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    This is a continuation of TrainYourBrain's plugin which was a continuation of Olof Larson's vampire plugin. I take no credit for any features/functionality/creativity of the plugin up until this point and want to show my appreciation for their efforts by continuing their great work.

    Initially, I will only be fixing bugs in the plugin until I can get my head wrapped around the entire codebase. Then, I'll branch off into adding additional the features that the community thirsts for (pun intended).

    Current version: 3.4.3
    Source: coming soon

    This plugin add the horror of vampirism to your minecraft server.
    Any player may turn into a vampire if they contract the infection and doesn’t manage (or doesn’t care) to cure themselves in time.
    The plugin is fully configurable, see the "Configuring the plugin" section.

    Turing into a vampire

    To become a vampire you must first contract a certain infection. This infection will make you sicker and sicker until you finally turn into a vampire. If you want to stop the infection you can either eat bread or use a good altar (read more about altars further down).

    There are three ways to contract the infection:

    • Fight against vampires in close combat. For each attack (from either you or the vampire) there is a 1/30 risk that you will contract the infection.
    • Use an evil altar. Any player can build such an altar (read more about altars further down).
    • Ask a server operator to infect you. There is a server command for this.
    After you contract the infection you have one hour (real time not game time) before you turn. This is about 3 minecraft day night cycles.

    Since version 3.0, two vampire types exist: TrueBlood and Common.
    The main difference is TrueBlood can infect other player, whereas Common can't.
    True Blood are those who turn into vampire thanks to an evil altar.
    The common are human infected (and turn) because of an other vampire.

    A human become True Blood vampire using an evil altar.
    A human become Common vampire when a TrueBlood vampire attack him.

    Being a vampire

    • Burn in sunlight, but not when it's raining/snowing/thundering.
    • Take no fall damage.
    • Can breath underwater… or rather does not need to breathe at all.
    • Has a reservoir of blood between 0 and 100.
    • Must drink blood from humans or animals to not die from starvation.
    • Can not eat normal food except fresh pork to recover blood.
    • Regenerates health automatically. (costs blood)
    • Won’t be attacked by monsters unless the vampire attacks first.
    • Can jump and fly using a red rose. (costs blood)
    • Deal more damage in close combat.
    • Take less damage in close combat except for attacks from wooden weapons which hurt them a lot.
    • Occasionally infects others in close combat.
    • A vampire is considered to stand in sunlight if it is daytime and the blocks above the vampire is too transparent. So for example a vampire will burn under a clear sky but be safe under a cobblestone roof. If the roof was made of glass the vampire would burn. It is possible for vampires to take cover under trees if they are thick enough. It takes 4 leaf-blocks to block the sun… etc.
    To drink blood a vampire must damage other humans or animals. So if you are a vampire you will find that it is possible to go the vegetarian way… however humans are much more tasty (you get much more blood from them than animals). It is important to keep track of your blood supply. Use the v command every once in a while. If blood is over 50 the regenerate ability will work. You will slowly heal your wounds automatically at the cost of blood. However if your blood is below 50 you are thirsty and will slowly loose health. If blood is below 20 you are very very thirsty and will loose health fast.

    Curing a vampire
    The only way to cure a vampire (except for the admin cheat command) is to use a good altar, or via in-game commands by an operator.

    There are two types of altars. Good ones and evil ones. These altars can be built by any player. The evil altar can be used to contract the infection that after a while will turn you into a vampire. The good altar can stop the infection and even cure already turned vampires. The altars are made of one main block and 20 nearby blocks:
    • A good altar is a Lapis Lazuli Block with 20 Glowstone Blocks nearby.
    • An evil altar is a Gold Block with 20 Obsidian Blocks nearby.
    Note how I wrote nearby. To be more precise nearby means within a radius of 7 blocks away from the main block. This means you may design your altar how you like. Put the secondary blocks in any way you think look nice

    To use the altar you right-click on the main block (gold or lapis).

