Inactive [MECH/FUN] TorchArrow v0.9 - Makes an arrow to emit light and spawn a torch on impact [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    TorchArrow - In thy light shall we see light

    Version: v0.9 (Supports CraftBukkit RB 1.2.5-R1.0)
    (Migrated to, but I will post all the updates here too until BukkitDev takes over completely)

    Adds three new arrow types that emit light while flying: a torch arrow, a redstone torch arrow and a flare arrow. While flying in the air, the torch arrows illuminate the blocks around them and finally spawn a torch when the target is reached. The torch arrow will place a normal torch on impact and redstone torch places a redstone torch. The normal torch arrow can be also set to melt ice and snow instantly in arrow glow radius by changing permissions. With redstone torch arrow you can also e.g solve different kind of redstone circuit puzzles or activate circuitry from distance. Finally, you can set the torch arrows to burn hit enemies by a defined change by tuning values in the config-file. The flare arrow does not spawn any torches, but emits light and goes out after a predefined time. Check out the full feature list below and read the instructions!

    • An arrow with a cool dynamic light effect that illuminates dark places in air or water in predefined radius.
    • Light around player that illuminates the blocks around and follows the player. The light can be turned on by charging the bow or by right clicking the mouse while the bow is active and the required materials are in place.
    • A torch or a redstone torch is placed on the block that the arrow hit.
    • Placed torches can be removed by shooting them with a normal arrow.
    • Torch Arrow glow melts ice and evaporates snow.
    • Set block on fire with flare arrow or with torch arrows when torch placing is disabled
    • Hit enemies can catch fire by a defined chance.
    • The arrow light of flare arrows will go out after impact and after a predefined time has passed
    • Customize your arrows by changing the settings!
    • Supports Bukkit permissions API
    Possible Future Features (open)

    One can shoot arrows of one of the torch arrow type if he has an arrow stack in any slot in the inventory and a torch stack, a redstone stack or a glowstone dust stack on the right side of the bow. If previously mentioned conditions are not met, the bow will shoot arrows normally.

    Torch arrow works best in very dark places and in night time on the surface area, and can be also used to brighten dark areas under water to see what is in the bottom of the watery grave.
    The Arrow Types (open)

    • Torch Arrow:
      • Places a normal torch on impact.
      • Melts ice and evaporates snow instantly.
      • Sets enemy on fire by a predefined chance.
      • Does more damage than a normal arrow. (Compensating the shooting delay and not being able to charge the bow)
      • Emits light around it while flying.
      • Sets blocks on fire (if setting enabled and torch spawning disabled)
    • Redstone Torch Arrow:
      • Emits light while flying.
      • Places a redstone torch on impact.
      • Sets enemy on fire. (Half time on fire compared to torch arrow)
      • Does half of the damage compared to normal arrow.
      • Sets blocks on fire (if setting enabled and torch spawning disabled)
    • Flare Arrow:
      • You can change the flare arrow material (default material is glowstone dust)
      • Emits light while flying.
      • Goes out after predefined time has passed after impact.
      • Does no damage.
      • Has bigger light radius on impact than while flying
      • Sets blocks on fire (if setting enabled)

    Light around player
    Before you shoot one of the torch arrow types, the arrow illuminates the area around the player for a predefined time period. The light has same intensity and radius as the active torch arrow type and it will follow the player while it is on. When the light turns off it will consume one piece of the material needed for the active arrow type, but no arrows will be consumed. This feature can be turned off by changing playerLightTime-setting to 0 in config.
    • How to activate the light?
      • Charge the bow while torch arrow materials are in place: If you keep the bow charged the light will illuminate the area around you and it will go out after a defined time (defined in config).
      • Click the right mouse button once fast while the torch arrow materials are in place: Same as above.
    • How to turn off the light?
      • The light will turn off automatically when a certain time has passed (defined in config) and it will consume a piece of the required material.
      • Click the left mouse button when the bow is in hand: The light will turn off and it will consume a piece of the required material.
      • Change the active item from bow to another item in hand inventory: Same as above
      • Shoot the active arrow type: The light will go off and a piece of material and an arrow will be consumed normally.
    • /torcharrow reload (Reloads the config file)
    Settings explained (open)

