[MECH] Glowstone Lanterns - Make glowstone lanterns, daytime glass & nighttime glowstone

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    Tim Visee

    Glowstone Lanterns - Make glowstone lanterns, daytime glass & nighttime glowstone

    The Glowstone Lanterns project page has been moved. Go to one of the two pages bellow to get to the Glowstone Lanterns project page, with the newest download available:
    You can view the original page in the spoiler bellow. It's highly recommended to visit one of the above sites, to view the up-to-date pages.
    Original Page (open)

    With this plugin Glowstone Lanterns you can make lanterns, when it's going dark the glass of the lanterns will change in glowstone and when it's daytime it will change in glass again. The great thing is that you don't need to place a full lantern but only a glass/glowstone block, so you can use it for everyting. This plugin is very usefull for a large city to light it up, that looks really cool that the lanterns will change in glowstone! You can also place prebuilt lanterns, so that's really usefull if you want to plase a lot of lanterns in a little time.
    You can enable glowstone lanterns with /gl, when you place a glass or a glowstone block it is marked as a glowstone lanterns, this block will change to glowstone if it is night and to glass if it is daytime. If you use /gl l 1 you will enable prebuilt glowstone lanterns, if you place a glass or a glowstone block there will apear the prebuilt glowstone lantern you selected right there. There prebuilt lanterns are in external files, so you can make your own prebuilt lanterns and share them with other pelople.
    Note: When you haven't permissions on your server, the plugin is avaible for all the OP's

    Official page (suggested): http://www.timvisee.com/projects/bukkit/glowstone-lanterns/
    Bukkit DEV: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/glowstone-lanterns/

    In this video you can see how the plugin works :) (Outdated Video)

    • Permissions support
    • Multi world support
    • Place prebuilt lanterns that are located in external files, you can make them and share them with other pelople
    • Posibility to create your own lanterns
    • Players can only destroy lanterns if he have permission
    • And a lot more!
    Upcomming Features:
    • Costum messages and color support
    • In-game prebuilt lanterns creator
    What are prebuilt lanterns?
    Prebuilt lanterns are a really usefull feature in Glowstone Lanterns. You could place a prebuilt lantern by enableling the prebuilt lantern mode and then by placing a glass block or any other lantern block as your usually do with the normal lantern blocks. When you done that a lantern will spawn, for example when you place a glass block a lantern will spawn with a wooden base, a wooden fence pole and a glass/glowstone lantern on it. You could also spawn other prebuilt lanterns which could be used to hang on the ceiling for example. They are just really usefull because they will automaticly create a lantern. So the basic thing why there are prebuilt lanterns are is because you could easily create any lantern you want by only placing a glass block.

    Player Commands
    /gl, /glowstonelantern or /glowstonelanterns
    - Enable glowstone lanterns
    /gl lantern <lantern-id> or /gl l lantern <lantern-id>
    - Enable prebuilt glowstone lanterns
    /gl lantern or /gl l
    - Disable prebuild glowstone lanterns​
    /gl list lanterns or /gl list l
    - List the prebuilt lanterns​
    /gl help
    - View the help
    /gl info
    - View info (see if glowstone lanterns is enabled)
    /gl save
    - Save the glowstone lanterns list
    /gl reload
    - Reload the lanterns list
    /gl verion
    - View current running verion number

    With the following links underneath you could download the Glowstone Lanterns plugin. With the first two links you could directly download the plugin. With the third link you'll go to the official download page where you could find all the download links and all the other versions of the plugin.
    Glowstone Lanterns 0.6 (hosted on dropbox.com)
    Glowstone Lanterns 0.6 (hosted on mediafire.com)
    All downloads and older versions (official download-page on timvisee.com)

    1. Download the plugin
    2. Add the GlowstoneLanterns.jar file and the folder 'Glowstone Lanterns' from the downloaded .zip file to the /plugin folder of the minecraft server. Also add the included folder 'Glowstone Lanterns' to your plugins folder.
    3. Add the permissions if you have; (Look at the permissions paragraph underneeth)
    4. Start your game and use Glowstone Lanterns!