    Configuring the plugin

    There are 4 configuration files :
    • Conf.json include general Vampire plugin variables.
    • Lang.json contains all the text. (So this is the file you'll need to translate if you don't want the text to be in English )
    • TrueBloodConf.json contains attributes about TrueBlood vampire.
    • CommonConf.json contains attributes about Common vampires.
    FAQ :

    First, to configure the plugin, edit the conf.json file located in Vampire directory.

    How can I change the necrosis system radius effect ?

    Set the radiusSpreadingNecrosis value to true/false.

    How to enable/disable the things becoming death when vampire are close to them (spreading necrosis system) ?

    Change "allowSpreadingNecrosis" value to true or false (respectively enable/disable).

    How to enable/disable draining blood over time ?

    Change "allowBloodLoss" value to true or false (respectively enable/disable).

    How to change the color vampire name when the vampire send a message in chat box ?

    Change the following variable that are use to set the vampire name color and the message color of a vampire :

    "vampireChatNameColor": "RED",
    "vampireChatMessageColor": "WHITE",

    The base chat console command is /v or simply v. This means you don’t need to write the forward slash if you don’t feel like it.

    The base command v can be used by vampires to display their current blood reservoir. There are also the following subcommands for server operators (OP):
    • v infect [playername] *[amount from 0 to 100]
    The player turns into vampire at infection 100. 0 means no infection.

    • v turn [playername] [TrueBlood]
    Instantly turn a player into a common or trueblood vampire.​
    Ex: "/v turn Toto" will turn Toto in common vampire.
    "/v turn Toto trueblood" will turn Toto in True Blood vampire.
    • v cure [playername]
    Instantly cure a player from vampirism.​
    • v list
    List all vampires on the server.​
    • v load [config|players|all]
    Load data from disk.​
    • v save [config|players|all]
    Save data to disk.​
    • v time [ticks from 0 to 23999]
    Set the time. 0 means sunrise. 1 ingame hour is 1000 ticks.​
    • v version
    Find out which version you are running.​
    • v help
    Show help​
    • v chatcolor [enable/disable]
    • Enable or disable the system chat color : When a vampire write something, the vampire nickname is write in red
    • v burntime [From] [To]
    Set time when the vampires will burn. Ex: /v burntime 0 12400​
    • v feed [playername][amount]
    Give blood to the vampire.​


    Download the latest release:
    Put Vampire.jar in the plugins folder.
    A default config file will be created on the first run. You don’t need to modify it. The default file is good. But if you feel like it you can alter all ingame messages and a lot of the game balance from there.


    Version 3.4.3
    • Removed deprecated Bukkit function getFace
    • Added console log entry when a TrueBlood/Common vampire is cured by an altar
    • Tested/verified against CraftBukkit RB1000 (1.7.3)
    Version 3.4.2
    • Removed excessive debugging sent to console
    Version 3.4.1
    • Fixed random deaths due to regeneration and thirst competing in inappropriate order
    • Fixed thirst below 50 blood
    • Fixed common vampires infecting users when they shouldn't be
    • Fixed a bug of being unable to respawn after death, requiring the user to reconnect to the server
    -Revisions from past author(s)-
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Version 3.3
    • When a human died, he may become a vampire (configurable).
    • Bug fixes
    • True Blood vampire can use different recipes than Common vampire , in order to cure.
    Version 3.2
    • Added the possiblity to vampire (True Blood and/or Common) to prevent from burning.
    • Configuration file (Conf.json) split in 4 :
    - Conf.json includes general Vampire plugin variables.
    - Lang.json contains all the text. (So this is the file you'll need to translate if you don't want the text to be in English)
    - TrueBloodConf.json contains attributes about TrueBlood vampire.
    - CommonConf.json contains attributes about Common vampires.
    • Red roses don't disappear if "spreading death" ability is enabled.
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    Would it be possible to make Vampire compatible with permissions so that it adds a prefix to player's name when he becomes a vampire (and loose the prefix when he gets cured)? Or meaby some way to change a player's group in permissions automatically?
    Also could you please add a permission node for /v list so I can allow my players to use this command?
    Thank you for your hard work :)

    @Brody Romhanyi
    Are you attacking as a common vampire or trueblood? Only trueblood can infect others. And BTW I'm on bukkit #1024 and I have tons of plugins and Vampire works fine. It also worked on CB#1000 and earlier.

