[MECH] GodMode v0.3.0 - A simple Permissions-optional godmode [740]

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    Alex Nolan

    GodMode 0.3.0

    Download 0.3.0 [740] (5/7/11) | Static jar
    Older: 0.2.3 [602-617] (4/2/11), 0.2.0 [531] (3/12/11), 0.1.8 [499] (3/6/11), 0.1.6 [478] (2/28/11), 0.1 [418] (2/26/11)

    Souce Code (once I figure out how to use github and netbeans :D)
    (please give me tips on my coding)

    This is my first bukkit plugin, and certainly not my last :D. I made this because, of the two most recent godmode plugins I could find, the one utilizing Permissions was out of date and the other I couldn't get to work.​

    1. Permissions optional, use it if you want to, don't if you don't.
    2. Access from console.
    3. Light weight and quick.
    4. Compatible with multiple worlds.
    5. More coming soon.... (Please suggest some too)

    #toggle godmode on self
    #toggle godmode on other player
    /god otherPlayer
    /godmode otherPlayer
    #from console god mode
    god otherPlayer
    godmode otherPlayer
    #if player is on fire, put it out automatically. (i'm not sure if this works, the player may never catch on fire due to how the cancel even works. Can anyone test this?)
    /god -noFire
    /godmode -noFire
    #other player
    /god otherPlayer -noFire
    /godmode otherPlayer -noFire
    god otherPlayer -noFire
    godmode otherPlayer -noFire
    Settings (If you don't like permissions)
    #use the Permissions plugin? if false it will use the data below
    usePermissions: false
    #values to use if the world isn't defined later
            - 'noFire'
            - 'godSelf'
            - 'godOther'
            - 'noFire'
                - 'god'
                - 'godSelf'
                - 'noFire'
    #god as soon as they login
    - 'godmode.default.god'
    #can use the /god command
    - 'godmode.command.godSelf'
    #can use the /god otherPlayer command
    - 'godmode.command.godOther'
    #is default -noFire toggle
    - 'godmode.default.noFire'
    #can use -noFire toggle
    - 'godmode.command.noFire'

    • 0.3.0
      • Finally updated for [740] :D
      • Many bugs eliminated
    • 0.2.3
      • Updated for [602-617]
    • 0.2.0
      • Implemented a settings file!
      • Minor bug fixes
    • 0.1.8
      • Updated to [499]
      • Updated for Permissions v2.5.1 (Currently it seems like v2.5.2 only uses the default world's permissions and doesn't change on world change)
      • Reloads permission cache on world change
      • Alerts the user if they are in godmode on login
    • 0.1.6
      • Updated to [478]
      • Changed permission names
      • Added /god otherPlayer functionality
      • Added /god otherPlayer access from the terminal
      • More messages back to user
    • 0.1
      • Initial Build
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    Perhaps there's a way to call for a /disableplugin GodMode if you enter that server and a /enableplugin whenever you leave it again. Not sure how to do that though, I'm a lousy programmer.
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    Well, one solution (the one I currently use) is to disable godmode.command.godSelf completely and enable godmode.default.god for the worlds where you want players to have godmode.
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    Alex Nolan

    Ah, I see what you mean. I updated the plugin to disable the command when you teleport to worlds without the command enabled, but you would also like to disable all godmode when you teleport to a world without permissions. I think the problem partially is that I haven't implemented a way to have settings without permissions and so if there are no permissions it defaults to allow the user to have the god command. I think that it disables godmode if you went to a world that had the permissions plugin enabled but none of the permissions for my plugin though. I'll get working on it :D
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    And this is why I love Bukkit and its Plugin Developers. Your work is much obliged!
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    Ah thanks :D this will be awesome once it's released!
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    Alex Nolan

    Updated to v0.2.0 [531]! :D
    This should fix the problems with godmode not being disabled after teleporting. Let me know if it works! :)
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    Awesome! I'll be able to try this tomorrow when I wake up tomorrow... I'm pretty tired right now.

    I can confirm 0.2.0 works perfectly :D
    Thanks for the update!
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    Alex Nolan

    Yep, glad I could fix it :)
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    on cb 550, i can't give godmode to another player. it just gives me godmode. /godmode player
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    Alex Nolan

    so if you try /god otherPlayer, it toggles godmode on yourself? Interesting.... What color does the message appear in?
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    Kid Tiger

    hey guys,

    not sure why this isn't working for me. i have permissions. i put the jar into my plugin folder, put in all the permissions for my user and no commands work. i opened up the yml file and all i see is {} what's up wit dat?

    i've got several other plugins so i'm not completely green with loading these up, but this one i'm having trouble with.
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    Alex Nolan

    In the settings file copy this:
    #use the Permissions plugin? if false it will use the data below
    usePermissions: true
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    Kid Tiger

    put in between tilde brackets? or replace them?
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    Alex Nolan

    Replace them.
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    Alex Nolan

    Thank you very much, I'll get right on it. Can you test the current static link though (not the v2), it might work with that one.
  18. Do you plan on updating this for latest bukkit?
  19. Hey Nice plugin. Only it is nog working with the latest (617) build of bukkit. Can y ou please fix it?
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    I also will chime in to say an update to this plugin would be super-rad, it is the best thing for adminning in high-risk environments AND ALSO violently abusing my players.
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    Alex Nolan

    Updated! :D Now supports 602 (the last version before 1.4) and tested to work up through 617.
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    Thanks for the update! This is by far the best godmode plugin out of all of them :D
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    Sorry, for being a noob, but how do you set up the config file? I want permissions on, btw.
    I tried to paste the code from the top post, but it still doesnt work. Do I delete or leave the {}?

    EDIT: I fixed it. It was because I pasted in the "#use the Permissions plugin? if false it will use the data below" part. I fail, haha.
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    Nice plugin Alex but I have a request for a minor tweak. Is it possible to remove the [God] prefix from the name for actions and messages? I have a few players on my server who are "sensitive" about their religous beliefs and if possible I would like to respect their wishes and not label myself as God. I'm still relatively new to this whole plugin and yml stuff but I can do the basic editing if you point me in the right direction. Thanks!
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    Alex Nolan

    Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't been able to get to this recently. I enjoy working on these plugins, but recently with APs and finals coming up, along with SATs and my mom being in the hospital, I can't seem to find the time for it :(. If anyone would like to pick this up forever or just for a month, collaborate with me on this from now on, or just update it, I would be glad to explain how everything works (or at least should work). Thanks you guys very much for your support though :D.
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    i would suggest to have a notification pop up when turning on/off god mode
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    Does it still work? Does this plugin checks from permissions while traveling between worlds (MultiVerse)? Currently using worldguard god my vips can godify themself in freebuild world and then go to rpg with godmode still on.
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    considered inactive
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    Alex Nolan

    Hey guys, sorry it took so long. I ran into a couple IRL problems, plus I wanted to wait until we got a stable 1.5 build of bukkit. Well it's all set now, I completely rewrote it from previous versions. Hopefully this means that there are no more bugs, or at least less. Please comment back if it doesn't work, there's a bug, or if it does work :). Enjoy!
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    [SEVERE] Nag author: '8e8' of 'GodMode' about the following: onPlayerQuit has been replaced with a new signature, (PlayerQuitEvent)

    Can you please fix this? It's getting annoying to see this in console while I debug and deploy my server.
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