    Allow users to place glowstone lanterns; glowstonelanterns.gl
    Allow users to destroy glowstone lanterns; glowstonelanterns.destroyLanterns
    Allow users to use the info command; glowstonelanterns.info
    Allow users to use the reloadcommand; glowstonelanterns.reload
    Allow users to use the save command; glowstonelanterns.save

    There are NO bugs found :D

    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.6 (14-10-2012)
    • Delayed lantern changes
    • Auto generating config files
    • Updated bukkit api
    • Improved the permissions manager
    • Added PermissionsEx support
    • Added Essentials Group Manager support
    • Updated Default Permissions support
    • the pagages are now renamed to com.timvisee... (instead of me.timvisee...)
    Version 0.5
    • Rewrote whole plugin, plugin is a lot faster
    • Added new bukkit event system
    • New file save/load system, made it faster
    • Glowstone Lanterns wouldn't crash the server anymore!
    • Whole new prebuilt lanterns system which works A LOT better
    • Possibility to make ANY costum lantern!
    • Some prebuilt lanterns are added and removed
    • Added new config features
    • Added a help command to see all the commands (/gl help)
    • Added a reload command to reload the lanterns list (/gl reload)
    • Added a reload command permission node (glowstonelanterns.reload)
    • Changed version command result (/gl version)
    • Changed some chat messages
    • Better user interface in the chat
    • There are some other bugs fixed
    Version 0.3
    • New 'Save' command to save the current lanterns list (/gl save), this command has a permission line (glowstonelanterns.save)
    • Better costum prebuilt lanterns support (command lines supoortend, same as YAML with a # on a line as the first character)
    • Bug fixes!
    • There's also added an config file
    • Function to turn lanterns on when it's raining
    Version 0.2
    • Added the external prebuilt lantern files, so you can make your own prebuilt lanterns and share them with other pelople. Of course you can download lanterns from other pelople (or from this forum topic) and use them in-game
    Version 0.1
    • Plugin release
    • Player commands
    • Permissions
    • Multi world support
    • Prebuilt lanterns

    How to make your own prebuilt lantern:
    How to make your own prebuilt lantern (open)

    What are prebuilt lanterns?
    Prebuilt lanterns are a really usefull feature in Glowstone Lanterns. You could place a prebuilt lantern by enableling the prebuilt lantern mode and then by placing a glass block or any other lantern block as your usually do with the normal lantern blocks. When you done that a lantern will spawn, for example when you place a glass block a lantern will spawn with a wooden base, a wooden fence pole and a glass/glowstone lantern on it. You could also spawn other prebuilt lanterns which could be used to hang on the ceiling for example. They are just really usefull because they will automaticly create a lantern. So the basic thing why there are prebuilt lanterns are is because you could easily create any lantern you want by only placing a glass block.

    The possibility of prebuilt lanterns
    You probably ask yourself what kind of prebuilt lanterns there are... There are a few build-in prebuilt lanterns, like 12 lanterns or so, which contains a lantern for the ceiling, a few lanterns to place on the ground, and even a fireplace lantern which turns on fire when its night. The possibilities are endless, you could easily create your own prebuilt lanterns and enlarge your lantern collection. You could also share your own prebuilt lanterns with other people so they could use your own created lantern.

    How do they work?
    Prebuilt lanterns are saved in seperated files (for each lantern a file) inside the 'Prebuilt Lanterns' folder inside the Glowstone Lanterns folder of your server. You could easily add another file to add other lanterns. The name of the file equals to the name of the lantern in-game

    How does the files work?
    Here I'm going to explain you how the prebuilt lantern files work so you could easily edit or make another lantern.
    In the lantern file there are different rows, every block of the lantern is on another row in the file. So if you have a lantern with contains 3 blocks your lantern file will probably have 3 rows.
    So the lanterns are saved in the file block by block. If the base block of your lantern is a wooden block you need to add a line that says that the bottom block is a wooden block, if your pole on top of it is a wooden fence you need to say that the block above that wooden block is a fence, and lastly if your lantern block above that pole is a glass block which turns into glowstone at night you need to add a line which says that that block is a lantern block which is glass when its day and glowstone when its night.
    Underneath here I'll explain how your really write this yourself.