    I didn't test it on this plugin but I did with few others: edit your lang.json and make the messages empty. For example:
    "infectionMessageHeal": "",
      "infectionMessageCured": "",
      "vampiresCantEatFoodMessage": "",
      "messageTruceBroken": "",
    This should do the trick.

    Oh I just noticed you only want Bread messages to dissapear. Just edit proper lines instead of my example.

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    Suggesting this again if there is a way to do it. If a vampire is wearing a full set of armor (full gold etc) they do not burn in sunlight.. :?

    Would be a very nice addition...
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    Suggestion: Vampires should be able to go in the sun with diamond armor on? possibly gold armor?
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    Thank you but i need to figure out where exactly?
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    Go to your Minecraft/plugins/vampire folder
    You'll find a file named "lang.json", edit it with somthing like notepad or preferably notepad++
    PART of my file looks like this (I modified it for my language):
    "infectionMessagesProgress": [
        "Czujesz sie nieco zmeczony.",
        "Kreci ci sie w glowie. Czyzbys byl chory?",
        "Czujesz sie chory. Moze niedlugo ci przejdzie...",
        "Czujesz sie chory. Twoje serce bije mocniej niz zwykle.",
        "Czujesz dziwne zimno.",
        "Zastanawiasz sie czemu slonce tak bardzo cie razi.",
        "Wszystko jest zadziwiajaco glosne. Az boli cie glowa.",
        "Cos ci mowi ze to nie jest zwykla choroba.",
        "Czujesz dziwne pragnienie ale woda nie pomaga.",
        "Zaczynasz myslec o krwi. Dziwne.",
        "Zastanawiasz sie jak smakowalaby krew?",
        "Co sie dzieje? Skad ta obsesja na temat krwi?",
        "Strasznie bola cie zeby. Zupelnie jakby rosly.",
        "Krwawia ci zeby. Polykasz krew.",
        "Czujesz sie niesamowicie chory. Ale mimo to dziwnie silniejszy.",
        "Kiedy ktos przechodzi obok masz dziwna chec ugryzienia ich.",
        "Nachodzi cie niepokojaca mysl zeby zabic jednego z przyjaciol.",
        "Dzieja sie straszne rzeczy. Potrzebujesz pomocy.",
        "Cale cialo zaczyna bolec.",
        "Cialo pali cie od srodka. Jakbys mial igly we krwi.",
        "Bol jesst nie do zniesienia. Czujesz sie jakbys umieral.",
        "Czujesz sie jakby twoje cialo umieralo ale dusza nie mogla uciec.",
        "Nie mozesz zlapac oddechu. Czujesz lodowate zimno.",
        "Twoje serce juz prawie nie bije..."
      "infectionBreadHintMessages": [
        "Troche chleba mogloby pomoc.",
        "Widzisz dziwne ksztaly... Jak bochenki chleba?",
        "Ehh, co bym dal za odrobine chleba...",
        "Nie mozesz przestac myslec o pysznym chlebie.",
        "Mysl o chlebie cie nie opuszcza.",
        "Moze powinienes zjesc nieco chleba?",
        "Chleb... Chleb... Chleb..."
    The first part "infectionMessagesProgress" are messages that you're turning into vampire slowly.
    The second part "infectionBreadHintMessages" are messages that you need bread.
    If I understood you correctly, you want to replace the second part to:
      "infectionBreadHintMessages": [],
    If that doesn't work try:
      "infectionBreadHintMessages": [
    Hope that helps.

    Just FYI, in CB #1024 red rose jumping stopped working for me. I updated to Vampire v3.5.2 from here, and it works again.

