Inactive [MECH] IndependentFurnace v0.1 - Furnaces smelt without players present [1060]

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    Independent Furnace - Making your Furnaces independent:

    Version: v0.1
    There is nothing special to say about this plugin... its my first plugin cause I coudn't find someone providing me with a function to keep Chunks containing burning furnaces loaded.So the basic idea behind this was to get rid of the annoying fact that someone has to be present for a furnace to actually smelt something.

    Apart from that I hope I can get some feedback here, possible ideas to add, bug reports and all that stuff ;o)

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    * Keeps all Chunks containing burning furnaces loaded
    * Unloads these chunks again

    Changelog: Version 0.1
    * First release
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    Excellent idea
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    when is the update for the new recommended build comming out?
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    actually its still working but I didnt think anyone was intrested in it at all ;o)
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    This sounds good. Downloading!
  7. Hey.
    Will there be an update ready soon?
  8. Are there any plans for future updates ?

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