Inactive [MECH] GravelClay v1.3.5 Gravel becomes clay with water! [CB 1.2.3-R0]

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    GravelClay - Turning your gravel into clay when submerged in water
    Version v1.3.5

    Usage is simple, place some gravel blocks on the ground and dump water/allow water to flow on them/touch them. VOILA! they turn into clay.


    Also, if you exploit the redstone block update/water flow redirect trick, you can design machines that flood a room with water, turning all the gravel inside into clay, then hit a torch holding a couple blocks of sand to stop the flood, making the room easily accessible.

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    I've updated this plugin to comply with the newer bukkit systems, to keep it from dying R5>. I've seen this plugin running on a few servers and I'm glad to see people still enjoying it.
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    Hey, i just posted at the devbukkit page but here again, it's working but i get this error at console:

    Using RB 1846
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    I don't see any class in that stacktrace that is from GravelClay.
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    It's working just fine under Build 1.2.3-R0.1 (#2034)

    Thanks, I love that gravel is no longer useless :)
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    Hey, did I miss something from before? Did this plugin have a previous feature where you could set it so that it only worked when the block underneath the gravel was a certain block? (For example, I would have sworn I had it set so that when you laid the gravel in a trough with brick at the bottom was the only time pouring water over the gravel changed it to clay.) Am I thinking of a different plugin?
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    That would be ClayGen.
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    I don't get the claydustcount option in the config file. If I set it to 8, what does that result in? Do I get the 8 dust from crafting or pouring water...

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