    How to make your own prebuilt lantern file
    Here you could see an example of the lantern I was talking about, a wooden base block, a wooden pole and a lantern block on top of it.
    On every line is another block of the lantern defined, every line does look a little bit like this;
    With this example I'm going to explain how every line work.
    The first three zero's seperated with commas is the location of the current block, the first zero is the coordinate X, the seccond Y and the last Z. Those coordinates are relative, that means that 0,0,0 is the place where the player plased the glass block to place the prebuilt lantern. When you change the seccond zero to 1 that block will be above the glass block which you could set as a wooden fence block.
    The false text will tell the plugin if the current block is a lantern block, if this is set to false as shown in the example it is a regulair block, if it is set to true it's a lantern block which does mean that this block will be changed to another type of material when its going to be night.
    There are 6 more zero's behind the false text. The first and the seccond zero could be used to set the block type. So if you want to place a wooden block you need to set the first zero to 5 because the block ID of a wooden block is 5.
    If you want to make a lantern block which changed when its night you need to set true/false to true at first which indicates that that block will be a lantern block. Then you could set in the first two zero's what kind of block that lantern block will be when it's day, the third and fourth zero are the block ID and the data value of the block how it will ook like when it's night and the last two are used for the block when it's raining. With a normal block which isn't a lantern you need to set those last four zero's to 0 since they arent used because it isn't a lantern block. I hope I explaind this feature a little bit clear since it's hard to explain.
    So underneath here you'll find a little other example which shows you the thing I explained you again.
    I hope this will make it a bit more clear.
    You could also add a line with nothing on it, just a blank line to seperate two groups of blocks for example. (this doesn't affect the lantern result, its just to make it easier to read the file yourself).
    And as last thing you could also add a line which starts with the following character #, then you could type anything you want behind it. This could be used to make a comment inside the file, for example you could make a line which tells someone who looks in the file that the lantern has been made by you. Because this line will start with a # character the plugin will know that this is a comment line so it doesn't affect the lantern result. Underneath here you could also see another example.
    So here you could see you could use a line with a # character as a comment line and that you could plase a blank line anywhere in the file. As I already said a lantern which contains 3 blocks should have a file with three lines, but now you know if you place a comment or a blank line in the file the file will contain more lines.
    So one last thing, EVERY feature of the file is seperated in lines, blocks, comment lines and blank lines, you couldn't make two blocks on a single line.

    Create your first prebuilt lantern
    Now we are going to make your first prebuilt lantern. We will make a lantern which will look like this. A wooden base block, with a wooden fence pole on it. Then a lantern block on the pole which will be glass when it's day, glowstone when it's night and a jack'o'lantern when it's raining. And lastly a wooden slab on top of the lantern block. So this lantern will contain 4 blocks, three regulair blocks and 1 lantern block.
    Now open a simple text editor (notepad in windows, textedit on a mac) or any other program where you could type text in and start creating the file.
    On the first line you probably want a commant that the lantern has been made by you, for example a line like this
    Now make a blank line underneath this comment line. Then start making the blocks.
    The first block will be a wooden block (block ID = 5) on coordinate 0,0,0 since it should be on the place where the user placed the glass block, this isn't going to be a lantern block, just a regulair block so write a line like this;
    Then make the wooden pole on top of the base block (wooden fence ID = 85).
    Then make a lantern block which should be a glass block when its day, at night it should be a glowstone lantern and when it's raining a jack'o'lantern. The ID of a glass block is 20, a glowstone block 89 and a jack'o'lantern block 91. So write a line like this.
    and now the last block, the wooden slab on top of the lantern. The ID for this slab is 44 with a data value of 2, otherwise the slab will be a regulair stone slab. This is also an example for the data value usage. Now write that line like htis
    now the lantern is finished, and of course if you want to could also add some more blank lines and comment lines on the bottom, like a copyright line or something.
    Now how to save the file, open your window where you could save the file, in windows notepad you need to go to the file menu and then click Save As. Just navigate to your desktop or any other directory and name the file 'example.gllantern'. Make sure you give the file the file-extention '.gllantern' or else the plugin isn't able to open the lantern. Now just save it as 'example.gllantern' to any directory you want and close the text editor. Now navigate to the directory where you saved the file (probably your desktop as I suggested). There is your lantern file, now place that file you made in the 'Prebuilt Lanterns' folder inside the 'Glowstone Lanterns' folder inside your plugins folder of your plugin. When you done that you could start your server and start using your lantern. Please note that your lantern has been called 'example' since you saved the file with the name 'example.gllantern', if you save/rename the file to 'lantern.gllantern' the lantern will be called 'lantern'. Underneath here I will show you how to place the lantern you made.

    How to place/use your lantern?
    Now you probably made your lantern and placed it into the prebuilt lanterns directory of the plugin, if you haven't placed the lantern you want to use into that folder you aren't able to use the lantern.
    When you are in-game and when you've started your server you could use the command '/gl list lanterns' to list all the available lanterns, so the lantern you added which is probably called 'example' should be in this list too, if it is you added your lantern succesfully.
    Now use the command '/gl l <name-of-lantern>' to enable the prebuilt lantern mode with a prebuilt lantern selected. So if your lantern is called example you need to use this command '/gl l example' to enable prebuilt lanterns mode with the example lantern selected. When you have selected and enabled the prebuilt lantern mode a message should popup that you enabled this mode.
    Now select a glass block or any other block which could be used to place a lantern block or a prebuilt lantern (configurable in the config file) and place it on the ground, and your own lantern magically appears! (if your lantern doesn't appear and an error pop's up in the console you know something is wrong with your lantern file, please read this text again and try it again). Now you could easily place your own lantern anywhere you want.

