[MECH/INFO] SmallWorld - Small World Aint It? [935]

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    Version - Indev
    Description - This Plugin is meant to give out the most important info that players need! its great for first time joining players. Simple and Light Weight. No Commands. When Player Joins it will give a live updated info Chart. Colorized too :p!! The Name is from a Phrase That means "Great Info , EveryOne Knows"


    Download -
    Non Yet

    Features -
    Shows If Monsters Can Spawn
    Shows If Animals Can Spawn
    Gets The Server Time *Not Real World*
    Gets The World Name
    Gets The Environment Type
    Gets The Map Seed
    Shows if PVP is enabled!

    Todo -
    Fix Null Issues
    Nothing Else

    ChangeLog -

    Built, base line is finished. Now to fix Null issues!
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    This looks nice and all, but one box, with the void below?

    You got to be kidding me. At least change the wood into bedrock, so greifers don't delete the spawn point block and make people keep falling into the void.
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    Ummm I don't think you understand the plugin... It just displays a basic MOTD to players (with some nice aditions of course) So no wooden box included XD
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    Ohhh, I misread it.

    And one feature, try to keep all the telling function to one line or three lines. It'll make the start up less cluttered with messages.
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