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    MCEat - Vanilla Food Consumption:
    Version: v1.1
    Description : This plugin brings back the old Minecraft eating system before 1.8. Your right click food and it heals you, easily said and done!
    Download : <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Bukkit-Dev :MCEat
    * Heal health from food
    * Disable Starvation

    Known Issues:
    * Soup does not return a bowl
    * Cake does not work
    * Wolves Cannot be fed
    * Version displayed in the console is at 0.3 due to me being lazy will re-post when I have time
    * health-regens feature is currently unavailable

    To-do List:
    * Possible eating mechanic
    * Possible cooldown on food (Optional of course)
    * E-mail any suggestions to [email protected] or post a comment on here or on bukkit dev

    Changelog: Version 1.1
    * Swapped over to new Event System/Configuration Systems

    Version 0.5
    * Fixed Cake

    Version 0.4
    * Added the following config options *all optional*
    * HungerBar-Decreases (True = Yes/False = No)
    * HungerBar-Does-Dmg(True = yes/False = No)
    * HungerBar-Multiplier(How fast your hunger bar goes down *still kicking some bugs most reccomended is x4)
    * allow-negatives (True = Allows negative food values for example cooked_chicken = -1 would heal -1 hearts /False = Will make it positive regardless whether its positive or negative)
    * health-regens (True = Yes/False = No) *broken atm*
    * Health-Regen-Multiplier (How much health is regenerated by the previous in times ie 2x 3x 4x)
    * allow-potions (True = yes/False = no) *Fix for Health Potions not working*

    Version 0.3
    * Made bowl return more efficient
    * Fixed itemstack bug
    * Added Config File *changes how much food heals for*

    Version 0.2
    * Eating soup now returns a bowl

    Version 0.1
    * Release

    Sidenote :
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    Looks cool! Might use it on my server :)
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    Thanks, if you do, and you run into any issues pm me and ill fix em for you :D
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    I might use it on my private server.

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    Putting on my server ASAP! Need. It. Coz. It's. AWESOME!
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    Nice plugin!
    However, it'd be nice to see these features before i put this on my server:
    * Optionally require the eating animation (holding down the button to eat)
    * Optionally have Auto-regenerating hunger - when you run, it goes down, then slowly increases but has no effect on HP. Used as a stamina system.

    If you dont want to implement these features, or you don't know how, could you at least release the source code so i can add them myself?
    Anyways, great plugin.
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    Hi, I read these and loved them and will get started on implementing them myself although unfortunately my pc is currently being repaired *Warranty ftw?* when I get it back I will get to work trying to implement those features, possibly even as a configurable feature
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    Can you add multiple 'eating' options into the plugin so people have more choices and would like to get a 'universal' plugin that does it all?

    What about 'chewing' or 'sipping' option for eating, so you gain small amounts of food over time with it held, but instead of consuming the whole thing, it 'drains' durability on the food (indication of eating it) until it's gone.

    Preferably the chewing mechanic occur every second for 1 unit of food out of 10.

    So eating steak that recovers 4 units of hunger will take 4 seconds of eating.

    Eating them will put a 'durability' on it, based on the 'value' of the hunger to fill...

    Example, steak will have 4 units of durability and loses 1 unit every second on the bar... Essentially 25%.

    I think this kind of idea would mean a actual 'data' modification in the actual food, and treat food the same as weapons and items with durability... It's a gauge that gets added onto items that disappears after it's used up.

    You'll need to 'disallow' stacking of food items once that item loses durability... Because I have no idea how it would track what's partially eaten and what isn't.
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    could you make a variation on this?
    Like make it so we can set what food instantly heals and what food fills hunger in a config file.
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    Should I download it off bukkitdev? If so can you please send me a link? :)
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    [quote uid=90609682 name="HypahMind" post=912871]Should I download it off bukkitdev? If so can you please send me a link? :)[/quote] you can download it off bukkitdev, but just click the <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    I put it on my server :)
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    Right after it loads the server outputs "[SEVERE] Wrong method arguments used for event type registered." My hunger does not go down, and I do not regenerate health, but I cannot eat. I have not altered the config. I do not have permissions, but I do have many other plugins. I am running Bukkit 1.2.5-R1.0. I have been searching for a plugin like this that does not require permissions so that me and my friends can practice for mcpvp hotkeying. If I could get some help it would be appreciated.
    EDIT: Never mind, it still gives the error but after updating to R4.0 it works fine.
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    Hello, For some reason cake still isnt working and yes I have updated to the latest version of craftbukkit and MCeat.
    Please reply ASAP. Thanks.

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