[MECH] HourGlass v3.0 - it's Like Day & Night [Spout] [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by DeadlyScone, Sep 14, 2011.

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    Wow awesome. So it will be like you could in the Beta 1.8 Pre releases?
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    lol, exactly, thats where i got the idea.

    so where have you been lately?

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    Wondering where the heck youve been lol. No clue what server you go on anymore. IP?
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    You uploaded the .class files as source, not the .java files
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    hmm, i see.. ill have to fix this when i get the chance.

    EDIT: you can still view the source if you open it in eclipse as a file
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    No, that's only because you have the code. There's an option to include the src in the jar when exporting.
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    Your plugin is spamming "You Don't Have Permission" in chat. I have looked at your code (had to decompile), and I think I see the problem:
    if(keyP == Keyboard.KEY_F6 && player.isOp())

    player.sendMessage((new StringBuilder()).append(ChatColor.RED).append("[HourGlass]").append(ChatColor.GREEN).append(" You Don't Have Permission.").toString());
    Here, if either key pressed was F6 or player is not OP, the else branch is executed! So, the proper way to do this is to use nested if's.
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    i cant seem to run spout for some reason... so i couldn't test it after i added the .isOp part..
    says: "failed to launch Spoutcraft!
    you can only play spoutcraft for MC 1.73 if you had it installed before the 1.8 update" even though i changed my mincraftjar back to 1.7.3 :/ so yee.
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    I have been fighting this for a couple of days recently. The proper way is to patch minecraft.jar (the game) manualy:
    1) Get a clean client 1.7.3
    2) Get this version
    3) Put all files from "spoutcraft-dev-SNAPSHOT-MC-1.7.3.zip" into "minecraft.jar" and don't forget to remove "META-INF" folder from inside minecraft.jar
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    When i press a key (doesn't matter which) it says: [HourGlass] You don't have permission!
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    iam going to release an update here soon. ill let you know when its out.

    Version 2.0 is out. go check it out :D

    Click here to go nowhere

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    is there video how it works?
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    uhh, no "--Video Coming Soon---" i can't run spout so i cannot make a video for it.
    you use F6 and F7.
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    Yeah me too.. Sounds like a nice plugin too since you can't use F6 and F7 anymore :D
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    Do other users have to have the spoutcraft launcher to see the effects of time as well as the smooth appearance of it? (AKA: How time continues to roll after releasing the button and how it slowly lessens its speed and increases it within increments when changing time?)
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    no, the plugin changes the time on the server, so people do not need the launcher to see the time change.
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    Does this break redstone circuits like other "time skips" do ?
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    idk, test it and let me know.
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    doenst work for me anyhow.. i included all filess.. added the name... but the plugin takes no effect..it doesnt even pop up in the plugin list in /plugins
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    you need to have spout, and you need to be on a spout client.
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