    • spawnTorches: Enable/disable torch spawning on arrow impact. If set to false, this overrides the preset permissions
    • smoothLighting: Activates a smoother lighting effect. This may slow down your server a bit.
    • playerLightTime: The time (in seconds) that the arrow will light the area surrounding the player while charging the bow (or otherwise activated). IF set to 0, this light effect will not be used.
    • arrowGlowIntensity: Intensity of the light coming out from the arrow while it is flying. (allowed values: 0-15)
    • lightRadiusFactor: Increases or decreases the light radius around a flying arrow (values: 0.1-3.0). (NOTE: Setting this too big will make your server cry :C)
    • delay: The delay affects on how rapidly you can shoot the torch arrows. A normal arrow is used if trying to shoot before the delay timer is finished! (unit: milliseconds) It doesn't affect the usage of normal arrows. (The delay is added to avoid spamming of the torch arrows because the lighting effect of the arrow can be computationally expensive and slow down the server.)
    • dmgMultiplier: Damage multiplier for the arrow. (Dmg = Normal arrow dmg * multiplier)
    • burnChance: Chance that the arrow lights hit entity on fire. Values: 0.0 - 1.0
    • burnDuration: Indicates how long time (in seconds) the hit entity is on fire.
    • setBlockOnFire: Sets block on fire (if no torches spawn).
    • flareGlowTime: Defines the time (in seconds approximately) how long the flare will glow after impact.
    • impactRadius: Works like the 'lightRadiusFactor'. This affects the light radius of the flare when it hits the ground. (NOTE: Setting this too big will make your server cry :C)
    • material: Material used for the flare arrow (use item IDs)
    • warningMsg: Warns if you try to shoot without arrows. (leave empty to remove warning)
    Default Permissions (open)

            description: Allow/disallow player to melt snow, snow blocks and ice blocks instantly with tArrow.
            default: active for op only
            description: Allow/disallow player to set enemy on fire
            default: active for every player
            description: Allow/disallow player to set block on fire (if no torch is spawned)
            default: active for every player
            description: Allow/disallow normal torches to be spawned.
            default: active for every player
            description: Allow/disallow redstone torches to be spawned.
            default: active for every player
            description: Allow/disallow normal torch arrows
            default: active for every player
            description: Allow/disallow redstone torch arrows
            default: active for every player
            description: Allow/disallow flare arrows
            default: active for every player
            description: Allows player to use "/torcharrow reload" in game to reload config.
            default: active for op only
            description: Enable/disable the whole plugin for a player.
            default: Enabled for every player 

    Download the plugin
    (If BukkitDev doesn't have the newest version yet, get the plugin from here.)

    Full Changelog

    Version 0.9
    • Support for CraftBukkit Beta Build 1.2.3-R0.1 #2034
    • Bow charging supported
    • Arrows can set blocks on fire (check out the setting in config-file and the new permission setting (torcharrow.setBlockOnFire)
    • Added light effect that follows the player
    • Rewrote the config-file: - Each arrow type can now be customized much better! (e.g bows now have separate delays) - Added some new settings
    • Added new permission-setting: torcharrow.setBlockOnFire
    • Refactored the whole code and made some big changes under the hood.
    • Flare arrow has now impact light radius that can be changed in the settings
    Did you find a bug? (open)
    I would be happy if you could read this guide before posting bug reports. It's waste of time to ask every detail of the problem as you could just post all the relevant details in one message. Also, I would recommend you to use the fresh devBukkit ticket system, because with it you can categorize the error more easily, and there are some clever questions in which you can answer to describe the problem effectively. The tickets are also emailed to me daily.
    Known bugs (open)

    • If flare arrows are spammed too much on the same area, some blocks may stay lit after the torch arrows are burned out. The glow can be removed afterwards by shooting a new glowing arrow on the area. One should use flare arrow in more relaxed game play, not in all-out war.
    • If a glowing arrow is shot into water, a faint glow will remain on the bottom after the arrow is died out. This bug is most probably related with this vanilla minecraft bug:]] (at torches under water section)
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    I can't seem to get the arrow plugin to have the 'correct' delay for firing arrows. It fires it too fast or too slow -- I guess my question is, is there any way to make it behave like the normal bow and arrow? (e.g., hold longer to draw the string back further ...)

