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    GloWool - It Makes Wool Glow !
    Version: 0.4

    This is now here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/glowool/


    This plugin adds a new redstone mechanic to the game, which makes powered wool glow in the dark (but not emit light). The block at each face of any powered wool block that is not solid is given a light level of 15, the effect of this is that the wool block is visibly lit up while it does not light up the area.

    This allows for the creation of cool glow in the dark pixel art and even complicated animations if you have the time to work around all the lighting bugs in the game.



    Chat Commands

    /glowool count - Tells you the total number of blocks currently being lit.
    /glowool reset - Resets all lit blocks, they will need to be toggled to be re-lit. This is for use in an emergency if for some reason your server lags if someone tries to light a million blocks for example.
    /glowool relight - Re-lights all blocks that should be lit.
    /glowool show - Shows you which blocks are being lit by changing them to planks for 5 seconds.

    Permissions Nodes

    glowool.* - Gives all permissions.

    glowool.admin.count - Allows the use of the count command.
    glowool.admin.reset - Allows the use of the reset command.
    glowool.admin.relight - Allows the use of the relight command.
    glowool.admin.show - Allows the use of the show command.

    If no permissions plugin is found glowool.admin.* will default to true for ops and false for everyone else.

    Config Options

    relight-freq - How often the blocks are checked to make sure they are lit, this is a number in seconds and defaults to 2.
    block-ids - A list of the blocks ids to be lit if powered, the default is just 35 which is wool.




    Note: The dark blocks on the balloon are only there because I was too lazy to work out how to power them.


    Planned Changes
    • Permissions node for creating glowing blocks (not sure if this will be possible)
    • Try to work around some of the lighting bugs.
    • Add more efficiency.
    • Configurable blocks.
    • Add different modes:
      • Redstone (powered blocks are lit).
      • Area Selection (clicked on or selected blocks can be linked to a lever, button, etc).
      • Torch Click (clicking on a block with a torch will light it up).
    Know Limitations / Bugs
    • Sometimes when a player places a block near the lit area the light will be reset for their client, the server will reset the light level for other players but the one that placed the block will not see it for a while. Doing somethign that will change the light level of the area (like placing a torch or repeater close enough for the light to overlap) also causes this, an easy work around it to use levers as a power source.
    • Some shapes will not light if not all of the blocks are powered, this seems to be a quirk of the way Minecraft blends the light.
    • The client will not process lighting updates that happen far away, this is visible in the video where the animating "Bukkit" appears to be frozen but when approaching it starts working.

    Version 0.4
    • Blocks removed with WorldEdit will now be removed from the block list (not straight away).
    • Code re-organised a bit.
    • Source code is now included in the .jar file.
    Version 0.3.2
    • Will no longer add light for cancelled events.
    • Forgot what I changed in 0.3.1, it was something small though.
    Version 0.3
    • Added two config options, relight-freq and block-ids.
    Version 0.2
    • Added /glowool relight and /glowool show.
    • Fixed a bug with the way blocks are saved when the server shuts down, meaning blocks will now still be lit after a server re-start.
    Version 0.1.2
    • Fixed a bug that stopped wool being lit after changing the server time with /time
    Version 0.1.1
    • Fixed the two commands and permissions.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial buggy testing version.
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    Yeah it is working fairly nicely now (well ish). I did make a post in the submission section linking to this topic too, not really sure how this works (this is my first attempt at a plugin).
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    Haven't tried this yet but it would be cool if you could make them glow at night :p
    Will try it when i get some wool...:)
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    Please tell me you are being sarcastic or something !
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    Is anyone else having trouble getting this plugin to work?
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    What problem are you having saying that it simply does not work does not really help.
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    I deleted the folder and re-ran the server and it worked. Is there anyway you could add always glow into the config file? So people could have all wool glow 24/7 if they wanted or turn it off in the config. It would be REALLY AWESOME XD.

    Thanks for your time
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    All wool would not be a good idea since this has to force the server to maintain an unnatural lighting pattern, this is done at the moment by checking all blocks every few seconds to make sure they are lit. I tested it with ~1000 blocks and there was no noticeable lag but all blocks on the server seems like a bad idea. I guess I could add it with a warning.
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    Great idea! (I found it by searching)

    Blocks stay lit even after removing the source of power. Server lag was becoming an issue with ~1200 blocks lit (that weren't supposed to be after removing power) count showed them as being lit, reset turned them off, relight did not relight them (good). Glad those commands were there.

    After turning them off with the commands the blackness followed. Areas were dark, very dark, so dark torches did not light them up. Then the creepers came. Yes, they came in great numbers inside that wool rubik's cube. A great battle ensued, the cube was damaged and many miners died. Now there is peace inside the cube as placing blocks in the dark areas fixed the minecraft lighting bug causing the darkness.

