[MECH] Helios v0.6 - A simple daytime/nighttime plugin [1000]

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    Helios v0.6
    Download Helios.jar

    Tested on
    CraftBukkit #1000
    MC 1.7.3

    Helios is a simple daytime (nighttime) plugin that always looks on the bright (dark) side. It is activated per default and will make coffee for you in the morning (evening).

    Why should I praise Helios (the sun god from the greek mythology)?
    • Drop & Play, no configuration needed
    • Multiworld support
    • Nether plugin compatible
    • Praise Selene to get a nighttime plugin
    • CraftBukkitUpToDate support
    • Uses setTime() to advance to the next day, keeping day cycles intact and growings steady (time glitching with setFullTime() is dangerous!)
    /praise [helios/selene/none] - activates a timegod

    /helios [on/off/status] - [de-]/activates plugin, shows status

    Omitting parameters will show a usage description.

    Multiworld support
    Helios now fully supports Multiworld! For that reason the commands are slightly tweaked.

    The /helios command allows you to globally deactivate the plugin, so it won't set the time on any of your worlds. If you use the /praise command it will show that the gods are pleased and save the setting, but it won't set the time unless you activate the plugin again.

    The /praise command let's you select the timegod as before, but will do so only in the current world. You can praise none and effectively disable the plugin for certain worlds.

    The default settings will start the plugin and activate Helios on all worlds at the beginning.

    To create the new configuration file, start and quit the server. You can manually edit the YAML file in "/plugins/Helios" as long as you obey the formatting. Or simply log into the worlds which you'd like to disable and type "/praise none".

    Planned features
    - Global commands to set the status of any world directly
    - Timegod world overview on /helios status command

    • Fixed a bug where the status was overwritten on server shutdown
    • Changed the behavior on reactivation of the plugin to not reset the sun/moon
    • Full Multiworld support & configuration
    • Remember plugin state
    • Simplified commands
    • Color formatting
    • Added support to praise Selene!
    • Compatibility fix for Nether plugins
    • Changed command interaction
    • Update to #740
    • Changed morning/evening times
    • Changed command to ingame players only
    • Update to #670
    • Fixed command bug
    • Update to current Bukkit
    • First release
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    Tested on CraftBukkit RB 1000.
    And approved ;)

    Quite excellent :)
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    When will you be adding the "Remember if Helios was turned off" Feature? I want a plugin to make it day but i need to be able to turn it off and have it stay off.
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    Since it's multiworld supported is it possible to have it ON in the 1st World and OFF in the 2nd World?
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    How about a text file we can add the worlds we want day or night active in? This is the best day plugin out there. Its a shame I can't use it due to our multiworld config.
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    You are the man. Thank you so much!?#?@

    WORKS great. Thanks again!

    /me turns around and pulls an office space on the source code for AlwaysDay!@?
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    This doesn't seem to activate on start up and I can't figure out how.

    I modified the config.yml file while the server was off and set active to true and it was activated on server start up but once the server was stopped it changed to false and doesn't activate on start up anymore. I've turned it on in-game hoping it would save it's state on shutdown but that failed too.
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    Fixed, thanks for reporting!
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    I can confirm it works now! :)

    Just an idea, you could add an option to praise to show the current status similar to /helios status except for that world only.
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    Ideas on how we could name this? (so it fits into the metaphor)
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    /faith? (as in: who do they believe in in this world?)
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    i want it to be /time day
    /time night

    i guess helios day
    something simple:p

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    Night time is too short, and the transition is jarring. Selene should start after the last sunset is gone, and reset before any sunrise begins. This also makes it suitable for "space" worlds.
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    The absolute times in the range of 0-24.000 are 10.900 for days and 9.600 for nights, so it's only a slight difference and reduces lag on the server by not using the sundown/sunset transition.

    Some of the older daytime-plugins had the mechanism you described, where the effect would only become active after a normal day change. From a user perspective this can be quite confusing, because nothing changes after entering the command that supposedly alter time.

    The jarring transition is due to the fact that all light-levels must be recalculated when switching to night.

    Could you be more specific on how this change will make it suitable for space worlds? Thanks.
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    I'm not sure you understood me, so I'll try again.

    My space world wants NO sunset, NO sunrise, just darkness and stars and moon.

    So the time should be locked in the range that is completely dark. The beginning of the "night" range should be after all sunset colors are gone from the horizon and light-levels stop getting darker. The end of the range should be before any sunrise colors show up on the horizon and light-levels begin getting lighter. Just keep it in the dark range, with the stars wheeling overhead.

    When I tested Selene, it started each "night" at mid-moonrise with a pink sunset, and got darker from there. It went the whole night until the moon was setting, and the sun was about to rise in another pink horizon. Suddenly the pink stuff flipped east/west. That's too long-- I want no pink sky and no light-level recalculations.
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    what are the nodes for this plugin?
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    Tested for RB 1060-1337 and it works perfectly!
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    Will this work with Tekkit? I have a tekkit server, and one single world that I want to always be noon time (the vs quickbuild challenge world).
    (I couldn't find a thread on it on tekkit forums)

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