[MECH/INFO] SimpleClans v1.7.3 - Deceptively simple full-featured clan system [1317]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by phaed, Aug 26, 2011.

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    I'm having the same issue that everyone seems to be having.

    Server restarts kick everyone out of clans. Almost un-playable at this point.
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    This looks awesome, but I am curious if this is friendly with Towny, I'd love to disable the war events in towny with this Clan UI.

    Also, do you plan on adding any Spout support? Such as perhaps a GUI for clan leaders for clan commands or a GUI for the different boards you have like: Stats, Status, Leaderboards, KDR, etc?
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    Change log
    Version 1.7.1

    • Compatible with 1240 (not with 1185)
    • Fixed duplicate post bug in /ally chat
    • Fixed stone sword not showing up in vitals
    • Vitals now show you the vitals of all your allies
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    But no 1240 Compatible?
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    Probably not as I recently had to remove Spout from my server as it was corrupting random chunks making plugins not work inside of them. I would not code that much functionality for something I wont use.

    It is 1240 compatible, check out the title. ;)

    Whats happening is you are having problems saving to your database. Are you using MySQL or SQLite?

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    :O I did but tried the 1185 compatible one, then updated to this then reloaded and no effect still not working. Then restarted and worked sorry. ;(
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    I have had the problem with either of them. Same thing.

    I mostly use MySQL, and all my other plugins seem to connect to it fine.

    Can't just be my issue though, many others are having the issue.
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    What are you getting in the console? Any errors?
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    None, not getting a thing as far as I can see. If ever the server is restarted, everyone is kicked from any clans in existence. The clans remain, and can be seen. But the players aren't.\

    Edit: Just tried your new version, and it won't even load at all. I am using Bukkit 1185, so I don't know if I HAVE to upgrade to start using the new one.
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    I have same problem when i restart/reload server everyone gets kicked from clans even leaders but clans stay there with 0 members and i tried both MySQL and SQLite same problem and no errors at all but i have not tested 1.7.1 going to test it right now.
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    Is this basically Factions more lightweight and recoded?
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    Having the exact same issue. Glad more people are coming forward with this. Lets hope we can provide more information, and get a fix.
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    I am having the same problem that most people are having with the whole kicking players after restarting server. I use MySql and SqLite. I get no command error nor console error when i boot up or when I make a clan. Please help me :(
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    Guys downgrade to a lower version that doesn't have the bug. Ill be uploading a patch later to fix this.
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    i dont know what is wrong with the plugin i tested all the way till 1.5.2 and they worked just fine. huh i wonder what it could be

    Furthest i got to was 1.6.1 works like it should. i dont know what went wrong.

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    So i have a good straight forward question... When is this plugin actually going to save its information ? my players are tired of remaking and theres no point in running it like this... flat file save ftw ?
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    Revert to a previous version for now. I am still tracking down the source of this bug.
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    went back to 1.6.1 and it just plain doesnt work ... you have a suggestion ?
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    What are your console errors?
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    the plugin is out of date error of course same as many before me , Which version is "working with 1185" ? :)
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    Change log
    Version 1.7.2

    • Fix player data glitch that would prevent player data from being saved
    • Fix tags not being colored when using /clan create
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    @phaed - Ty.... you da man! :D
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    how do you create a clan?
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    You are running the 1185 version, download the 1240 version.
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    Hey phaed plugin is workin much better nice work bro , However ive got a solid bug for ya :)
    While using the 1185 version 1.7.2 the plugin is completely cancelling nicknames and group colors from essentials chat ... Let me know what you think of that one :D
    Thanks for the progress man its working great now and saving, that chat hickup should be easy to fix up !
    Edit: it only has issues with people who are NOT in a clan, the ones who joined/made a clan kept their group colors and even a few who were not in one... if that helps you at all lol.
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    Is this from changes in the latest version or has it been happening already?
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    yea brand new config and database cleared with 1.7.2
    I didnt get a chance to test your plug that much while it wasnt saving, sry bud :(
    Hopefully you can get this little chat thing cleared up !
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    Hi, Ive been loving your plugin and Im gonna implement it in the server tonight.
    I have a question. About clan activity, its enought a clan member to log in in order to avoid the purge?? or needs to be leader or something??

    Your plugin topic is huge. Could you put the Commands description with pictures in a spoiler box? Just leave the more important stuff outside, like links, and the all commands picture.

    Implementation with WorldGuard?? Almoste ALL servers use world guard. So if you used world guard would be a huge win for all users and your plugin Im sure!

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    Thanks. Yes, all they need to do is log into your server for their last_seen date to be updated.

    How exactly would the Worldguard functionality work? The problem is that WorldGuard regions are not only owned by anyone, they only have an allowed list that can include people or groups, that and the fact that in 99% of servers WorldGuard regions are defined by staff, it would make it a bad system for something like War.

    Regarding clan protection, like i.e. land claiming, WorldGuard would have to integrate with SimpleClans not the other way around.
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