[Mech] Hours v1.1 - Control what ticks doors/fencegates or hatches will open [1.5.1 R1.0]

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    Hours v 1.1 <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    This plugin uses DillGet

    What is it?
    When minecraft multiplayer alpha first started, it was a game of simplicity. No fancy plugins, everything used the basic mechanics of Minecraft. As Minecraft progressed, more and more plugins started to be coded that improved upon the game, and less and less servers became a do-it-yourself server. What does this have to do with this plugin? This plugin is designed for servers, who enjoy the classic feel of Minecraft, with player made shops, or farms, or anything... with just a little modification. What this plugin does is allow a user to place a sign over a door, hach, or fencegate, and control what times that door can be open to the public. This plugin is very simple to use, a core concept, and just a bit nifty for player-run towns.

    How do I use it?
    The plugin itself requires NO configuration. Just drag it, and drop it into the plugins folder and go. For users, all they have to do is place down a door, a fencegate, or a hatch, then place a sign next to it with the following lines:

    That's it. At the timeInTicksOpen, until the timeInTicksClosed, the door will be open to the public. After that, the door will not be open, except for the owner to get in of course.

    I plan to add some more features to this plugin, s/a economy. Hope you enjoy, thanks to WaffleOnABike for the idea :D.
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    Nice. I try it out. And i like it. It's really good ;)
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    Just another feature I think that would be sort of interesting, is a config file that allows you to edit the messages, like if someone opens your shop door, or any other messages, like if it's closed.

    Thanks again!

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    Updated plugin to use DillyGet!
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    Deleted user

    1. [MECH] in the title.
    2. Changelog at the bottom of the original post.

    GL with your plugin.
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    Updated to 1.5.1

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