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    The Angry kat

    Kitz v2.0
    You can give yourself tool kits.
    - Works with:
    /diamond kit - Gives you a diamond tool kit
    /gold kit - Gives you a gold tool kit
    /iron kit - Gives you a iron tool kit
    /stone kit - Gives you a stone tool kit
    /wood kit - Gives you a wood tool kit

    Permissions & GroupManager Nodes:
    • kitz.* - For all commands
    • kitz.diamond - Gives diamond kit
    • - Gives gold kit
    • kitz.iron - Gives iron kit
    • kitz.stone - Gives stone
    • kitz.wood - Gives wood
    Known Bugs:
    - None (Feel free to report one!)

    Version 2.0 - Added GroupManager support and permissions support with separate command nodes for each command.​
    Version 1 - Released the plugin into the public!

    To do list:
    - Add iConomy support
    - Add separate permission nodes [DONE]​
    - Add GroupManager support [DONE]​

    Special thanks to:
    @matter123 - For teaching me the getInventory in Java :)
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    Cool - Nice job
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    The Angry kat

    Thanks :)
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    Been looking for something like this for a while, nice job!
    Easy to use, and install, thank you!
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    The Angry kat

    Glad to have helped
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    Could you please add an option to make all players have this command, not for just OP's because I don't use permissions.

    Thanks a lot.

    Because I have been trying days trying to find a /kit command that works for all without permissions, and I haven't found any.

    If you know one.. please tell.. or add the feature onto yours... thanks.
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    The Angry kat

    I will fix things up when I can get back to my pc
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    Jonny Dennis

    Can you add per kit permissions please :)
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    The Angry kat

    Will do sir
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    Jonny Dennis

    Thank you :)
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    i ThRoW sToNeZx

    Do i put permission node: Kitz? or Kitz.*?
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    If this is a official plugin, why didn't your rank get changed to Plugin Developer.
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    The Angry kat

    I'm not sure, I've made 4 plugins all released but no rank.
    Does and Admin/Mod know why?
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    That's really odd.
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    The Angry kat

    Version 2.0
    - Permissions and GroupManager Support
    - Separate permissions nodes
    There you go @Jonny Dennis
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    Maybe custom kits?
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    The Angry kat

    Hmm I'll see what I can do
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    this sounds like a great plugin but it does not work for me ): help me
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    when i type /stone kit or /wood kit i dont get the kit and a message will come on and it will say /stone kit or /wood kit the only ones that work are gold diamond and iron
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    can you make a coustomizable config where we can make our own kits with permission nodes based on the kit names example:

    i make a kit and call it steve in the config, then i want it to give me a diamond shovel, a bow and 500 arrows
    and that would have a node of kitz.steve or something of the like
    and maybe change the commands around a bit so its /kitz <kitname>
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    None of th kit commands work, am I doing them wrong? Like /iron kit or /ironkit, it says unknown console command.
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    awwww :)
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    If you could make it so that you can create your own kits that would be awesome!
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    FIX UR LINK!! i want this plugin sooooo bad!
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    download link is broken please fix it
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    please fix link :D
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    link fix :(

    AH :D Make Right Click Save As !
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    does it work for 1317?
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    plz download link this is crashed :'(
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    download link is broken
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