[MECH] MagicTorches v1.0 - Create Wireless Redstone Torches [BUKKIT DEV]

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    MagicTorches gives you a way to make wireless redstone torch connections. Each MagicTorch array has one transmitter and any number of receivers. When the transmitter changes its state (to on or off), that change is transmitted to all of the receiver torches.

    See BukkitDev for more information.

    Download here.
    Source here.
    Maintained at BukkitDev.

    /mt create <name> [direct|inverse|delay] - Creates a MagicTorch array. Receiver torches selected will be direct (default), inverse, toggle, delay or timer.
    /mt edit <name> - Edit a torch array.
    /mt cancel - Cancels a torch creation or edit.
    /mt finish - Finishes the creation of a MagicTorch array.
    /mt direct - Sets the next receiver torches selected to be direct receivers.
    /mt inverse - Sets the next receiver torches selected to be inverse receivers.
    /mt delay - Sets the next receiver torches selected to be delay receivers.
    /mt delete <name> - Delete the named torch array.
    /mt info <name> - Shows info for the named torch array.
    /mt list - lists torch arrays that you own.
    /mt reload - reloads MagicTorches from the database.

    magictorches.access- allows a user access to many functions of MagicTorches.
    magictorches.create.direct - allows a user to create a direct receiver.
    magictorches.create.inverse - allows a user to create a direct receiver.
    magictorches.create.toggle - allows a user to create an inverse receiver.
    magictorches.create.delay - allows a user to create a delay receiver.
    magictorches.create.timer - allows a user to create a timer receiver.
    magictorches.admin - allows a user to see, edit, list and delete all MagicTorch arrays. Also allows user to reload the MT db and other things.

    Change Log
    • So much. Just look at Bukkit dev.
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    dam guess i gotta wait for the 1.1 version
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    As I mention on bukkitdev, the new version will have two new torch types, torch editing, enable/disable per array, etc.
    The old version will work on 1.1, at least in my testing.
  4. Hi!First of all, thank you for this plugin, good idea, well made and easy to use. Exactly what I was searching. Installed it, used it, works just fine. But on server restart I get this nice NPE:

    And so on, for every arrays I created. In game, there's no array then, of course, they failed at loading...

    I'm using latest recommended bukkit, I guess it might come from that?
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    Nope. Most likely its from a multiworld plugin that hasn't loaded. Are you using multiverse or some other multi world plugin?
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    Alright, say we want hidden redstone with this it is easy to do. But if it is on top of a Building at night there will be an unwanted glow. Could you add like a .cfg or something to edit the block id from Redstone Torch? If not i will deal with it.
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    Psychokiller1888, I'll try to implement something for that. I'm in the middle of a huge rewrite, so it may be a little while.
  8. Yeah no problem, i can wait. Thank you!
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    I've been getting this error in my log with Magic Torches. What's going on? I'm using bukkit-1.1-R3-b1846jnks

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    You need to paste your whole log (from startup to the errors) in pastebin and link here. I can't work with screenshots of logs.
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    Does this work? I lost the very top of the log because a couple players logged in and the log scrolled down beyond the absolute start. Most of it is here, though.

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    No. In order to help you, I have to see the entire log, from boot to where the problem begins.
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    Thanks, It's brilliant! Just what I needed and it's really easy to use.
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    I haven't had any further issues with this plugin since that original one. It's been working perfectly as intended.
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    In your demo video you mention that you can setup multiple transmitters for the same array. How do you actually do this? It seems to be overwriting the 1st transmitter with the 2nd (it's only keeping the last one)
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    I meant setting up multiple arrays (with one transmitter each) for the same receiver torch. That is, a receiver can be in multiple arrays. However, this may make it act erratically.

    By the way, I just finished initial coding of 1.0. I have some extensive testing and debugging before it will be posted, but this means R5 compatability and:
    • Two new torch types (with new ones being simple to add later) -- timer and delay (current delay torch renamed to toggle).
      • Timer torches receive a signal, click on (or off), waits a period of time, then click back to original state.
      • Delay torches receive a signal, wait a specific period of time, then change state. (Acts as if there is a repeater between the transmitter and receiver).
    • Vault support (for economy). Torch arrays are priced by whole array (creation and editing), and/or per receiver type (or you can keep em free!)
    • More granular permissions for specific receivers (i.e., you can make it so that people can only create direct receiver arrays, etc.)
    • Full torch editing -- allows you to edit an array, just like when you created it (i.e., add/remove receivers, change transmitters, etc.). Arrays are inactive during editing process.
    • Better torch information tools (e.g., receivers know who their parents are).
    • Transmission Signals are now handled through events, so its possible to hook them with other plugins
    • Transmission can load chunks, if they need to, and you allow it
    • Arrays can be distance limited
    • Admins can activate/deactivate all of the arrays on the fly (doesn't yet do specific array activation/deactivation).
    This may take a bit of time to fully test, but the coding is mostly done.
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    This is almost finished with debugging, and it fully works with R6 (and hopefully 1.2 when it goes RB).
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    [GRAVE] Could not load 'plugins\MagicTorches.jar' in folder 'plugins'
    org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/bukkit/event/player/PlayerListener
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.loadPlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:148)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:287)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(SimplePluginManager.java:211)
    At the server start.
    build 2029
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    The current version will not work. However, I have a dev version of 1.0 that works well. The problem is that there are still bugs and a few missing features (paged listings and help) that need to be added before it ready for prime time.
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    Can we help you to find bugs:) ? (can you share the dev version ? :rolleyes:)
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    I'll post a dev if you want, but its not quite finished (i.e. no help, no list of arrays, etc.)
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    Hi! How is the update going? I'm anxious to see this working in 1.2.3. I haven't upgrade my server just waiting haha.
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    Just posted 1.0 to Bukkitdev. It may take a bit of time for the mods to approve it.
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    Awesome, it works. Thank you!
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    i can only set one transimiter to the array :S how could i make multiple transmiters to the arrey ?
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    You can't. Make multiple arrays -- remember, receivers can receive from multiple transmitters.
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    Hey, just curious, does anyone experience lag on the server when the wireless torches are toggling between on and off state? I'm trying to create sort of a whole village lighting system, and thought it'd be kinda cool to have them all flash on and off, but every time they switch minecraft pauses for a split second? Happens to everyone on the server, not just me.

    I do admit I have a fairly huge amount of receivers though. I tried disabling chunk update on receive but didn't seem to help.

    Awesome plugin in any case :)
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    This plugin definitely isn't optimized for very large arrays. If there is enough need, I'd add some queuing so that it wouldn't try to do all the transmit/receives in one go.
  29. i don't suppose there's any way to make it so it doesn't change into a regular torch is there? like maybe make it so you can define what it changes to?
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    I could, but I probably won't. I would just turn it off if it wasn't such a lag intensive experience to keep cancelling all the physics events that want to turn it back on (and if bukkit didn't fail at actually triggering all the events).

    The choice of regular torch has to do with the fact that the regular torch is attachable (like redstone torches), and so can be anywhere that a redstone torch can be. Restone torches extend that class, so there is an identical underlying structure. Nothing else fits the bill.

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