you have other plugins affectiong vehicles(MM, CraftBook Vehicles,...)?
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    Though I dont know it seems to work from time to time....maybe you want to join a server and show me how to use it correctly ?
    I do something wrong or there is a secret to it :p
  14. Wait a sec. I'll goto another comp with minecraft. Send me the ip?
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    how does the fly work? can u give a screenshot?
  16. Screenshot would show you a minecart frozen in the air :D, and I think you can imagine that much...
    Ill put some videos later
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    if you make 1 sign *[0.3] ten 10 block away *[1.5] can you then make it like a station or somting?
    Dos this still work with the powerd rails?
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    Ok we found the 'problem' after setting max speed you still need booster to increase the speed up to the new max speed.
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  19. you mean so it slows down for a while? Possible!
    This REQUIRES powered rails or something to move. My plugin only sets the speed cap.
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    Ca you add a config to disable using the command? Or maybe add permissions to restrict who can use the command and who can use the signs?
  21. Simple mod, does what it says, and works well. A simple permission to define who can use it would be a great addon.
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  22. Im going make the command (optionally) only for OPs. Signs are not receiving limits (yet...)
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    GoGo ;D
    Need it really soon :D
  24. If I wouldnt have to go to school every day it would be done already :D

    Update: I think Ill make my plugin to support the new Bukkit permissions, atleast for executing the command, maybe also for creating the signs

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    As long as you dont remove the op only variant, I can live with bukkit permissions ;)
    (still on permission 3.1.6)
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    Amazing Plugin Thanks :)

    Do you know that plugin so chunks load for track, because anything past 2 on my track which is straight, goes past the world if you get me and all you see is the blue void.
  27. My plugin has now partial Permissions / OP limitation support. Check out the BukkitDev post.
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    Does it conflict or work with MM Autocart?
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    This is quickly becoming one of my favorite plugins for fun unique travel.

    But is there any way to turn off flying in a cart once you activate it with a sign? For example I have one jump I need to make with gliding on then another I need it to drop. Could there be a way to do "fly off" for example for a sign to disable the flying?
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    Emiya Shirou

    Umm maybe a config file to set speed in there ;> ? I want to make minecarts go faster server wide ^^

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