[MECH] MergeItems v1.0 - Fallout-style item repairs! [1185]

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    Hello! This is the very first plugin I deemed truly worthy of being officially posted on bukkit. I have a few plugins on BukkitDev from when I was just starting out, though. Check them out if you want to see what I was doing that led up to this plugin.

    So, without further adieu, let me tell you...

    About This Plugin
    This plugin was actually a request made by user TechnoLlama. You can find the original thread here. I thought it was a good idea and decided to start on this project. About an hour and a half and two redbulls later, the plugin was born! This plugin lets you merge two items into one, essentially "repairing" the first one. If that wasn't descriptive enough, let me give you an example. Otherwise, skip to the next section to learn how to use it.

    Say that you and your buddy were on your last pickaxes, and were mining. Both your pickaxes are half-broken. You can use this plugin to make 1 fixed pickaxe out of the two broken pickaxes! This can also be used to conserve space in your inventory.

    How to Use
    Using this plugin is simple. Once you've installed it, just put the first item in your inventory, then select it on your hotbar (hold it in your hand.) Then, say "/mi". If you accidentally chose the wrong item, saying "/mi" again will cancel it. Then, all you have to do is hold another item of the same type in your hand, and left/right click anywhere. You'll get a message saying the items were merged, and you're free to use the newly made item!

    Known Bugs
    - Trying to merge two items of the same durability will issue a "tried to merge item with itself" error. This is because there's no other way to compare two items to make sure they aren't the same instance.

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    I was hoping someone would take up that request, goodwork!
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    20%+30%=50% or 100?
    Also it would be nice to have some commandless way...
    Like in commoncraft. Two items in workbench will produce 1 repaired one.

    And.... Notch going to add in next version something like this
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    Has this been confirmed? Did he tweet it, or say it in his blog? Post in the forums?

    And it just adds the two item's durabilities.
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    I saw the request you built this from when it was posted, it was long before notch confirmed or even hinted at it.
    This seems like a very good plugin, I would like to see a commandless way to.
    Goodwork, and don't worry about it coming out officially, think of it like you beating notch to the punch ;)
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    Not latest RB

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