[MECH/FUN/TP] SimpleCarts v1.6.0 - Simplified Minecart functionality [1.4.7-R0.1]

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    Thanks for using a spoiler~ ^_^

    Found your problem. Disable the minecart functionality in Falsebook, if possible.
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    Am I missing the point of the booster blocks? as it seems it 'autocarts' when you punch it.
    Not that I mind it, just since you go forever with a punch, cant see any need for the booster blocks.

    Or is it another plugin I have doing the 'auto' movement?
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    I have a biiiig cart setup, I recently brought my server up after having it down probably 5 months. used minecart mania before.

    Info for button use. (not enough time for tapping cart)
    Minecart should be launched by launcher. (49)
    minecart should be haulted by launcher (49)

    When in cart, onto obsidian, pushing a button doesnt make it run off, you have to tap it.
    which isnt enough time for a simple button, lever meaning the next person will just skip that station, and when i have 10 rather big rings, with each having 10 stations.
    Can you make a option, automatic launchers ?
    when activated by redstone push the cart out without interaction
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    Booster blocks cause a Minecart to travel twice as fast than normal ("normal" is determined by the speed-mulitplier in config.yml). You can read more about the different control blocks here.

    Most people use Booster Rails nowadays. Booster Rails check if there's a block behind them, and if so, they launch the cart away from that block.

    Launchers are mostly to be used for stations (that's why they launch in the direction the cart was traveling previously). Still, you make a good point. I will add the ability to travel away from a block in the future.

    Thanks for the suggestion! <3
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    too little power or something odd with booster rail, that worked, I had tested it ofc, but that was altering already previous station.
    anyways, I think I will be in goal with your solution if : obsidian stops cart, no interaction continueon , so you don't have to tap on each station /disable tap to go ahead.
    Just options and not as standard ofc.
    I find the intersection part about minecraft to be rather tidious, tapping makes crashes possible, and I somehow got girls on my server, girls, electronics and that functionality never works, they do however create some pretty designs <3

    Either way simpler approach than minecart mania which was more advanced, and had to use signs and more compex circuitry.
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    Version 1.3.4 released. Launchers have been renamed Stations! If upgrading, you will need to update your config.yml.

    Warning: This update features the new event handlers for bukkit, which breaks compatibility with older CraftBukkit builds. If your server isn't running at least CB #1818, do not update.

    As you can see, I wasn't able to implement a true 'launching' mechanism. It doesn't seem like there's a way to determine how the Minecart's aligned so I can check whether there's a block behind it or not.

    Several people have asked about disabling the ability to start the cart. If you look through the ticketing section on BukkitDev, you'll see why I've turned them down.

    In what way do Intersections make crashes possible? :confused:
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    Is there a way to increase the brake to like 3x instead of 2?
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    Yep. Just mess around with the speed multiplier in config.yml. More info on the BukkitDev page.

    Version 1.4 released. You may now charge money per cart ride using Vault!

    Read the changelog in the first post for more changes. Be prepared to update your config.yml.

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  9. Is there any option for copper up in some particular minecarts?, There are people who make their own ways and also charged for use ...

    The idea is that copper in ways that have been created for traveling, not the ones that make people to use.
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    I'm a little confused about what it is you're asking, but I think you want only certain Minecarts to be affected by the money charge when using Vault?

    That would require a player white-list or black-list or region support, since I don't plan on tracking individual Minecarts and/or Dispensers. It'd be too much trouble for just one feature of SimpleCarts.
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    Can we add in an option to stop people exiting a cart once its in motion? I have a quest server and i dont like the idea of them getting out before the ride has ended :s
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    Got that suggestion before, but I had to turn it down mostly because of possible abuse. A player could trick another player into a constantly moving cart, leaving them stuck until they log out or use /sceject.
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    Are there any plans to add a "jump/flight" block? The plugin CartJump is un-maintained and doesn't work with the new event system, and I was going to try and update it except it's not open source; What it does is allow carts to keep their velocity for a very long time when falling. At the very lowest 'gravity' setting, the carts drop an average of only 1 block per 10 blocks forward; we use this to span oceans and fly 300-400 blocks at a time without having to run minecart track. It also lets us have minecarts from/to floating islands in the sky without an ugly track coming out of it.
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    Could you possibly add a permission and/or a command for a No exit track/cart ?
  15. Hi,
    Is that possible to add a autoboard & autostart blockoption ? for exemple if there is a certain block in front of a dispencer when it give a cart the player is placed in the cart and it start automaticly.
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    I've started the French translation. I'll finish today.
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    SimpleCarts v1.5 is now available for download ! As well as introducing a few bug fixes, the following changes have been made, which you should take notice of. It is recommended that you update your config.yml.

