[MECH/GEN/RPG] Storm - Redefining Weather [1.4.7 R1]

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    Storm is a plugin that adds a whole new range of weather mechanics to Minecraft and Bukkit.

    Storm was aimed to answer dozens of plugin requests asking for better weather, and as such there are MANY features. Some are done, some are in the pipeline. It also boasts 101% full configuration of ALL features.

    Acidic Percipitation: Transforms blocks into blocks defined in configuration randomly when acidicly precipitating. Also damages players, and poisons them. Acid rain will be fully configurable, so you can define everything from the chance of acid rain occurring to the amount of damage dealt to players.

    Blizzards: Now snow isn't just an annoying event that you can turn off with Optifine and fills your un-roofed rooms with snow. Its a real threat. If you are caught in a blizzard with no place to go, your chances of survival are slim. You will move slower through snow, have limited visibility, and take cold damage. Just hope you can make it to that desert biome in time! All without PlayerMoveEvents!

    Better Lightning: Storm's lightning tops vanilla lightning in a couple of ways. Firstly, it follows physics, and is attracted to metal more so than leaves. Secondly, if a player is waving an iron axe around in the rain, they risk being zapped! Finally, Storm's lightning has a larger range of damage, so you aren't safe if you are a measly 10 blocks from a lightning strike. Now there's more to worry about during storms then supercharged creepers.

    Wildfires: Every hour, there is a chance that a fire with the mechanics of pre 1.6B Minecraft will spawn in a forest randomly selected.

    Meteors: Due to popular demand, Storm has possibly the most devastating natural disaster: meteors. Every hour there is a chance of a meteor spawning, and when it does, Notch help your players.

    Volcanoes: 'nuff said.

    Earthquakes: Opens rifts in the ground, makes blocks fly, and shakes player's vision. What could be more fun?

    More coming soon! You can also find images in our gallery (Direct).

    Just drag and drop! The latest version of Storm is available on BukkitDev (Direct).

    Additional Links:
    Storm on BukkitDev. (Direct)
    Storm on Github. (Direct)

    If you have a feature request, post it in the comments, or drop us a ticket!
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    Is there anyway you could explain how you go about making these changes to Minecraft? Or at least could you send me in the direction to learn how. I've recently became interested in making my own Minecraft map and i want to be able to control the weather and add frost/cold damage. Anything on the subject would be appreciated thanks.
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    All the source of this plugin is readily available on Github, so you can browse through it :)
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    Are there any safe areas, like worldguard protected areas or something? I would hate for an earthquake or meteror to destroy my server's spawn, for example (and a few other places of interest), but still have them enabled for other areas.
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    Yes, Storm protects Residence/WorldGuard areas. All this info and more can be found on the BukkitDev page.
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    Uh, looks cool, but was a bit hectic, and I couldn't figure out how to stop all the earthquakes and volcanoes, so I deleted the plugin. Even with the plugin gone, everybody is stuck walking slow...how can I fix it?

    Nevermind, it's related to the players somehow. We went to the nether, came back, and running/walking is normal again.

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    Hey i got this error... its extremely big. http://pastebin.com/N38iALMW

    strange tho everything seems to be working fine...

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    wowzersam Think you can upload the log file the traceback mentions? Would help me loads :)
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