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    Help i can't do this jump with the rose anymore after I changed some settings in conf.json I did only changed the things like jumppower or how it's called and set the ammount to 5,0. Now it's not working
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    Love this plugin! But I have a request. I used the common vampires as my king vampires (Admin Vamps) because the altars turn you into a true blood. So that way people could use an altar to turn into a vamp and not be the higher end vamp. But I just realized that if you set the common vampires (my King vampires) to not lose blood and not burn, it also makes the true blood do that. So my request is, please make it so that I can make altars turn people into common vampires so that way I can use True Blood vamps as my admin vamps. Or make it so that True Blood doesn't follow the common config. Thanks!
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    I was wondering if you would let me borrow your source for a while? My Vampires are having too easy a time with dungeons, because they don't aggro. I'd like to be able to designate a worldguard region as a vampire aggro zone. I'll let you have it back when I'm done as long as I get attribution.
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    Hey! I'm a big fan of the vampire plugin. And I've tested it, and played around with it alot. and I have some suggestions for it:

    -Could there be an config option for Vampires for "sunscreen" i.e. delay before damage from sun. Like, a true blood vampire can spend 8 seconds in the sun before catching fire. While a common vampire goes up in flames instantly.

    -Common Vampires should be able to interact with evil alters and give them the components to "upgrade" to a true blood vampire.

    -For the future, I had a neat idea. An "aging" system for Elder Vampires. As time goes on, True Blood Vampires become more powerful (Increased regeneration, increased blood reserve) or even, just access to a Title. like an month vampire (30 ingame days, name is now titled with Count. (the titles should be able to be customized in the config)

    If you like these ideas, I'm happy to shoot out more. I love this plugin! And its definitely my favorite one in existence!​