    I hope you understand how everything works know, if you know how it works it;s one of the easiest things to do!
    If you still don't know how to use this, please contact me on the Glowstone Lanterns bukkit.org forum page or anywhere else so I could answer your question.
    Please also take a look at the build-in prebuilt lanterns because they could help you a lot!

    Suggestions, Ideas and bugs
    If you have a suggestion or an idea, please tell me and maybe I will add it to the plugin!
    If you found any bug please tell me I will fix it as fast as I can.

    Please donate some money so I can buy some coffee to make better plugins, I really like it if you give a donation!

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    PLEASE FIX YOUR DIRECTORY NAME. Im running LINUX and trying to CD into the directory name is impossible. Please remove spaces from the dir names.

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    Tim Visee

    I thought you could do something like this (I'm not sure if this is the same as on windows, the CD but it should work the same!)

    CD "plugins/Glowstone Lanterns/..." (with those 2 ")
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    Did you just find the problem, why the permissions do not work for us?
    We like to use this plugin, but if everybody can destroy the lanterns and get the blocks out of it, we cannot use it.

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    Tim Visee

    Well no, and this is really strange. The thing is that it could be a problem with the permissions system, I mean that the permissions system you use isn't working together with the plugin. I use PermissionsEX by myself and I know this one works with it, also some other works, but it could be a problem that the one you are using isn't working, I didn't have any fix for now so sorry :mad:
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    As he explained, Nolagg is throwing the error because you are using bukkit calls in an aync thread. This is forbidden by bukkit because it causes server crashes and world corruption, and nolagg is doing the service of revealing the plugins that are doing it. You need use the bukkit scheduler and a sync task (possibly implement a queue to do the changes), so you don't cause problems on the server.
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    Ok, I will try to use PEX for testing it with your plugin. We also use McMyAdmin and I hope it will work together with PEX.
    I will inform you after testing.
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    Tim Visee

    Yeah someone else expained me this, well I'm going to rewrite the whole plugin but the thing is i'm busy with other this. but I'll also change those 3 sync things..
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    Can I use this PLugin with CustomBlocks (SpoutMaterials), too?
    I've created some "Lantern-Types" (Lantern-On, Lantern-Off) and I want to use them for Glowstone Lanterns
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    Tim Visee

    Well I'm not sure, if those block does have an item ID you could try it using that ID (with prebuild lanterns).. but, if I need to put spout support into the plugin I'm not going to do it, I mean I'm NOT going to add spout support into the plugin if needed. (I also didn't like spout btw).

    But yeah if you have an item ID for your blocks it could be possible I think. I didn't tested something like this yet, srry. I hope you understand what I mean.
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    These blocks have ItemIDs. All CustomBlocks have the ID of flint with :<value> like:
    Lantern (ON) = 318:1024
    Lantertn (Off) = 318:1025
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    Tim Visee

    Then you could try to make a prebuild lantern file like this;

    318|1024|0 0 0|false

    or something (expalind in first post) but I suggest to wait when I rewrote the whole plugin..
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    it would be nice when you rewrite your Plugin :)
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    Any chance of an upddate to 1.1... It's seems to be crashing the server alot after the last update
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    Could you make it so we can customize the block ID's? I'd like to be able to have it as diamond during day, and glowstone at night.
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    I Have a proplem :(
    When i Save The Glowstone laterns I bacome a error : Error While Saving Glowstone Laterns!

    Whtas The proplem ? Why i become this error ? (sorry for my Bad english im German :D )

    Thanks for help :)
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    Thanks for this plugin, I use it and it works well. I did have one comment/request. In the server it says INFO glowstone laterns set to Day or Night over and over at some interval. It would be great if I could disable this info from being shown because it makes it real hard to read what's going on in my server.
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    Whenever I place a glass block to make a prebuilt lantern the latern is instantly built but the glass block that was placed doesnt turn into fence. Is this a bug?
    Also is it possible to use something other than glass for the daytime block?
    I tried changing the glass block in pattern 1 to a gold block which is what I want but it doesn't work.
    Glass blocks don't look very good compared to the gold blocks I'm currently using in our pathways.
    Being able to change this in the config would be a usefull feature and being able to change it independently in each prebuilt pattern would be even better.
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    Tim Visee