    In short, blocks stay lit after removing the power source and lots of lit blocks cause server lag.
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    Do you have any other plugins that might cancel a physics event ? Also did you get any errors in the server.log ?
    Sometimes the light will persist as a client side only thing, but if you say count showed them up as lit then that is not right, I will look into it. But I do have this running on my server and the blocks always turn off so I think it has to be a conflict of some sort.

    You could reduce the load this plugin causes by increasing the "relight-freq" config option, this controls the number of seconds between checks to make sure the blocks are still lit. You could set it to something like 120 really.

    Sorry about the bugs, I will have a look to see what I can do.
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    I was having issues placing levers side by side on the wall, blocks were lighting and going out randomly. I gave up with that and used torches instead which was better, it could have been the levers I had left up causing the lag.
    The wall holding the torches was removed with WorldEdit, I thought that was the cause of the blocks staying lit but the blocks lit with levers had the levers removed manually (doing this made the lag very noticeable) they also stayed lit. When the lever was simply toggled off the block did unlight, removing it left the block lit.

    The cube has ~7800 blocks to be lit. I'll try again with a long relight-freq time since it will just be lit all the time (no flashing is used)

    The server just had a lot of can't keep up messages as far as I can tell. I just started running it under 'screen' and lost the scroll back buffer my terminal used to provide.
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    when u fix bugs then i'll download ur plugin :D
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    Ah okay, if you use worldedit the block_break event is not fired, which means that the blocks would not be removed from the lit blocks list. Did you remove the lever with the super pick axe by any chance, as that also would not fire the block_break event, although the power state of the wool should still change.

    The light freaking out you mention is one of the lighting bugs I am trying to work around at the moment, it seems to be on certain shapes :?

    The relight-freq option only controls how often the blocks are checked, they should always update when their power state changes straight away. Sometimes when another physics_event or block_place or well anything comes along it breaks the lighting, if this happens the blocks will stay dark for relight-freq seconds until they are relit.

    I have a few ideas on how to add more efficiency too, the lag seems to be caused by the server having to handle the weird light pattern as it mixes with other light in the area.

    A few tips, when you are building don't place any torches in the area as the light from those tries to blend with the light from the wool which just makes a mess, also turn off smooth lighting, it makes it very easy to see what is being lit.

    Thanks for letting me know !

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    Thanks! I really needed this!
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    How do i make it glow, i do the command /glowool show and it shows the block i want to glow into a wood plank block but it won't glow is there a certain kind of redstone you have to use? or is the plugin just not working for me :( ?
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    If it turns to a wood block that means that it is glowing, try logging out and into the server, it may be a client bug.
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    No I beat the levers off with a piece of dirt. Also I beat the redstone dust off the floor with a piece of redstone dust and those stayed lit too.

    I mention the worldedit because I also thought is was because of that, even though I only removed the supporting structure and not the power source with it. I will try to recreate when I play tonight and post results.
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    Sometimes the light will stay (or not appear) as a client bug, when it happens again can you also try logging out and in of the server. Also, make sure you have 0.4 as I made some changes :)
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    ..... :D
    Could one block of wool glow diffrent colours?
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    If Minecraft had coloured lighting maybe.
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    No support for PermissionsEX
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    Well observed.
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    This plugin seems like it could be great for some redstone contraptions, but it won't work properly for me. When I power the blocks, they light up for a fraction of a second then go dark again. I have to use /glowool relight to make it stay on, and once I toggle it it won't work properly until I /glowool relight again.
    Example case (after using /glowool relight)
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    That looks a lot like the client bugs I mentioned, when it happens try disconnecting and re-connecting. There is not really a fix for this.
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    I've disconnected and reconnected but every time I try to use GloWool the same thing happens, both with the previous version and the newest version. It's a pity because I wanted to make a big display using this plugin and a giant redstone wire mess that I could play Pong on or something. Not that I would have the patience to make Pong using redstone... It would be easier to make a Pong plugin, actually :p
    Edit: It actually worked when I placed the lever further away... weird. Sure seems to be a quirk in Minecraft.
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    That's interesting ! I really have no idea what I can do about the lighting bugs, hopefully it will be fixed a bit in 1.8
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    Manual permanent glow would be nice as well.

    I have a companion cube that is in dire need of glowing
    But it's hollow and used for a gate network hub.

    So a command to turn all wool within a radius into permanent glow (on state) would be awesome.

    Edit: Read an earlier post that this was already planned, just not in the todo list anymore?
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    I'm waiting until after 1.8 to develop this any further. I have a feeling it might not be possible with the new lighting.
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    Any idea on if this plugin is still possible with the new lighting? :p
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    I haven't looked into it more than checking to see if the old method still worked, which didn't.

    I will have a look properly when I get chance, definitely before the RB

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