    post normally by raught lol but i think the exact same thing

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    jimmyy4, i can add your request to the list. Others have requested that TBs have some sort of resistance to the sun, whether by total immunity to it, or just by being able to wear diamond armor to lessen its effects. I can probably incorporate a blend of those requests and yours. I'm also working on the concept of Lineage, which will be able to track who infects who, who you've infected, etc. I think that goes alongside your idea of aging and/or Elder vampires. I haven't drawn out all the specs of it yet, but I do plan to implement such a system.
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    Ya know what I'd like to see? The possibility of making new vampire covens. Common, Trueblood, Elders, Lords etc...
    Maybe in the form of more .json configuration files. make that, and this will be my favourite plugin on the forums. :D
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    Can we get BOSEcon support
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    is it posible to add auto skin for vampire's
  17. Hello! I have a translate for Brazilian Portuguese!!! by Tiago Brazil
    Olá, tenho uma tradução para o Português do Brasil.
    Não suporta acentos..
    Substitua o código do seu arquivo lang.json pelo código abaixo.
      "infectionMessageHeal": "Voce esta se sentindo melhor. coma uns paes que ajuda a combater a infeccao.",
      "infectionMessagecured": "Voce esta curado da infeccao.",
      "vampirescantEatFoodMessage": "Vampiro nao pode comer. Voce deve beber sangue.",
      "messageTruceBroken": "Voce quebrou temporariamente seu pacto com os monstros!",
      "messageTruceRestored": "Seu pacto com os monstros foi restaurado.",
      "messageBloodMeter": "%1$.1f sangue.",
      "messageTrueBloodVampire": "Voce e um vampiro puro-sangue.",
      "messageBasicVampire": "Voce e um vampiro comum.",
      "messageBloodMeterWithDiffAndReason": "%1$.1f sangue %2$+.1f %3$s",
      "messageBloodDrinkReason": "de %s",
      "messageDeadBecomeVampire": "Voce esta com fraqueza no coracao. Talvez esteja infectado...",
      "thirstDeathMessage": "Voce esta morrendo de sede. Beba mais sangue para evitar a morte.",
      "jumpMessageNotEnoughBlood": "Voce precisa beber mais sangue para pular.",
      "regenStartMessage": "Suas feridas estao curando. Seu sangue esta voltando ao normal.",
      "messageWoodcombatWarning": "Ferramentas de madeira podem lhe ferir muito!! cuidado!",
      "combustMessage": "Vampiros queimam na luz do sol! Procure abrigo!",
      "infectionMessagesProgress": [
        "Voce esta se sentindo um pouco cansado.",
        "Voce esta com tonturas... Pode estar infectado.",
        "Voce esta meio doente. com o tempo pode melhorar",
        "Voce esta ficando doente. Seu coracao esta mais fraco.",
        "Voce esta perdendo a sensibilidade do corpo.",
        "Ahrghh! O sol fere seus olhos!!",
        "Sua audicao esta ficando mais agucada. E isso aumenta a dor de cabeca.",
        "Algo me diz que isso nao e uma doenca normal...",
        "Voce esta com sede, mas agua nao pode lhe ajudar...",
        "Voce esta pensando muito em sangueeee.",
        "Voce esta imaginando que gosto teria o sangue...",
        "O que ha de errado? Porque agora essa obcessao por sangue?",
        "Seus dentes caninos estao doendo. Parece que estao crescendo.",
        "Seus dentes comecaram a sangrar e voce esta engolindo sangue... Que gostinho bom...",
        "Voce vomitou e esta se sentindo horrivel... mas, mais forte do que antes.",
        "Quando as pessoas passam por perto voce sente vontade de morde-las.",
        "Voce tem vontade de matar seus próprios amigos...",
        "Voce tem vontade de chorar... Sera que deve pedir ajuda?",
        "Voce esta sentindo muita dor no peito.",
        "Seu sangue esta ficando escuro e ardendo nas veias...",
        "A dor e insuportavel!! Voce deve estar morrendo!",
        "Parece que seu corpo esta morrendo, mas sua alma esta aprisionada a ele!",
        "Voce parou de respirar e esta congelando...",
        "Seu coracao esta parando!!"
      "infectionBreadHintMessages": [
        "comer um pouco de pao lhe faz bem...",
        "Voce esta vendo uma imagem falhada... Seu pedaco de pao...",
        "Pao seria muito bom agora...",
        "como seria bom comer pao agora...",
        "Pensar em pao assado na hora faz voce se sentir quente por dentro...",
        "Procure alguma padaria urgente...",
        "Pao... Pao... Pao..."
      "turnMessages": [
        "Seu coracao parou. Voce nao pode mais respirar.",
        "Voce agora e um vampiro. Para ver sua quantidade de sangue:",
        "Digite \"/v\" ou apenas \"v\" na janela do chat."
      "turnTrueBloodMessages": [
        "Seu coracao parou. Voce nao pode mais respirar.",
        "Voce agora e um vampiro de puro sangue capaz de infectar outros jogadores.",
        "Para ver sua quantidade de sangue:",
        "Digite \"/v\" ou apenas \"v\" na janela do chat."
      "cureMessages": [
        "Voce foi curado do vampirismo!",
        "Voce esta mais uma vez saudavel e bem vivo! cuidado com os vampiros!!"
      "helpMessages": [
        "***Vampire Help***",
        "/v        Mostra a quantidade de sangue.",
        "/v cure [PlayerName]       cura um jogador.",
        "/v infect [PlayerName]        Infecta um jogador.",
        "/v turn [PlayerName]        Transforma um jogador em vampiro.",
        "/v time [ticks]        Define o horario. 0 a 23999.",
        "/v save [config | players | all]        Salva os dados no servidor.",
        "/v load [config | players | all]        carrega dados do servidor.",
        "/v list        Lista de vampiros do servidor.",
        "/v burntime [From] [To]        Define o horario em que os vampiros queimam.",
        "/v chatcolor [enable/disable]        Ativa/desativa a cor do nome dos vampiros no chat.",
        "/v version        Mostra a versao do plugin Vampire.",
        "/v feed [Playername][blood]        Doar sangue para um jogador."
      "thirstMessages": [
        "Voce esta com um pouco de sede...",
        "Um pouco de sangue agora seria bom...",
        "Voce esta imaginando o sangue que vai beber hoje...",
        "Seus dentes estao formigando...",
        "Talvez voce devesse esfaquear alguem e lamber as maos...",
        "Voce perdeu o cheiro de sangue..."
      "thirstStrongMessages": [
        "Voce esta querendo sangue!",
        "Voce precisa sentir o gosto de sangue agora!",
        "A sede e insuportavel!",
        "Sua pele esta ficando cinza...",
        "Parece que voce ja vai desmaiar!",
        "Voce esta fraco...",
        "Voce esta precisando de sangue urgente!",
        "Ninguem podera ajuda-lo agora!!",
        "Sua visao esta ficando vermelha e borrada!",
        "Voce esta preocupado com sua sobrevivencia!"
      "altarUseIngredientsSuccess": "Voce usou os seguintes itens no altar:",
      "altarUseIngredientsFail": "Para usar voce precisa coletar os seguintes ingredientes:",
      "altarInfectExamineMsg": "Este altar parece do ser do mal.",
      "altarInfectExamineWhileInfected": "Parece que voce esta sendo infectado. Sinta a energia..",
      "altarInfectExamineMsgNoUse": "Este altar pode transformar voce em vampiro, mas voce ja e um deles.",
      "altarInfectToSmall": "Alguma esta acontecendo... O ouro atrai a energia da Obsidiana... Mas parece nao ter Obsidianas suficientes por perto.",
      "altarInfectUse": "Alguma coisa esta acontecendo... O ouro atrai a energia da Obsidiana... Essa energia corre por dentro de suas veias e voce sente frio.",
      "altarcureExamineMsg": "Este altar parece brilhante e agradavel",
      "altarcureExamineWhileInfected": "Suas maos estao quentes e a energia flui por dentro de voce.",
      "altarcureExamineMsgNoUse": "e provavel que voce esteja curado agora. Voce esta se sentindo bem.",
      "altarcureToSmall": "Alguma coisa esta acontecendo.... O Lapis Lazulis extrai energia do GlowStone... Mas parece que nao tem Glowstone suficiente por perto.",
      "altarcureUse": "Alguma coisa esta acontecendo. O Lapis Lazulis extraiu energia do Glowstone... Essa energia corre por dentro de suas veias e voce sente calor."
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    can you make it so if you attack an NPC villager, it gives you as much blood as if it was a normal player, that would be so cool. i LOVE the mod, it's epic! thanks.
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    I'd like to see "Lapis Lazuli" ring wich would protect the wearer from sunlight (if he's vampire)

