[MECH][FUN] TimeShift 2.0.1 ~ Change Time on-the-fly! [b1337]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Tazzernator, Jan 19, 2011.

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    anybody know a plug in that does /time day and night only?
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    Seems to work with 1.7.2 and CB 953!
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    Thanks for the confirmation, I haven't had time to update my server until today so I hadn't gotten a chance to test it. So far, I haven't run into any issues either.
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    very nice, but support for colored text in the announcements would be nice
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    Might be a good idea to change your title from [b953] to just [953] as people who are searching for version compatible plugins wont find you. :D

    Might be a good idea to change your title from [b953] to just [953] as people who are searching for version compatible plugins wont find you.

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    Or you could just search 953 without the brackets like everyone else does
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    Well you see that's not possible because ... OMG LOOK OUT A GHAST! *runs away* ;)
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    Very useful for creative worlds. Thank you. :)
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    I'll look into adding this. It may be a while because I have some plans for an under-the-hood redesign that it's likely to coincide with.

    Testing with build 1001 suggests that TimeShift is still working perfectly on build 1000.
  11. I just updated to build 1000, and now timeshift doesn't seem to do anything, no errors, but time doesn't loop or even change loop (like if i do /shift night, it does nothing at all except say in chat that the time suddenly shifts... even thou it doesn't)
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    Have you tried deleting the config file? If not and that works, would you send me a copy of the broken config? Did you update TimeShift from an earlier version when you updated to build 1000?
  13. It only works on the same start that the new config was created, and i redownloaded the jar after your post. If i restart the server the loops nolonger work, they change the time, but they dont actually loop
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    I'll do some more testing today, but I haven't been able to reproduce this yet...

    What commands are you using? Are you trying to set a startup loop or change the current action? If you type '/shift day' then restart the server, no longer looping is the expected outcome. If you're typing '/shift startup day' and it's not looping on restart, then there's definitely an issue.

    Are you restarting or reloading the server?

    Can you send me a copy of your TimeShift folder?
    1. I'm using /shift day, or /shift night, it does change it to night or day, but doesn't loop it.
      • i also used /shift startup day flatland (flatland being the world name) it never looped
    2. I am restarting the server, not reloading, as a lot of plugins seems to have problems handling a reload
    3. sure, here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7919732/TimeShift.zip
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    I still haven't been able to reproduce the issue... even using your config dropped into a new bukkit install with "flatland" as the default world. (Start server, world loops day per config, restart server, still loops day)

    What other plugins do you have installed?

    I noticed you're on a Mac, do you know what Java version you're running? Many Macs default to Java 1.5 which could be the source of the issue. If so, I may be able to fix this just be recompiling TimeShift for 1.5, but you would normally get an error at startup if that were the case.

    Would you be able to provide a zip of your entire server folder for me to test, or is that too big?
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    Multiworld support?
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    M8,...look the first Site!!! and read the Instructions.. you will see:

    MultiWorld Support:
        By default, commands will apply to the world the player is in.
        MultiWorld commands can also be used from the console.
        If you wish to change a different world, simply enter one or more worldnames after the command to change only those worlds.
            /shift day world otherworld -- Loops day on world and otherworld
            /shift startup night world world2 -- Sets startup behavior for world and world2 to night.
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  18. plugin list:
    MinecartMania (the entire pack)
    The mac part was because i downloaded it to my mac and zipped it, the server is linux.

    The entire server is over 20GB in size since our maps are so huge.
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    Have you tested on a brand new world, but with your entire config copied over? I would assume this does not work, but if it does, it's certainly something I can't test very easily. Assuming it doesn't work, would you be willing to zip up everything except the worlds/maps?
  20. I just tested it on a clean server only running multiverse to have flatland as a second world (not primary) time changes when i set it to loop, but it doesn't loop. no other plugins other than multiverse, timeshift and permissions
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    I've now tested that exact combination: TimeShift 2.0.1, Permissions 3.1.6, and MultiVerse 1.7.2 with a world called flatland created via MultiVerse. I still can't reproduce the error. I set it to loop, time changes if necessary, and then it continues to loop. That initial time change is currently done as part of the looping process, not as a separate instruction.

    Can you zip the clean server where you've replicated the problem? Is there a server I can see you demonstrate the problem on?

    What java arguments are you using to launch CB?
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    Thanks to @Graloth for helping me test and track down an odd MultiWorld bug which I wasn't able to reproduce which began occurring for him after upgrading to RB 1000.

    Version 2.0.2 is now available at the "Latest Jar" link.

    - Fixed issue with MultiWorld timers not starting in certain circumstances.​

    E: Aww, the age of silent edits is over :'(
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    I am having a problem where when I set the time to day it doesn't permanently stay as day and eventually changes the time to night. I am only running one world on Bukkit 1000

    Plugins are
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    What happens between it working and it not? How long does it take to stop working? I've tested pretty extensively with build 1000 at this point and have never run across anything like that.
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    Turns out people are using the /time command in essentials even though the permissions are not set but it is still resetting the server time back to normal?!
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    So people who do not have any permission to use timeshift are able to cancel via the /time command? This certainly hasn't been my experience in the past, but I'll try to work on replicating it today...

    All my testing shows that the /time command only cancels shifts if the player has permission to use TimeShift.

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    hey i am getting this error when i start up my server:

    Any ideas? I am running version 1000 of Bukkit. Thank you very much, sza22.
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    What version of TimeShift are you running?

    I forgot to upload my latest source to github, so I will need to get home to diagnose the error, but:

    Have you edited the config.yml file? If so, what does it contain now?
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    I am running that latest version of TimeShift, and I don't think I have edited the config file, but here it is:

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    Based on the error you get, that 'r' is actually at the beginning of your file. It's not supposed to be there, and isn't there in the default config file on my end.

    In the future, when you're pasting a config file with spaces, use the [code][/code] tags to preserve the spacing, making it easier to read and debug.

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