    Revised commands! Sexy!

    All commands now use arguments. For example, /scdebug is now /sc debug, where 'debug' is the argument. This change allows everything to be performed form one initial command (/sc or /simplecarts). It also makes shortcuts and additional arguments easy to use - the new /sc lang command can be used with /sc lang, and has several additional arguments to pick your language.

    Now available in Spanish and French!

    You can now choose to have SimpleCarts display messages in esES (Spanish) and frFR (French) either on start-up or in-game. SimpleCarts will follow these checks in order to determine the language per player:
    1. Has player changed language via the /sc lang command?
    2. Does the user have 'language.override' enabled in the config.yml?
    3. What is the language + country of the host machine?
    Note that check 2 and 3 will affect all players on start-up, but check 1 will only affect the command sender in-game (/sc lang cannot be used from the console). More information about localization in SimpleCarts can be found here.

    'Drop-on-eject' and 'drop-on-exit' are independent!

    Previously, when in use, the 'drop' setting would destroy the player's cart regardless of whether or not the associated 'destroy' setting was enabled. This has been changed to allow further server customization. To exhibit the previous behavior, simply enable both settings in the config.
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    It is a hyper-beautifool plugin!!!
    Thank you!
    How to get the speed was not constant?
    I want the speed was original by default.
    Is it imposible?
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    What is the nature of the conflight with traincarts? I would like to be able to have a train but controlled with this type of plugin.
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    Do you think you would be able to make a block that stops people getting out of the cart as on my server people just get out of the cart and disrupt all of the other carts.
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    I'll look into this for a future update.
    Has to do with how SimpleCarts controls cart speeds. TrainCarts compatibility coming soon.
    This has been suggested before and the answer is 'no', mostly because people could abuse it easily. If you've got messy tracks, then click here and take a gander at the following config options:
    • destroy-on-eject
    • destroy-on-exit
    • kick-players
    • remove-empty-carts
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    Okay then, and those will be useful anyway!
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    Version 1.5.3 released. See the changelog for more info.
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    For what its worth, heres one more person thats looking forward to TrainCarts compatibility.

    This plugin has everything I'm looking for in a player transport cart system, but I also need the ability to make effective cargo trains. I like that SimpleCarts only affects players, and I'd like to use TrainCarts & furnace/powered minecarts for freight trains (even without SimpleCart features, though they'd be a plus)... so as long as they just don't explode when used in conjunction, I'll be pleased as a peach!

    Thanks for the awesome plugin!
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    Any chance on adding it so dispensers can collect the carts automatically as well? Having a chest do it is fine, but it adds an extra stop when you want to have a completely automated track set.
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    i like this plugin from the looks of it, i realy need something like this to manage a subway system in dev on my server,

    one question, chests auto collect empty carts when they collide with it right? so that will only work when the chest is head on with the track right?

    or do chests also collect empty carts that pass by them? cuase thats what will make or break my decision to install this plugin,

    i need an plugin with the option to clear the empty carts off my tracks,
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    Been busy lately. Coming soon, promise!

    Unlikely, as I experimented with that during development. People kept getting annoyed when they accidentally pushed a dispensed cart back into the Dispenser.

    Try setting destroy-on-eject and destroy-on-exit to 'true' in config.yml. Might help :]

    Carts are only collected on collision (when the Minecart physically touches the Dispenser). As for keeping tracks clear, try setting destroy-on-eject and destroy-on-exit to 'true' in config.yml.
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    I'd also like to throw my hat in the ring for compatibility to TrainCarts.

    This plugin in FANTASTIC. The only problem I have with it, is that when I link my carts together to make trains, it ignores the blocks on the ground.

    Also, I haven't seen it in this thread.... and I can't seem to find an answer:

    Is it possible to keep the carts from going OFF the tracks at a high rate of speed? When using the multiplier, if I go above 1.50 at all, my carts fly off the tracks on the corners and will not up up inclines (they bounce back.) This number or lower, they work just fine with a slight boost in speed.

    I'd like them to go much faster, but the carts will not stay on the tracks. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Version 1.5.5 released.

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