[MECH] GimmeThatGlass! v0.1 - Return Glass Drops! [1337]

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    GimmeThatGlass is a plugin that returns glass drops when you break glass!
    This is my first bukkit plugin, so it may be a big buggy. If you come across a bug, please tell me by posting below and it should be fixed within the next update!

    - Gives you a glass drop when you break a piece of glass!
    - Doesn't drop in creative mode (because build up of stacks in the inventory can get annoying).

    Known Bugs:
    - Still drops glass if broken inside a protected region (like WorldGuard or Residence).

    Todo List:
    - Permissions support.
    - Config.
    - Make it so glass dosnt drop when it is in a protected region (like WorldGuard or Residence).
    (All of this should be in the next update which should be out this week ;) )

    v0.2 (1337) [Prankbusters]
    v0.1 (1337) [Prankbusters]

    - Glass only drops if your in survival mode (as a result it fixes other bugs).
    - Initial Release.

    I reccomend not getting until next update if for a public survival server ;)

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    I made a plugin like this a long time ago when I was a newbie, and I had the same issues with WG and other region protection plugins.
    I'm going to assume that you're spawning a glass block when glass is broken. To fix the issue, add this:
    if (!event.isCancelled()) {
        //your glass item spawning code goes here
    where the variable "event" is the BlockBreakEvent.
    Hope this helps :D
  3. It might be your first plugin and stuff but theres already atleast 6 plugins which does this and more. Just 8 days ago a plugin just like this got submitted.
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    I like the plugin, and well done on your first one, but I wouldn't have released it since there are at least 5 other plugins that do exactely the same.
    It's good that you start with making plugins though, Keep it up!
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    Well I noticed alot of these plugins are outdated, or have major exploit bugs so I just wanted to make a plugin that would always be updated and have no bugs and a config and permissions, just so there would be one people could rely on, you know?

    Thanks ALOT! Oh, and by the way:

    Sorry to bother you, but it seems this isnt working :/ do I put this in the OnBlockBreak event and have all of the block breaking code inside of it? Because thats what im doing and its not working out...

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    If that message was meant towards DrAgonmoray then you should either tag him or reply to his post to get his attention. (it shows in his "news-feed" which allows him to see it easier)

    I'll just tag him now:
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    Well, you're the coder. Try googling around and see what you come up with. :)
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