    If anything, maybe an option to allow for a necessary delay in seconds or else the arrow doesn't get lit (it just comes out as a normal arrow without using a torch).
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    There are not yet any good methods for making the torch arrow to behave normally with the bow, because CraftBukkit doesn't have event trigger for bow charge release (as I have explained many times before). If you want that the torch arrow works normally in the near future, you should vote the new feature request I have posted in the bukkit bug tracker: , so it will be noticed by someone who would like to add that feature to Bukkit.

    I investigate the delay issue when I have enough time (my university studies take plenty of my time for now) . For the next update, however, I will concentrate fixing the plugin to work properly with the newest CB-recommended build.
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    does this still work with permissions 3.x?
    (i didnt give one of my groups any nodes to use this and they still could)
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    ok for some reson i can not download the file why is that?

    and i mean the FILE not the little java.jar thing

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    Hello again everybody, I'm back in business for a while! I had to take an extended hiatus from plugin developing because I have a very busy schedule during the final year in university. (Trying to finish off my M.Sc. in Information Engineering asap :)) I'm sorry for that. I published a fix for the newest recommended build (1.0.1-R1), but it will take a while again before it is approved in BukkiDev. Also, I have good news for the next upcoming version (v.0.9) of this plugin: I can finally fix the bow charging problem, because a feature, that I requested, was added in CraftBukkit (after a long wait). It's possible that I also add some new features and fixed for the next update, so stay tuned.

    Sorry for the delay in replying. The plugin still supports the standard permission system integrated in Bukkit (Bukkit permission API). So the plugin supports all permission plugins that use the Bukkit permission system correctly. If you have problems setting up the permissions, you should contact the developers of the permission plugin which you are using. The default permissions (that are active if you don't make any permission changes) for this plugin are addressed in the "Default Permissions"-section in the first message. (Btw, you should set "torcharrow.enable" to 'false', If you want to disable the whole plugin for a certain user group. If you only want to disable some features of this plugin, just negate those permissions.)

    I don't quite understand what you are trying to download. The plugin is the "torcharrow.jar"-file and that should be moved to 'plugins'-folder after downloading. The download link for the file is in the first post, or you can find the file also from here: If you encounter problems while downloading from, you should ask here for support: or by using IRC in channel #bukkit on

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    Thank you for the "quick" response xD. Turns out over time i switched from permissions 3.x to permissionsbukkit! (I'll help anyone who wants to switch)
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    Somehow it's totally bugging around. I cant aim. if i hold rightclick wielding a torch arrow it just fires every one to two seconds. and they dont fly far.

    additionaly people can produce infinite amounts of torches by walking and holding rightclick (It makes a line of torches)

    is this my fault?
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    You should read the instructions and known bugs and caveats section thoroughly. What Bukkit build are you using be the way. The newest plugin update supports the recommended build 1.0.1-R1 of CraftBukkit.
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    I am using the newest build.

    it's just lily this. I can use the bow with normal arrows like it should. but if I'm using torch arrows I can't hold it back. I cann pull back the bow, but as soon as it is pulled back it automaticly releases it and shoots by itself. do if I hold right klick all the time it's just pull back, shoot, pull back, shoot ...

    no console errors...
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    Here is the relevant text from the "known bugs"-section that you clearly didn't read:
    "Bow charging does not work yet with this plugin. This means that when you shoot a torch arrow, the bow will act in the classic way: shooting it instantly using max charge level. I hope the Bukkit team will approve my suggestion or I'll come up with some kind of magic trick to solve this issue. (This will be fixed for the next plugin version v0.9 :))"

    The same text is visible in the download section under "Known caveats" in BukkitDev.
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    I'm sorry. :/
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    Ok, I am having a slight problem. I have configured the perms the way I want them (So only 1 class can use them) But for some reason, even if I am a different class, I can still use every arrow.

