Inactive [MECH] MagnetBlock v0.4.7 - Movable Structures controlled by Redstone [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by narrowtux, Mar 2, 2011.

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    @HalestormXV: could you please post the "broken" structure file somewhere? I'll check it if I have time
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    Sure - these are all of the different structures that have been since removed from the server. These are the ones I had to delete because the elevator would basicaly just stop moving and no go along is designated path. So i deleted the structure entirely and then rebuild a whole new one with a different name. I was careful to make sure that the structures all had different names.

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    Are there plans to update this for the 1.2 bukkit code cleanup? Does it use any of the deprecated commands/calls/api?
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    I'll update all of my plugins because of that, mostly because all of them still work and I want them to continue working.
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    Yay, you da best! Pretty much all my really cool stuff on my server relies on this, so I was a little worried that my server would become lame if it didn't get updated. Thanks!
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    When the RB for 1.2 is out, I'll have an update at least, maybe earlier ;)
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    Just making sure that I follow -- You're saying this will be updated sometime after Recommended Build is released for 1.2?
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    Yes he is. Does this require spout?:/
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    How long will it need for an update for MC1.2.3? I need this plugin for my server.
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    Yeah i also hope this will get an update soon
    My CS like deathrun relies on many pugins and this one is essential
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    so when do you think you'll have an update for 1.2.4
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    My minecraftserver (now with craftbukkit 1.2.5....) used a lot of your plugins (magnetblock, showcase, dropchest) and I really like your plugins. I know that you are a spout developer and that you have many plugins to update. But PLEASE start to update them.

    Some of our buildings are based on magnetblock and our economy is based on your showcase plugin.
    magnetblockdoesn't work anymore and the showcase plugin is buggy(because it's outdated).

    I am looking forward to download a new version of your magnetblock plugin...

    (Schau bitte, dass du das Magnetblock-Plugin so schnell wie möglich (sofern du Zeit dafür hast) wieder zum Laufen bringst....wir warten schon sehr lange.....das wäre sehr nett von dir.
    Das Showcase-Plugin funktioniert zwar noch, Nicht-Operators haben aber ab und zu das Problem, dass Items verloren gehen, wenn sie ein showcase errichten wollen.
    Ich habe gesehen, dass du schon an showcase2 programmierst, aber das scheint auch nicht aktuell zu sein.
    Auf jeden Fall sind deine plugins unersetzbar...
    mfg Koeb)
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    can u plz update this plugin?
    the 1.2.5 cb is out :)
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    the permissions dont work for me when i try and generate structures any resons.
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    I've some problems on my server ...
    I created 4 monorails and 4 metros, after a restart of the server, all the blocks.cfg turn each blocks into "AIR", and the console says :
    [SEVERE] Block has encountered AIR Type!
    It repeats it while I don't reload the server, and my structures don't move anymore ...
    I'm on CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R4.0, I'm using the Unofficial update from iarspider, what can I do ?
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    Iam making a server and I wanted to use this to help make transport trains but just wondering can you use tnt or destory the rail or block it and if it cant can i edit it in the config?
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    is there any change of making the block movement smoother so that the player wont be stuck in place without moving while the train of the structure is moving?
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    can u make it turn side ways?
    it could be an awesome feature
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    Is there any way we can get another update of this for 1.3.2?
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    Nick2253: it should work "as-is" with 1.3.2. If something's not working, please post more details, and I'll try to fix it.
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    Awesome, thanks. I've been away from Minecraft for a while, and I was just trying to get my ducks in a row before launching into the process of updating my server.
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    Can you update this Plugin vor Minecraft 1.4.5 ?
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    Not before there is a RB for 1.4.5. Since I doesn't follow the Bukkit development closely (hey, I prefer playing over fixing others' code!), please check if something's not working with 1.4.5 (e.g. some entities falling off the walls/loosing metadata/etc)
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    Good news, everyone!

    Someone has decided to take over development for MagnetBlock, you'll hear back from me when he posted the update to bukkitdev.
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