    Oh yea also right click for draining blood would be cool

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    How do i find the vampire both True blood and common just wanna know by the way awesome plugin ;)
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    Video we made of this plugin, i used sword to drink more blood : D even if we failed...
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    is this plugin designed to only work in the worlds specified in the config, and if not, can you please make it that way in future?
    I use the MultiVerse plugin and I want to make the vampire mod specific to my PvP world.
  23. Hay I love you plugin but I think you should add a recipes for coffins for vampires to sleep in the day
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    This is one of my favorite plugins EVER. However, I do have one suggestion… Would it be possible to add creative-like flying that slowly drains blood?
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    I wish there was a singleplayer version, but I guess that's why I have hamachi...
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    I don't know why but my server wont run the plugin. I'm running it on a CentOS Linux machine, and I did what the installation instructions said, but it wont work. Please help?
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    Please can someone tell me if it works for 1.2.5 servers? If it doesn't please can a coder remake it because it's like the best plugin in the whole world!
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    "Could not Load vampire.jar" pls help!
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    i got an error:i put the Vampire.jar in the plugins folder and then when i launch the server it says something like;"Could not load 'plugins\Vampire.jar' in folder 'plugins'.org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/bukkit/event/player/PlayerListener."

    Then there comes a huge block of code on the server.batch file thingy.

    Please help me!
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    This plugin, judging from the error and recent (or, rather, not recent) changes, is extremely outdated and still using the old Listener system. Until the current maintainer releases a patch, it won't work, unfortunately
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    When I put it into my plugins folder. It doesn't show up in the CMD.

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