Inactive [MECH] GravelClay v1.3.5 Gravel becomes clay with water! [CB 1.2.3-R0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by darklust, Apr 22, 2011.

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    GravelClay - Turning your gravel into clay when submerged in water
    Version v1.3.5

    Usage is simple, place some gravel blocks on the ground and dump water/allow water to flow on them/touch them. VOILA! they turn into clay.


    Also, if you exploit the redstone block update/water flow redirect trick, you can design machines that flood a room with water, turning all the gravel inside into clay, then hit a torch holding a couple blocks of sand to stop the flood, making the room easily accessible.

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    Added new version, fixed this problem.

    The plugin will now fix water the clay replaces in this update.
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  4. i tried to change the amount of clay crafted, its 4 at start, tried to change it to 16 -> still get 4. i use bukkit 935 and minecraft 1.6.6
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    The clay amount is for item drops in the water, not block drops from breaking clay in water if this is what you mean.
  6. oh.
    so i cant change how many clays i get per gravel? :(
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    Oh, thanks a bunch. I'm out of town at the moment, but updating as soon as I get back.
  8. Suggestions:
    1. Set a configurable delay so that items (not blocks) thrown in water take a configurable # of seconds to convert to clay.

    2. Make it so that in order for gravel items to turn into clay, they must be in moving water.

    3. Get real damn fancy and create alternate item types, so that you have 'sand dust' that can become blocks of sand by combining four sand dust. Have gravel produce 2 sand dust, 2 clay.

    4. Make crafting bench less cumbersome: Allow the use of multiple buckets of water at once, and up to 6 blocks of gravel to convert to clay.

    G   G G    G G G
    G   G G    G G G
    W   W W    W W W
    5. Make the number of dust a gravel block turns into configurable.
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    I've modified the plugin slightly for 1.3.2,
    The configuration file is now YAML based, so a config.yml will be generated with the configuration properties. If you are upgrading however you will need to delete the GravelClay folder for the new configuration to be generated.
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    Why would it have permissions?
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    He's right. It's just a world thing.
  12. So I was pretty much banned from a community and server after requesting this plugin over and over.
    The admin was worried about non player events taking up resources. Instead he had plugins dropping clay %'s from stone blocks. He also had stone dropping a %tage coal. Amateur hour, World of Warcraft anyone?

    Anways! Can someone confirm that this plugin is fine by means of a stand alone plugin?
    Great plugin.
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    Ha damn man, that sucks. I'm not sure what you mean by 'fine by means of a standalone plugin' but the plugin works fine by itself.
  14. It's a silly question, nevermind. He's just an ***.
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    @darklust : Your changelog isn't spoilered. Two most recent changes must be visible, rest in spoilers.
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    Didn't see that memo :p Fixed.
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    First: Its a great plugin!
    It makes clay more acquirable, but i want that clay is still a bit rare material.
    And here is my problem: It doesnt matter what amount in "claydustcount" stands, there always dropping 4 claydust (and i want only dropping 1), when i throw a gravelblock into water (with "q").
    Is it a bug or doesnt the value work like this any longer?

    your version 1.3.2
    bukkit 1000

    PS: To prevent the question... I used the new config file.
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    Adressed this issue, I apologize for that. New version is corrected.
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    @darklust when you mention multi-world support, is that for ALL worlds, or is there a way to config to one world?
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    Meaning the plugin isn't going to stop working in worlds other than the default one. I can add an option to disable the clay generation for individual worlds if it is desired.
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    I desire it to work in only one world...if its not too much to ask
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    Updated, just add this to your config.yml
        - worldname
        - worldname2
    where the worldnames would be the worlds you want the plugin to ignore.
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    Sweet...have a [diamond]
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    works 100%!!!
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    We have a little problem with your Plugin.
    Everytime one of our users (or admins) enters the nether we get this error like hundert times a second:
    We have installed :
    Permissions 2.7.2
    mcMMO 1.1.11
    and many more,
    but if we use only these 3 plugins it also spams this error in the console.

    It also send this error if we try to ignore the nether-world.

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    Nothing in that stack trace says that it's my plugin doing it. GravelClay does not utilize permissions as well.
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    Yeah thats right nothing in this Error-Message says that your plugin is related to it,
    but if i remove your plugin it doesnt post this error and if i reinsert your plugin the error appears again.
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    2011-08-29 00:54:33 [SEVERE] at
    2011-08-29 00:54:33 [SEVERE] at
    2011-08-29 00:54:33 [SEVERE] at
    2011-08-29 00:54:33 [SEVERE] at
    Contact Nossr about mcMMO, as this is related to that plugin.
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    Good job! This Plugins is working with CraftBukkit 1317 :)
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    Download link is dead. Does this still work?

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