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  1. MessageCircuit - RedstoneChips Circuit:
    Version: v1.2

    Extends eisental's RedstoneChips plugin by adding a circuit that sends a player a message when any of its inputs receive power.
    Required: RedstoneChips

    • Any number of inputs
    • Can alert as many players as you can fit on a sign
    • Broadcast to all players if no names are specified
    Download (source in jar) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22618541/Bukkit/MessageCircuit.jar

    Create a circuit with at least one input, no outputs, and no interfaces. The first sign parameter is the name of the message and the rest of the sign parameters will be player names to notify. If no names are specified, the message will be broadcast to all players.

    Say I have the sign
    If any of the inputs are triggered, it will send me a message saying "myhouse triggered". If you have multiple inputs, the message would instead show "myhouse[3] triggered" and include the number of the input that was triggered.

    Version 1.2
    • Cut all the names shorter because of 15 character limit on signs
    Version 1.1
    • Allows message broadcast
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release

    Known issues:
    • None. :3
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    Cool ^^
    I made something similar to this (in my SpeedCircuits) its called commandex.
    There you can do the same with the arguement: msg needspeed10.
    But nice anyway.
  3. I hadn't looked into your library but thanks for checking in anyway. :D
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    been looking for something like this, will test later :)

    EDIT: works perfectly on build 544 :)
    1 suggestion , how about making it possible to announce the message to every1 online?
  5. That's possible, yes. I just didn't think anyone would use it.

    Added and uploaded.
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    Nice work! will definitely be using this on my server.
  7. Thank you.
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    Just lovin' this circuit. Thanks again for making it. If only we could have a way to customize the text when its triggered would make this truly complete.
  9. I've been thinking about that, but how would you set the text? The signs are just too small for much information.
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    With my plugin (SpeedSign) it's possible to write nearly "unlimited" text to the sign.
  11. But can plugins read this sign text from the raw server? As RedstoneChips stands, it just reads the server's sign text. And I don't expect the author will integrate your plugin as a requirement.
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    im sorry but i still dont get how to get the circuit setup can u tell me?
  13. Do you know how to use RedstoneChips in general? All you need is at least one input block connected to the circuit and zero output and interface blocks. You put player names on the sign to send them messages when one of the input blocks is powered. If you put zero names, the message gets sent to everyone.
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    i know redstone and evry thing else but what is an interface block?
    so soory im i newb
  15. I wasn't asking about Redstone, I was asking about RedstoneChips. It's another plugin that you need in order to use this.
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    yes i have redstonechip
  17. Do you know how to use it? Because all the terms I used in my post are basics in the RedstoneChips.
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    nice addon for RC, dont know why i should use it, but maybe i should :)
    an interface block... not perfect, but i see it like this: when you create a pixel, you use sandstone as chip (put sign on that block) the wool will be the displaying the colour of a pixel, and a lapisblock is the interface, the block that powers the wool. the interface block will send the data from the input of the pixel to the wool, so the wool can show the correct colors. an interface block for pixel will convert the input data (bin number) to all wool blocks connect to the interface (connected by other wool block in 3x3x3 cube). but thats more RC then this plugin i guess

    can you add a messagecircuit on a existing circuit? i have alot transmitters to send variable data, each time a state is changed, i would like to get a message, and it would be nice if it would say who also.
  19. No. RedstoneChips circuits don't combine. You'll have to make a separate block. If you are trying to debug your circuit though, you can just look at the sign and type /rc-debug in the chat.
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    can you show me a picture of how to set it up please
    i know im annoying you so please to tell me what to do

    can you show me a picture of how to set it up please
    i know im annoying you so please to tell me what to do

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  21. A picture won't do any good because the block types depend on how you have RedstoneChips configured.

    You just need input blocks connected to circuit blocks and the sign will say something like
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    thanks for the sign bit
    but im asking how to set up the circuit bit?
  23. I cannot express how frustrated I am with you right now.

    Do you know how to make a RedstoneChips circuit in the first place? If so, tell me. If not, go read the instructions.
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    look i just want to set it up for my town im not a red stone kind of guy i prefer to make towns insted but this post caught my eye can you please just tell me whaat to do!!!!!!
  25. You have an input block touching a circuit block and put the sign on the circuit block. That's it. There's nothing complex. I can't break it down any more than that.
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    thanks you finelly!!!!
  27. :facepalm:

    Finally what? I repeated this exact same information in every reply to you and even in the first post!
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    I also had a hard one to find a redstonechip tutorial, so dont be too mad at madpond ....

    Usually you need some Sandstone Blocks that work as Circuit, an Ironblock as an Input, some Trigger connected to the ironblock (connected directly or with redstone) and the Sign with the messagecircuit as descripted in the header on the Sandstone...
    activate the shield with a click
    and Tadaaa it shall work
    (unless you use space in the message, better use _ )

    Is it possible to read out who pulled the trigger ?
    I just putted a trigger on the floor of my private room so i get a message if someones in there ..
    It would be awesome to get the name of the intruder ;-)
    It could even kick a player if its not xy or send him to spawn or jail

    maybe you could pre - define an order x via command and type x the on sign ...

    It would also be nice to send the message only to the guy that pulled ...

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  29. Redstone does not indicate the source of the trigger no.
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    As I read through your posts I also had trouble understanding it until the previous explanation. I have Redstone chips and know how to do them but there are so many different ways to set them up you want to be sure you do it right.

    You have a great mod and I give you a thumbs up for it. Keep up the god work.

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