[MECH] KitPlugin v6.6 - Let users simply get their Kits [BukkitDev]

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    KitPlugin - Let users simply get their Kits

    Now with enchantments, one-time kits, starter kits, and more! Check out version 6.0 and the new pages!

    Let's your users simply get predefined Kits with one command.
    Users have to pay for the kits, if the server is running with Vault and any supported economy plugin.
    Works with Minecraft 1.6+

    Plugin Setup
    Requirements for v5.x and v6.x
    • Craftbukkit between 1.4.x and 1.6.x
    • Permissions Plugin
    • Vault (for Economy support) - Optional !
    • Nothing. Open for suggestions.

    • Small config rework
    • Added item name and description
    • Added color support for messages/itemnames/etc
    • Added status effects which are getting applied directly to the player
    • Added deathkits! Only usable once per life
    • Items are now getting dropped if your inventory is full
    • You can now define which slot is used for items.
    • Player database is now stored in yaml files
    • It is now possible to remove armor contents before giving kits
    • Items are now using the vanilla stack sizes
    Olver versions (open)

    • Separated messages are now possible
    • Player files got their own directory now ("/KitPlugin/playerdb/")
    • Complete rewrite of the plugin
    • New config system for kits
    • Enchantments are now possible
    • One-time kits are now possible
    • Starter kits are now possible
    • Potion Support added
    • Fixed a wrong console printout (double currency symbol/name)
    • Fixed a bug where the plugin doesn't give the kit if a price is set
    • Fixed a bug where the plugin doesn't use cooldowns if a price is set
    • Added a "CurrencySymbol" entry in config to set the symbol in kit messages
    • Added Vault support (set price for kits)
    • Fixed a bug where players don't receive a kit with /kit kitname playername
    • Fixed the config bug where "%" is used in front of the cooldown number instead of the "-"
    • Code cleanup
    • NOTE: YOU SHOULD REMOVE YOUR OLD KITS FILE BEFORE UPDATING (or change the values inside it)
    • Added config for Prefix - Default is [Kit]
    • Added config for the Enjoy Message - Default is "Enjoy your Kit ;)"
    • Updated for 1.2.x
    • Removed iConomy 5 Support
    • Removed old Permissions Support
    • Added Support for new Permission Plugins (e.g. PEX, bPermissions, BukkitPermissions, and so on)
    • Releasing a remake of my KitPlugin. Works with 1.1-R4 now
    • Updating to Recommended CB1240
    • Releasing the remake of KitPlugin
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    can u set custom kits and the prices.
    can i put the prices command points.
    via the plugin command points?
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    Alright guys.
    v5.0 finally got approved on BukkitDev.
    You really should update if you are using a lower version and if you don't want to miss all the new features!
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    Uploaded v5.1 and waiting for approval.
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    Updated to first post to make it look better.
    Also version 6.0 will be released soon!
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    Just for your information:
    v6.0 got released a while ago.
    Enjoy it!
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    Updated to v6.2
    Supports colored armor!

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