[MECH] GoldenRevive v0.6 - Death protection using Any Item! [1000]

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    GoldenRevive - Auto Health restore using Any item:

    Version: v0.41
    This plugin restores the player's health when it drops below a certain amount, preventing the player's death and using item in the process (golden apple by default). It also allows player's to teleport back to their death location if they have a revive item in their inventory when they die.

    • Restore health at user customized value using any given item
    • Permissions Support - Customize who can utilize the revive effect
    • Add as many revive item's as you like and customize their individual effects

    Configuration file is stored in GoldenRevive/config.yml (Generated on first run)

    If you are upgrading to Version 0.4 your old configuration file will not be compatible and will hence be rewritten by the plugin.

    You may add new "GoldenRevive Items" to the configuration as long as they follow this format;
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       CriticalHealth: (in half hearts)
       ReviveItem: (item Id)
       ReviveType: (Revive/Restore)
       HealthOnRevive: (in half hearts)

    Warning : Permissions Bukkit Users! If you are using this plugin GoldenRevive will by default allow everyone to benefit from it's effects. If you wish this to differ change the permissions node to false.
    GoldenRevive.*: false
    People still using Permissions 3 will not be effected.

    Permissions node:
    *If you have permissions installed you will need to add these nodes.

    Latest Version
    Download Latest release

    Version 0.6
    • Added Permissions Bukkit support
    Version 0.5
    • Changed event priority to override other plugins from interrupting a GoldenRevive Event
    Version 0.41
    • Plugin takes precedence over Towny plugin
    Version 0.4
    • Now accepts multiple Revive/Restore Items
    • Introduced "Revive" Items which allow you to teleport back to your location of death as opposed from "saving" you from death
    Version 0.3
    • Permissions Support [2.7] Added
    Version 0.2
    • Revive item configuration option (e.g. revive using bread)
    • Health on revive configuration option
    Version 0.1
    • Released due to request Credit goes to TheDeejay for the idea
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    So you need to have a golden apple in your inv?
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    The idea is This in action. So yes, you need a golden apple which is consumed in the process.

    The simplest way to explain it is to compare it to the way faeries work in The legend of zelda
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    This works perfectly! Thanks for taking on the job, I'm sure many others will appreciate your effort. This should bring a lot of attention to this elusive item now. Thanks again! :D

    EDIT: Oh, found one small thing. When it generates the customizable file, it puts the CriticalHealth value after the note instead of the next line down (at least it appeared so in Notepad++). One press of the enter key to put the CriticalHealth: (value) line made custom values work entirely.
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    No problem, if you have any feature requests or want modifications let me know.
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    This is a very good plugin well done :)

    but i dont think i would use it or some people i know as they could just eat a golden apple or some other food actually there in their inventory..

    this is quite pointless (no offense) as when they fall... they are going to lose that players health anyways so they can always just eat food afterwards..

    anyways... just my opinion :)

    hope you can take this (in a way) as advice for making future plugins
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    I'm not sure I understand madcrazydrumma, the plugin was to fulfill TheDeejay's request, and i saw 6 other people requested it via the poll. The plugin itself save's you from death, even if you are hit by a diamond sword it will still protect the user by restoring their HP increasing the hits it takes to die (without armor) from 2 to 4 hit's.

    I shall clarify the OP, because i feel theirs been some confusion
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    Very good. Golden apple now have a use :)
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    Can you config to use bread, i dont want to cheat and spawn apples. Or perhaps cooked Pork. If so i would use this.
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    I would like something like that too, but I would just want apples in general to do this. So please: config? If you don't want to, I understand you want to keep it simple.
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    I've added the option to set the item used on revive along with how much health it should heal.
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    Any plan to support Permissions?
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    Nice update! And congrats on Plugin Developer status :)
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    Seems like devs are some of the biggest trolls sometimes.

    More than once I've seen one walk in within the first couple posts and call out the developer of a plugin as having done something wrong or writing a "pointless" plugin, where they obviously haven't taken the time to understand or try out the plugin.

    Who wants to have those kinds of negative posts in the first few responses of their thread?

    If you are going to say anything at all, especially something negative, put the effort in to make sure you know what the heck you are talking about.

    /on topic Nice plug-in, btw.
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    Sorry about this, I didn't receive any alert's about this thread. I'll add permission's support now
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    Awesome, thank you!
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    would it be possible to have this respawn the player at the position they died as an actual *revive* ?
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    The player doesn't "respawn", rather they simply don't die. Their health is restored to full and it says "You have been saved by a Golden Apple" or something along those lines. For example, if you have 1 heart and a skeleton shoots you, instead of dying you will simply gain maximum hearts and remain in the area instead of dying on the spot. This will use 1 Golden Apple (or whatever item you have set in place of a golden apple if you change the config file) that you have in your inventory. Hope that helps :)
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    Yes, this is another possibility. I'll work on it later and add it in a 0.4 release
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    Version 0.4 released to accommodate Ratchet's request. The plugin now supports additional revive items including a variable revive type (Restore/Revive). Check the first post for information.
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    thanks for the revive option:)!

    came across a plugin conflict though don't know if it's fixable on your end; if you're in a Towny town, when you die towny puts you at the towns spawn point, seems to override goldenrevives respawn thing, leaving the Town and testing again, goldenrevive worked fine.
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    I shall look into it ratchet. The latest iteration should have fixed the issue you were having Ratchet - Try it and let me know.
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    Hey, I love this!

    But what's the difference between revive and restore? I'm sure you have it posted somewhere on this page, but I can't find it...

    Not that it matters very much... I'm installing the plugin as we speak. I'll discover the difference via trial and error... using the SCIENTIFIC METHOD! (/laughter evil,megalomanical)


    Reviving means that you ACTUALLY DIE! But when you spawn again, it's in the same place and you can pick up your (freshly dropped) inventory.

    Restoring, on the other hand, is just like being FORCE-FED an apple DIPPED IN GOLD. (Full health)

    The Scientific Method also taught me that being revived while floating face-down in a pool of lava is Not Very Helpful. Perhaps I should have chosen a more intelligent place to die...

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    You can customize what item restores you and by how much as well as map as many item's as you like using the Config.yml.

    I have tested it along side 766.
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    Could you add an option to make it so as long as the item is in your inventory you get healed? So the item isn't used up afterwards?
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