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    IRONPLATE - Iron Pressureplates for Humans ONLY
    v1.0, initial release, tested on build 740.

    First off, I did NOT make this plugin. All credit goes to Shamebot for development. It came from this request of mine He said if I wanted to post it for others to use, feel free, but that he was too lazy to do it himself. ^_^ So here it is!


    • Allows you to build a third tier of pressureplates that only allow humans to activate them.
    • What the plate is comprised of is customizable.
    • Option to have a 3x3 activation area for the plate.
    In vanilla minecraft, wooden pressureplates will activate if anything at all is on top of them, be it you, a mob, or a falling item. Stone pressureplates only activate if there is a living creature standing on them: you, a cow, or a creeper who thinks your house is niccccccccce. So how about go one step farther and have pressureplates that only activate when YOU step on them! (or other players in servers) No more iron doors with annoying buttons - just step right up and it lets you in, but creepers are thwarted!

    The config file should look like the code below, and won't generate until you actually make one - which defaults to a stone pressureplate on top of an iron block. It doesn't generate if you just start and stop the server, like normal. I didn't check, but you may have to step on the plate as well, so do it anyways, just in case.
    BlockDownId: 42
     Area: false
     BlockId: 70
    The BlockDown defaults to an Iron Block, and can be any non-transparent block, as far as I know.
    Area set to true means if you step within a 3x3 area of the plate, it will activate - false behaves as a normal pressure plate.
    The BlockId defaults to a stone pressureplate. It can really be any redstone switch (plate, lever, button, etc) but the plugin's a bit useless with anything but a stone or wood plate, since creepers can't use levers and buttons already.

    If you're new to plugins and don't know how to install them but have already set up your bukkit server:

    • v1.0 initial release - very likely to never be updated.

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    Read the guidelines and update the title.
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    So many qualifiers!
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    XD Cause if you don't know how to set up your server, then that link won't help you... and what are you doing looking up plugins, anyways?

    If there's still a problem, please tell me specifically what's wrong - I read the post thoroughly and don't know what else to add. ._. I'm new to this, but eventually plan on getting into programming, and i'll probably start with mods and plugins, so I'd like to learn.
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    title - the category tag has to be in capitals and version has to be after the plugin name
    title gets parsed by updater scripts, so it has to be exactly like the template

    And you have to have a direct link because only members see attachments
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    Alrighty, how's that?

    Um... As much as I want to be, i'm not really a plugin developer. As I said in the post, I didn't actually make this, Shamebot did. He just gave me permission to set up the download, post and everything. I don't know anything about programming, yet.

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    So, to use this... I put down an iron block, and a stone plate on top? I'm a little confused by your instructions.
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    very well then :)
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    Yes. It defaults to an iron block with a stone pressureplate on top of it, and that will result in a plate that will only activate for humans, not for passive or hostile mobs. They're confusing probably because I was trying to explain that the iron block and stone pressureplate can be customized in the config file.
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    Alright, that makes sense.

    I'll give this a test later on, and see how this works with preciousstones 3.4.x and 4.0 and rominos' thunder tower. It would be an awesome idea, though - especially since my server seems incredibly iron-rich atm*

    *Could just be the luck in digging, though.
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    Sorry about the late reply - busy playing games other than minecraft for once. XD
    If you use the default iron block, it may cause a problem with those other plugins, but you can customize it to whatever you want, such as Lapis, Cake (if you can place a pressureplate on top of it... not sure if you can), bookshelves, or a furnace. Anything... but TNT. It should work just fine, but it will probably set off the TNT (not actually tested)... so you'd open your door.... and open a new hole for your door. :D
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    Be carefull !!!
    for config files, don't use :
    BlockDownId: 42
     Area: false
     BlockId: 70

    BlockDownId: 42
    Area: false
    BlockId: 70
    Spaces cause warning in config reading.
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    interesting - it worked perfectly for me with the spacing and everything... but then again, I left area and block id at false and stone pressureplate. >_>
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    Lupo cani

    I have a suggestion. Since you download a zip, and the plugin dont create an own config file, couldn't the zip contain the config file too? Also, should the config file be created in the plugin-folder or in a folder named "ironplate" in the plugin folder?
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    No matter what the plugin is, please read the entire first post thoroughly before you ask any questions.
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    Lupo cani

    will this get updated?
    i have a lot security mechanisms on my server that depends on this plugin. it just got outdated, so there have been som trouble.
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    There was a good period of time when I kinda abandoned minecraft, and by extention, my server. I recently got back into it, and you know, I don't know if this plugin will be updated yet. Like I said in the first post, I didn't actually develop this, Shamebot did, I just requested it. I put it out because he didn't feel like making the post, but i'll contact him and see if he's still a-mincraftin, and I'll see if he wouldn't mind updating it.

    If he either isn't available or doesn't want to, I'll ask around and see if any other developers will be so kind as to do so instead. I'll keep you posted.

    Could you explain exactly what's wrong and what you're doing, in as much detail as possible? I'm having no problems at all...

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    Lupo cani

    my misstake.
    it seemed like mobs was able to trigger pressureplates, but I must have been misstaken.
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    will you update to v1.2.3 when there's an stable bukkit release
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    This plugin is Inactive (I think).
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    Please update to 1.2.5.
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    umm I cannot be able to config the .jar file ( Might be some problem with my mac ).
    Umm any help .... please ?

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