[MECH] LimitSpawns v1.11 - Stop mob spawns on certain blocks (leaves) [766]

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    *You must run craftbukkit 339+ for this to work

    Version: v1.1​

    • Stops mobs from spawning on blocks specified in the config.yml file.
    • The lite version only stops them from spawning on leaves and tree trunks. It requires no config (more lightweight)
    Quick Links:
    • Upload the LimitSpawns.jar file into your plugins directory.
    • Upload the LimitSpawns/ folder into your plugins directory
    • Edit the config.yml file to disallow certain block spawns (default is leaves/trunks)
    Example Config:
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    # Keep the list seperated by commas. Only put the item ids in, not the names.
    no-spawn-blocks: '17,18,1,2,3,12,7,8,9,35,43,49,78,79,80,82,13,24,45,48,63,68'

    • Add mob types to configuration
    • Add multi-world support

    Version 1.11
    • Removed the Stupidly long constructor.
    Version 1.1
    • Added config file to allow user defined no-spawn blocks.
    • Branched tree/leaves code to lite version.
    Version 1.01
    • Added tree trunks to the list of non-spawning blocks. This will be the last version for the lite plugin version.
    Version 1.0
    • Public Release
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    Please hurry with mob types... Squids are taking over my water and my server's suffering. :(
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    I'll look at it when bukkit supports MC1.4
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    Bukkit (CraftBukkit) is updated to b602 (MC 1.4) --> Could you please update it whenever you can? Thanks!
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    The config is emty :(. What do I do?
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    Confirmed working on 617. Will add features later, just noting the CB version change.
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    On hmod again, bukkit just lags like hell.

    EDIT: Canary is the way to go.
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    I had the same issue. I just copied the config posted earlier in this thread and changed the blocks. I have no idea how to test if its working though.
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    I added a sample config to the first post.

    The best way to test it is to have the command spawnmob or similar from another plugin. If, even after typing in the command, a mob doesn't spawn on a specific block, it works :)
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    i love this plugin, its so nice having builds not spawn mobs inside :D

    Can you possibly add a mob whitelist? say i want wolves to spawn anywhere, add wolf to whitelist?
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    Any way to get this to have customizable mobs? I would like to stop monsters from spawning on grass but if you try it no other animals spawn for obvious reasons lol.
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    Yea it's all on the todo list, sorry I haven't updated it in a while. My new plugin is almost completed and ready for beta, once that happens I'll start working on my massive todo lists for my other plugins. Thanks for your patience!
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    patience (2 weeks and a major bukkit update past)

    Thank you in advance,
    a forest lover. ^^;
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    Is this working on 740 at the moment? This mod makes indoor tree farming safe!
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    As far as I know it does, try it out :)

    I know it's been a few weeks since I've added features, and it may be a couple more. I'm only making sure the plugins work right now, I'm not adding features.
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    I'm using the Lite version and can confirm it's working on CB740.
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    I enjoy this plugin, and by far it is one of the best. Here is my suggestion input:
    - Configure Multiple Mobs to not spawn on specific Blocks

    Spider can spawn on Grass
    Wolf can spawn on Cobblestone
    Zombie can spawn on Mossy Cobblestone

    Hope you read this,
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    Works like a charm and exactly what I was looking for.
    One thing that might be nice would be a list that did the opposite. Define exactly what kinds of blocks enemies can spawn on, like dirt, water, and stone only. Could also be used to allow friendly mobs to spawn on things other than grass.
    Something a little different but kind of the same idea would be to set the block heights that certain mobs could spawn at. So only friendlies above ground and monsters below. Creepers only spawn at very low depths, etc.
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    Thanks a lot for this, lonelydime!
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    I've been getting busier and busier with my life as of late and no longer have the free time I need to develop or maintain this plugin. Anyone that wants to take it over is more than welcome to, the latest source can be found here. It's been fun!
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    My alternative is still active also (Which started as a Fork), for those that are still looking for something like this. check sig.
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    Could you make it so each mob type has its own specifications? so pigs can spawn on grass while zombies cant? that would make things sooooo much more amazing :]
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    Multiworld support anytime soon?
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    want to update this? the other one made by someone else never works... :p
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    No one for continue this plugin?
    Cause he is very useful for me! x)

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