    I suspect the default permissions... but I can't find them ANYWHERE!
    It bugs me... :p

    a.k.a. I have no plugin.YML file
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    I love it dude :D it worked Grate for the 3 and a half days i was able to use it b4 the patch came out, If i can make a sugjestion Glowstone Make that shit Light the hell out of the room, its no brighter then a torch and torches are easy 2 come by Glowstone isnt
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    not able to get the Plugin working for the new Bukkit server, Im running craftbukkit-1.2.3-R0.1 Jar Im just wondering if any one else is having this issue, as i had this mod working perfuct for what i was using it for in the server prior to this one
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    Hi everybody!
    I just uploaded the newest version (v0.9) of this plugin to BukkitDev. It supports the newest recommend build of CraftBukkit (1.1-R7). (The update is available to download when it's approved by the moderators). I have been working my ass off for this update and pretty much refactored the whole code under the hood. There are now also some new cool features and the bow charging is finally supported! Also the arrow types can now be more easily customized to serve your needs better.

    Why doesn't this plugin support the newest Beta Build (1.2.3-R0.1) yet?
    For some reason changing light levels of blocks the old way doesn't work with that build, so using 1.2.3-R0.1 renders TorchArrow pretty much useless (althought you can still place torches with the arrows). I don't know yet if this is a bug in CraftBukkit or in MineCraft, or if there has been some changes in the light handling. I have to do some more research to solve this problem, so be patient.
    Edit: I take my words back. The light effect started working when I created a completely new world on my test server. The light level updates are, however, a bit slower in 1.2.3 than in 1.1. I don't know yet what might be the reason for that.​

    The flare arrow has now an impact light radius that can be changed from settings. You can also change the flare arrow material now. Also, the plugin should work reasonably with the newest craftbukkit beta build. :)

    I just updated the plugin. It should work now with the newest beta build (craftbukkit-1.2.3-R0.1), but 1.1-R7 is recommended because it is stable.

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    Thanks Bro :D Works Perfuctly.. Well lol now it works perfuctly
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    Been having a play using torches and im finding a lot of the time the arrow hits the wall and a torch bounces to the ground, like its failing to attach to the wall, is this random ?. running 1.2.3-r03
  19. Is it possible to add more cool arrow types like exploding arrows with gunpowder, lightning arrows with diamond, liquid arrows with the type of liquids(water,lava), spawner arrows with spawner eggs, instant kill arrows with gold ingots, etc
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    Hi all,
    I tested the plugin with the newest recommended build (CB 1.2.5-R1.0) and it seems to work properly. Inform me if you find any bugs (that are not in the ticket system already) by posting a ticket.
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    I like the idea a lot, but had a few issues,
    no torch spawns after 15 blocks, also no long range (50+) spawns
    Torches are not accurately spawned where the arrow hits.
    Torches doesn't always spawn = wasted arrow.
    Using bukkit 1.2.4 with latest version of Torcharrow 0.9
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    The torch unaccuracy/spawning issue has already been reported in the ticket system. The accuracy has been strangely diminishing along with minecraft/bukkit updates. I'll try to fix the problem for the next plugin version.
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    Thanks for the update.
    I think the bigger issue is the torches not spawning unless it is close to you.
    For me the point of a torch spawning arrow is to light an area you cannot get too, at least not easily without risk.
    Having spawns only occur at less than 15 blocks defeats the purpose of the torcharrow.

    I like this mod and would love to see it grow. Please fix the torch spawning issue
  24. Sometimes the torch-arrow breaks itself, losing the arrow and dropping the torch :L
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    found a bug, when opening a door chest etc. by right-clicking, activates the player light time and cause quite a big frame rate drop

    love the this plugging thugh so much fun, thanks :)
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    is there anyway to let a torch consume torches/glowstone to illuminate light like the bow does now?
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    Hello. I very much liked your plug-in, however some moments I would like to change a little to strengthen effect Roleplay on my server. It is necessary for me that instead of installation of torches fire blocks were established.

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