Inactive [Mech][Fun] SunSteel v1.02h A Golden Item Enhancement System [1.2.4]

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    A Golden Item Enhancement System
    Version: v1.02h

    • Fire Resistance - Nullification of fire ticks and fire damage.
    • Lava Resistance - Individual Lava Resistance amounts on Helm, Chest, and Legs.
    • Fire Riposte - Riposte enemy attacks by setting them ablaze!
    • Water Breathing - Fear the depths no more as water is evaporated in fluid air for your protection.
    • Water Walker - Tread lightly as you cross rivers, lakes and oceans.
    • Lava Walker - Removal of the dangers involved in lava mining as you can now hover over lava pools.
    • Searing Blade - Weapon attacks set your opponents on fire.
    • Inferno Axe - Axes cut through logs charring them into coal as well as optionally setting enemies ablaze.
    • Molten Pick - A superheated pick smelts stone, cobblestone, iron ore, and gold ore directly to their final products.
    • Solar Spade - Dig up some sandy glass, and bricks of clay!
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    BukkitDev Permission Page: Permissions

    BukkitDev Configuration Page: Configuration

    Bugs | Issues | Feature Requests:
    BukkitDev Overview Page: Communication

    v1.02h Download from BukkitDev

    Previous Versions (open)

    v1.02f Download from BukkitDev
    v1.02e Download from BukkitDev
    v1.02d Download from BukkitDev
    v1.02c Download from BukkitDev
    v1.02b Download from BukkitDev
    v1.02a Download from BukkitDev
    v1.02 Download from BukkitDev


    Version 1.02h
    • Added default: false; to permissions requiring explicit assignment of permissions for use, in response to ticket #9
    Version 1.02f
    • Corrected Issue that was causing config.yml to be over-written every time.
    Older Changelogs (open)

    Version 1.02e
    • Bug Fix for Ticket #7
      • SunSteel now has a very crude version of a Play-Nice system with anti-cheat plugins similar to NoCheat, this method is being improved.
      • Anti-Cheat is the replacement for NoCheat that this was tested against. It is the NoCheat plugin taken over and being overhauled and maintained md_5. I highly recommend this one.
    • Bug Fix for Ticket #8
      • * No more duplication of items on shovel breaks.
    • Optimized block reverts when liquid walking is taking place.
    • Configuration file has 2 additions.
      • anticheats_installed: false, set this value to true if you run Anti-Cheat by md_5, NoCheat by Evenprime, or any other antifly plugin.
      • version: 1.02e, do not touch this line or your config file will get reverted to default, this is for my version system.
    • config.yml now has a version system. If your config file is an older version than what the plugin requires it will now be renamed to Old_config_itsversion.yml so that you can keep track of your old settings, and a new config.yml will be generated in the folder.
    • Golden Shovels now yield an actual Brick from clay rather than a single clay brick.
    This was tested using Craftbukkit Dev Version #2124
    Version 1.02d
    • Bug Fix for Ticket #4
      • Configurable Hover Blocks now work correctly.
    • Bug Fix for Ticket #5
      • Blocks now appropriately revert even when not walking on fluids.
    • Bug Fix for Ticket #6
      • Water Breathing is now given correctly by the helm, not the chest.
    Read more about this version here.​

    Version 1.02c
    Version 1.02b
    Version 1.02a
    • Added configuration for Lava and Water Hover blocks, simply change the BlockID in the config.yml
    • Delete your old config file.
    Version 1.02

    • Adjusted a config check that was causing fire/lava resistances not to function.
    • Added appropriate permission check for lava resistance
    • Added appropriate gear check for fire resistance
    Version 1.01

    • Added Fire Resistance Permission
    • Added Fire Riposte Permission
    • Added Safe Fall Permission
    • Set Fire Resistance as a Per Piece Property
      • Chest provides 2 Resistance
      • Leggings provides 1 Resistance
      • Helmet provides 1 Resistance
    • Moved Water Breathing from Chest to Helm
    • Added Fire Riposte to Chest
    • Added Safe Fall to Leggings
    • Set Axe toggle as Weapon via config
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    Nice, you followed the guidelines! :D
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    md_5 and MonsieurApple, if I've done something wrong here please do let me know sirs :).
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    Great post, approved. Always like it when people put effort in :)
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    Awesome! You took 2 inactive plugins I already had, combined them, and made them better! Thanks much!

    A video demonstration would be great, though. I would like to see how the walkers work, as I'm not sure if they allow you to completely walk on the fluids, or just stay afloat for longer before sinking. Which if they allow you to completely walk on the liquid, how would you then swim and use the water breathing part of the plugin? I would test these out for myself, but my server is currently not running.

    Also, I'm not really thinking about using the walking abilities and I noticed that the boots do nothing but that.. so it would be pointless for my players to use them. Could you add a little fire and/or lava resistance to them? Makes sense logically as well.. don't want to burn my feet! :p

    Anyways, this looks like a great plugin! Gives a good use to gold armor and tools. Let me know what you think and keep up the great work!
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    Basically the fire resistance works as follows, lava does 4 damage per tick, chest removes two points of damage per tick, helm and legs each remove 1 respectively. I do not wish to add the resistance to the boots at that makes them required to completely nullify the lava effect, which would then not allow you as you have noticed to swim in the lava or in water.

