Inactive [MECH/FUN] Useful Snow - adds needed functions to snow related features [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    Useful Snow is a lightweight plugin that adds many necessary features to snow to improve the survival experience.


    Plugin Showcase:

    Option To Have Stackable Snow

    • Snowballs create snow patches on the ground where they land when thrown
    • When blocks of snow are placed in water, they turn to ice (this makes it possible to create ice)
    • Snow is able to be stacked up
    • Snowballs have the option to cause damage ( default is half a heart )
    • Snowballs have the option to slow a target
    • You are now able to collect snow on the ground with your hands
    • Mobs or players on fire can be put out by throwing snowballs at them
    Other features include:
    • Permission support
    • Everything in the plugin is configurable
    • You can disable or enable different components of the plugin.
    This is a plug and play plugin where no configuration is necessary unless you want to disable features or change the defaults. All permission nodes are set to default so if you want a group to NOT have a permission you must change it to false for that group.

    Permission Nodes:
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    usefulsnow.pickup - Pick up snow with hands - Create ice by placing snowblock near water
    usefulsnow.snow - Create snow by throwing snowball
    usefulsnow.damage - Damage things with snowballs - Put out fire on something with snowball
    usefulsnow.slowness - Make something slow by throwing snowball at it

    I will add an option in the next update to stack up snow piles

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    New update is out. Includes what I said before. Option to stack snow
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    Also as requested, I will add a feature to put out blocks on fire with snowballs
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    A good pair with this plugin would be SnoGro. It adds piles of snow to snowy biomes so snow is more realistic. I would recommend it
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    I really like this plugin and was wondering if you could add a configurable cooldown to throwing snowballs.
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    New update will have an optional configurable cooldown to throwing snowballs and hopefully worldgaurd support
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    Great plugin, but not for 1.1 which I'm using atm..
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    Minecraft 1.1? The current version is 1.4.5. Either way it should work as expected.

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