    I need to rewrite the pluin for that I think, if the chrashes is a plugin bug.
    btw, srry for the late reply! I lost internet connection to bukkit.org :-/

    This is gonna be a feature in the plguin when I rewrote the whole plugin. Some other users also asked me this :)
    btw, srry for the late reply! I lost internet connection to bukkit.org :-/

    Are you sure the file where the lanterns are going to be saved in is avaible?
    btw, srry for the late reply! I lost internet connection to bukkit.org :-/

    I know that this is really annoying. I thought I also made a patch which disables this (optional in config.yml), I'll try to find it.
    btw, srry for the late reply! I lost internet connection to bukkit.org :-/

    Hi, the block which isn't changing could be a bug. I'll check that because that's really annoying (I think), it could be a problem with the newest bukkit, I don't know.
    Sorry but you can't change the glowstone and glass pattern yet, this is going to be a upcomming feature :)
    btw, srry for the late reply! I lost internet connection to bukkit.org :-/

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    Hey Tim Please update the plugin for 1.1 as i want to play with ur awesome light plugin
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    Tim Visee

    I'm working on it ;)
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    Hey Tim, I'm enjoying the plugin. Have an issue. With permissions...... :( situation is this. my account (which has '*' permissions) can use gl command. those who are in the 'default' permissions group (which has glowstonelanterns.gl and glowstonelanterns.destroyLanterns) can not use gl. When I elevate a test account to '*' permissions then it can use it. regardless of server OP status. This says to me that the permissions nodes are broken........ :(

    thanks in advance for help.

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    Tim Visee

    This could be a problem with the permissions sytem, I mean it could be a non-supported permissions system , that could cause strange problems like this. It could also be another (unknown) problem. But I think its the first thing. What permissions system are you using, that would be really usefull to know!
    Tim Visee
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    oh silly me. I knew I forgot something. I'm using PermissionsEx version 1.18 I updated ALL of my plugins yesterday in an effort to correct this issue. still seeing it. :(

    DefaultCommands, Transporter, iConomy, OtherDrops, Spout, ColoredSigns, Vault, Glowstone Lanterns, PermissionsEx, Modifyworld, NoCheat, mcMMO, MoneyDrop, NarrowtuxLib, SpoutCoords, Lift, dynmap, ChatManager, Courier, Showcase, ChestShop, Factions, Dynmap-Factions

    These are the plugins I have currently loaded. Modifyworld and ChatManager are part of PermissionsEx, But I have them disabled.

    let me know how to get you my server address, if you'd like to jump on for further testing. or even skype call it.

    I've also uploaded my current permissions.yml (as .txt) file. anything else I can offer for assistance?

    Attached Files:

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    Tim Visee

    Hmm, the thing is that I'm also using PermissionsEX and everything works fine for me. The thing is that I'm probably not going to add new features before I rewrote the whole plugin I mean I'm rewriting this plugin and I'm adding a lot of new and use full features and fixes. So if this is an probabem with the plugin I'm not sure if I fixed the problem soon. (srry for bad english). I do also have a few questions, at first, where could I find your permissions EX permissions file which you uploaded? And do you invited me to your server to check out the problem, if you do you could send me your IP address and I'll try to come online.
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    I dunno where it went. I had it attached to my previous post. No worries on your english.

    I'll just paste the contents of my file.

    default: true
    - glowstonelanterns.gl
    - glowstonelanterns.destroyLanterns
    - chestshop.shop.*
    - mcmmo.*
    - dc.do.*
    - dc.teleportback.self
    - dc.spawn.self.*
    - dc.help
    - dc.sethome.self
    - dc.teleport.self
    - dc.home.self
    - trp.use.*
    - trp.gate.open.*
    - trp.gate.changeLink.*
    - factions.kit.fullplayer
    - iConomy.holdings
    - iConomy.help
    - iConomy.payment
    - courier.info
    - courier.list
    - courier.send
    - otherdrops.custom.*
    - Showcase.buy.*
    - '*'
    - '*'
    - default
    - Admin

    add me on skype if you have it. same name as this forum.
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    Ad.fly links are not allowed. I have removed them. dev.bukkit.org offers file hosting if you need it.
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    Huh? ^
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    cant find download link plz help me out
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    Work it for R5?
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    Tim Visee

    Everything seems to work fine I think. (in this config file I mean)

    Already fixed this. :mad:

    This is fixed, the moderators removed them because something was wrong with it. Here's the direct link if you don't want to look at the first post to find the download link; http://www.timvisee.com/projects/bukkit/glowstone-lanterns/

    Nope, sorry but I'm working on it!!

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