    The idea of the boots is they are used as a utility item. When you don't want to walk on water/lava you don't wear them.

    As far as how the water/lava walking actually functions, you literally walk across it. On your screen you will see yourself walking on glass however to everyone else you are actually walking across the surface of the liquid. The plugin does not actually change the liquid blocks either it's merely sending a block change to your client faking the change so you can walk across them.
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    Would you add a setting to allow admins to change what block the user sees when water and lava walking?
    Glass is hard for people to understand especially since it 'leaves' glass blocks behind when you stop walking on the fluid.
    I'd like to change water to show Ice and lave to show Obsidian.

    Otherwise its a fantastic mod, thank you ^_^
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    Yes I will make this configurable as I had originally intended to anyway and just didn't get around too it.
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    Ok, so I get the lava damage, but you said that lava does 4 damage per tick and the chest removes two and the helm/legs combined removes another 2? So lava doesn't do ANY damage with these 3 pieces of equipment on? I thought it just removes most of the damage done..

    And as for the boots, you should make them work against fire to give them an additional use (can't walk on fire anyways, so it won't interfere with the walking abilities). Oh, and the armor acts the same way for fire as it does with lava, correct? Removes damage ticks, but still leaves some damage? If not, I believe this would be the best choice. I don't want the armor to be overpowered (invincible in fire/lava), but I would like it to remove most damage.

    Let me know what you think! Thanks for your response(s). :)
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    Wearing Chest + Legs + Helm = 0 Lava damage

    Fire damage only does 1 pt of damage per tick (2 seconds)
    Chest or Legs or Helm = 0 fire damage

    In all honesty fire really does virtually no damage it's lava that is the killer. Also your able to adjust the fire duration times and the chances of any of these effects working limiting the OPness as well as the fact that under attack the gold armor wont last more than 1 to 2 rounds of combat. The idea is to take the weakest, most worthless armors and items in the game and give them something that is almost OP due to the fact that it really is only useful in very limited situations. Hence the boots having 2 effects lava walking and water walking, which are in and of themselves probably the most over powered effects this armor has.

    If you do not want someone to have full Lava Invuln with the three pieces equipped simply choose one of the three pieces and don't award the fire resistance perm for that piece.
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    looks AWESOME
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    Loving the idea, ill be using this later on :)
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    the lava stays glass when walked on even after leaving the area D:
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    If it does its only a screen glitch on your end as the blocks this create are fake, logging in and logging out will revert them for you personally. No other player sees the blocks you create as you run, only the blocks for themselves.
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    SunSteel updated to v1.02f
    Please click here
  16. i dont want to sound stupid, but, to use this plugin do you just use a regular enchanter? should there be bookshelves around the enchanter or should it be a single enchanter by itself, ive done everything correctly and it says in the console that sunsteel is enabled, and i have tried enchanting with the diamond tools and armor (yes i changed the item ids in configuration) but yet not a single one of these enhancements has appeared, please respond, thanks! good plugin
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    I'm sorry, but how do you enchant the tools/armor again? XD
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    There is no enchantment involved with this plugin. It's simply a matter of giving the correct permissions. The special effects of the armor, are built in automatically when your running this plugin and have permissions to use it. (This means normal enchanting will stack with my effects)
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    Would it be too much to ask to make the damage resistance per tick for each armor piece customizable in the config? That would solve any issue I have with the plugin, and would allow it suit any server's specific needs. See, I believe in item/tool repairing plugins, so I don't want this plugin to be too overpowered, as my players could keep fixing their equipment. If this is possible, please let me know. If not I understand, but either way, keep up the great work and activity! :)
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    I am unsure what you mean by this, and the plugin already works with repair plugins.
  21. so if i dont have permission on does that mean that the armor has the effects already? or do i need to add the permissions, thanks ahead!
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    If a user does not have the permission the gold armor will be normal gold armor. If they have the permissions they will have the special effects.
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    SunSteel updated to v1.02h
    Please click here

    Added a download mirror for v1.02h

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    Video Tutorial Posted
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    It would be epic if you could add "flaming" tools that could instantly tear through things and maybe burn as well(maybe toggle able)also maybe it could melt snow,ice,etc. Certainly getting this plugin tho.
    And one last thing can't you just set the block you walk over to 0 for air?
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    I learned that if you break a glass or obsidian block (or whatever specified) when water or lava walking. The source block will dissapear with it.
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    Recolance this should only occur if you have the NoCheat setting set to true, which I am removing soon anyway.
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    Sorry for the wait. I was building a new computer. :) I know it already works with repair plugins, but what I mean by making the damage resistance thing customizable is to allow us to choose the damage resistance per tick in the config. I don't want it to completely remove the damage, just reduce it by a good amount..

    What I mean is something like this...

    helm: 0.8​
    chest: 0.8​
    legs: 0.8​
    boots: 0.8​

    helm: 0.2​
    chest: 0.2​
    legs: 0.2​
    boots: 0.2​

    ...this can be customizable (if possible) and will prevent the armor from completely negating the damage. It will still remove over 3/4th of the damage, which seems perfect for my desire. Let me know what you think! :)

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